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About C.D. Reiss

The American author C.D. Reiss, or Christine, is a writer of romance novels with an erotic edge to them, one that’s submerged in sensuality. Creating characters that are fully immersed in her steamy and sensual stories, she really draws the reader in with her gift for building both atmosphere and ambiance. Knowing exactly how to evoke a feeling or mood, she really is aware of every tool at her disposal, making sure that she really makes the most of them. Guiding them along, she is well aware of taking them exactly where she wants to go, whilst also providing a clear message along the way too. Writing a number of series too, she has effectively created a brand around her name, one that’s come to see her earning the moniker of the ‘Shakespeare of smut’, which she has gladly accepted.

It is also her characters that resonate too, as the come alive off of the page, really evoking a strong reaction within the reader. A New York Times bestselling author, it appears that this has paid off for her too, allowing her to make a name for herself quite unlike any other. With a loyal following of readers worldwide, it appears that she has a lot of books still yet to be written, with her writing career constantly moving onwards and upwards.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Brooklyn New York, Reiss would come to hold a love of storytelling, something which she would build upon in the following years to come. This would be developed throughout her education and on into her career, something which she continues to do to this day. Showing a clear passion for romance novels, this would be what she would finally come to settle upon as her form of choice over time.

Studying at the USC, she would move to Hollywood, California, whereby she would gain a master’s degree in screenwriting. This would allow her to become far more adept and versatile at writing fiction, allowing her to tell her stories a lot more clearly and concisely. Still writing novels to this very day, she continues to put out work at a regular and consistent pace, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career

Starting out on a screenwriting course, Reiss would quickly come to become a novelist of erotic romance fiction. Knowing exactly how to craft a novel, this would lead to the creation of series such as ‘Songs of Submission’, followed by its own spin-off franchise ‘Corruption’. Taking a look at relationships over the course of these novels, she examines the many highs and lows of their passionate affairs. This has led to her becoming a successful author, one that’s held in extremely high esteem within her particular field and a true master of her craft.


Initially released through the ‘Flip Media Inc.’ publishing outlet, this would first come out in 2013 on the 4th of June. This would also mark the fifth title in the ongoing ‘Songs of Submission’ series of novels, whilst also establishing the further titles to follow after it. That would be done through its use of foreshadowing, along with its character development as well, building the overall tone of the world as a whole.

A steamy and sensual novel of love and passion, Reiss makes sure to leave nothing out here in the ongoing relationship of Monica and Jonathan. With both of the characters now having built a chemistry between them that is at boiling point, it really manages to make the most of its premise. Letting the reader in to its rich and immersive world, it is definitely not a title to miss in the series, with the signature eroticism of Reiss maintained throughout. It also paves the way for future titles and various spin-offs to come from it all as well, allowing an entire world to be established in the process.

With Monica Faulkner attempting to make it in the music business as a sultry singer, it sees her trying to make a name for herself yet again. Embarking on a relationship with the multimillionaire Jonathan Drazen, she is starting to find that their relationship may be getting in the way of her success as a singer. Backing away from their relationship, Jonathan proclaims that he will only pursue until she comes to him, giving herself to him fully. Informing her that he will only be intimate with her when she decides to commit herself fully to his loving embrace, he also steps back. Will she go to him once again? Can the two of them overcome this one particular hurdle? When will they both embrace the burn?


This time published by C.D. Reiss herself, this would first come out on the 25th of August in 2015 to much acclaim. Setting up the third part in the ‘Corruption’ series of novels, it really manages to work on what’s come before, moving the narrative forwards as a whole. It would also develop the characters too, building upon their central relationship, taking it forwards in a new and interesting direction.

With this book essentially providing the conclusion to the overall trilogy, this aims to wrap everything up for the spin-off franchise of ‘Corruption’. There would be other series though, including ‘Forbidden’ and ‘Sins Duet’, both of which this series helps pave the way for. Establishing the world overall, this helps really build a long-lasting enduring appeal for the franchise in the process, as well as creating iconic characters too. There is also an element of suspense here as well, as Reiss manages to take the action up a level, heightening the drama in the process.

Following Theresa Drazen and Antonio Spinnelli, this charts the further adventures and exploits in their passionate relationship. A Mafia capo, Antonio may have to face the wrath of the Los Angeles mafia, as their all consuming passion could threaten to engulf them both. Now, having gone through the bowels of hell and back, they’ve seemingly made it through to the other side and can finally be together. That’s when a figure returns from the past of Antonio, one that’s offering him all that he could’ve ever hoped for in life, as it threatens the peace they’ve now found with each other. Will Antonio take him up on his offer though? Can they remain together happily ever after? What exactly is the one rule?

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