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C.J. Duggan is the author who specializes in adult romance stories. She loves creating character driven stories reminiscent of growing up and living in Australia. She is a number one internationally bestselling author of seven independent titles of her popular New Adult Summer Series. Her books are mostly centered on heartthrobs and the 90s pop culture. She lives in New South Wales with her hubby and when she’s not writing, you can find her busy renovating her Victorian home or planning for a holiday vacation with a travel agent.

‘The Boys Of Summer’ is book one in her hugely successful New Adult Romance Series and it starts off with a quiet 17-year old called Tess dreading the thought of a summertime job. All she wants is to forget about the previous haunts of her high school so that she can have fun and enjoy herself with her friends before Year 12 begins. Tess is of the opinion that summer is that time of the year when things happen. She just wants to spend the long summer days riding her bike to a nearby lake, watching fireworks during a local show and fighting with water bombs at the hot Sunday markets.

But things are now different because her friends have convinced her that working in the summer is a good idea. Tess suffers some disasters during her first shift, and she has to deal with rude and wealthy tourists. In addition, her ex-boyfriend was always taunting her and she is convinced that nothing good will come from working during the summer. However, she finds unlikely friends in some local boys who were known as the Onslow Boys. These boys were mature enough to be allowed to drive, drink alcohol, and never have to worry about breaking curfews.

When Tess hooks up with the Onslow Boys while working in the summer, her horizons expanded and she experiences a sequence of first-times with her new friends. She also finds herself involved in a forbidden relationship which ultimately ends up in heartbreaking chaos. And all this happens with the only boy that she is unable to forget. This is proving to be a summer that she is always going to remember.

This book starts off slowly but things pick up when the Onslow Boys step into the scene. These are good natured kids who are all about having fun. Every single one of them is likeable and they make the entire story engrossing. The Australian setting is also great, and it is one thing that makes the book perfect reading. The fresh, summery vibe of the story is relaxing, and you will find yourself unable to put down this book. Despite the Onslow Boys being five years older than Tess and her best friend Ellie, every single moment they hook up is enjoyable. These boys are also very respectful and they never took advantage of the young girls. The endless banter among the Onslow boys was hilarious, and you feel that there’s something missing whenever they were not around.

The second novel in this series is called ‘An Endless Summer’ and it is the story of Amy Henderson, the Onslow publican’s only daughter, who’s sent away by her parents to boarding school after a very rebellious summer that had nearly claimed her life. Three years down the road, a now 17-year old Amy comes back to Onslow for a summer break. But things are now different because she left a town bustling with activity, but now the live bands, sizzling food and cool beer of the Onslow Hotel are no more. In its place lies a dark, abandoned and depressing shell of the place she once knew.

Amy’s childhood memories consisted of loitering the hotel and then eavesdropping on clients’ colorful conversations. But that was then and now the scene is quite different. The Onslow Hotel is about to be auctioned and Amy turns to Sean Murphy, a local businessman who had once rescued her life many years ago. Sean and a few old friends agree to help, and their task is simple-spend the entire summer building the Onslow Hotel and return it to its previous glory or it will be gone for good.

An endless summer finds Amy being faced with the harsh reality that if she is to save her future, she needs to face her past. And her past comes in the shape of a conceited, handsome Onslow boy. Once again the author has delivered, and this second book is definitely worth reading. Reviewing this book might not quite capture the beauty and imagination of the writing and sometimes reading it word for word is what is needed. In book number one, the romantic relationship between Toby and Tess was like a fairytale but you felt sorry for Sean, who wanted love but couldn’t seem to find it.

The author also takes a different approach from book one because in the second novel, you find that the main characters are not falling in love from the get-go. We find that their romance develops slowly, which is the kind of love that can last forever. Instead of instant infatuation, Amy finds Sean annoying, but her feelings start to develop as they spend more time with each other and she starts to like the boy. In this book, we also find that her character has somehow changed. In book number one, she came across as a spoilt child but even thought that hasn’t changed, she now seems to have more spirit and drive.
Initially, you might not like Amy’s character but as you read the second book, you start to understand what she’s all about. It’s appealing the way she’s able to change her entire outlook, and this is what makes her likeable. Sean is also a likeable character and he is an Australian boy that makes his parents proud. He is also a joker and he is constantly winding up Amy, much to the reader’s delight. The author has created truly wonderful characters and readers can expect more of the same from the other books that she has written in this series.

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