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C.K. Farrell an Irish author of romance, fiction, literature, science fiction, and fantasy books best known for his Celtic Vampire Saga series. Living in the United States, Farrell spends his time between research sessions, writing books, and walking his dogs in the shores and woodlands of New England.
In his Celtic Vampire series, he introduces an interesting angle in the world of vampire writing. His stories are just as fresh, which makes them ideal for people looking for something out of the ordinary. Different reviewers have regarded him as a spellbinding author that draws you in his stories from the get-go with his engaging style.


Disenchanted is the first book in the Celtic Vampire Saga. The book features Faelynn LeCroix; a woman determined to find the people who abducted her father and brutally murdered her mother. Faelynn does not want to see these people; she wants revenge too, and according to her, the bloodier the revenge, the better. She knows that getting the truth will require some time and working with others.

Her journey in search of the truth leads her to Nathaniel Valour, an Irish Vampyre, the ruler of the New England territory. While Faelynn initially dismisses him, she soon realizes that Nathaniel is a Vampyre like no other. Nathaniel’s power cannot be underestimated, and he could be the last link that will lead Faelynn to her enemies. To make things more interesting, Nathaniel comes with a deep-rooted secret. What is this secret that Nathaniel has been keeping from his kind, and can he trust Faelynn with it?

Immediately Nathaniel sets his eyes on Faelynn; he realizes that the young woman is the only thing missing in his life. Nathaniel and Faelynn find invaluable confidants in each other. They open up and talk about their tortured pasts and the plans they have for the future. Faelynn offers to help Nathaniel in his quest for salvation on the condition that he takes her to the one Faelynn believes is responsible for her heartaches. Will it be possible to make Faelynn look beyond her situation and trust Nathaniel? Will her thirst for revenge ever get quenched? Read about the escapades that these two go through as they work to help each other achieve their goals. While there isn’t much bloodsucking in this book, there is some vampire action and some bit of romance.

Disenchanted is an intriguing story that comes with a Gothic theme, paranormal romance, and a good dose of horror. Read about characters that are united by destiny, two souls on an adventure that is infused with revenge. The story is beautifully written, and the author has done an excellent job of giving detailed backstories of all the characters. This is not your average simple read. The plot is intricate, and there are a lot of new words to learn. That said, you can expect to get hooked once you get an understanding of what is going on here.

Are you looking for a book that will not only entertain you but also broaden your vocabulary, Disenchanted is ideal. There is more information on the main characters, so it will be easy to identify with them and know where they are coming from. The pace is consistent, and the romantic bits will warm your heart.


Nocturne is the second book in the Celtic Vampire Saga series. The book starts right where the first book in the series ends. At the beginning of this story, Nathaniel and Faelynn are already friends. The two are determined to take the journey to self-discovery together. The journey is long and dangerous, but the fact that these two have each other only motivates them to keep going where achieving their goals is concerned.

Faelynn wants to savor the taste of revenge, which is why she makes the long trek to the Newfoundland isle. Unbeknown to Nathaniel, the vampire elites are meeting to make final plans of forming a Vampyre Union, an organization whose agenda for Vampyres as well as humans is nothing but negative. Could the trip to Newfoundland be dangerous for Faelynnx? Could the first thing that Nathaniel has done for anyone but himself turn to be the biggest undoing of his life?
In this book, the reader is the invisible reader who has all the facts but has no way of waning the heroes about the dangers they are about to face. From the beginning, it is clear that the chemistry between Faelynnand Nathaniel can only grow stronger, and the quick romantic episodes they enjoy are a welcome break from all the darkness and evil that surround them. Some villains only want to torture and get world domination. Aside from the heroes and villains, there are also witches and werewolves among other supernatural beings.

This is a beautiful haunting, sensual, and horrific story. The cast is exciting, and the love between Faelynne and Nathaniel will leave you, hoping that nothing ever comes between the two lovebirds. The duo also makes quite a team, and thanks to this unlikely union, they come close to accomplishing their goals. There is also Martha, an amazing character and Carmack de Cruel, who does nothing but unleash hell.

A lot is going on in this book. The author goes back and forth when describing Nathan’s life in the present and as a young vampire. You will get to see how Nathaniel became a vampire and why Faelynn is not entirely human. You will also get introduced to new characters who take the story a notch higher. There are going to be many challenges, twists, and turns that you will barely see coming, and the exciting cast who represent both good and evil.

This is another exciting vampire story. While not much background information is given on the main characters, it is easy to enjoy this book as a standalone. The ending will leave you frantically looking for the third book in the series if only to see what happens to Nathaniel and Faelynn.

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