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Cally Taylor is a mystery, fiction, romance, and fantasy English writer. She also writes under the pseudonym, C.L Taylor. Cally was born and raised in Worcester. She loved reading books at a young age, and this inspired her to become an author. She publishes psychological thriller through HarperCollins. She was awarded a degree in psychology from the University of North Umbria in Newcastle- on- Tyne. She then moved to London for a period two years and later 13 years in Brighton, where she began writing. Cally Taylor also worked as an instructional designer, graphic designer, and web developer. She is a member of crime writers association and a graduate member of the British Psychological Society

C.L Taylor began writing short stories in 2005 and won two short story competitions, the Bank Street Writers competition and the Helen Mullin Awards in 2006. Most of her stories were published in the Sunday Express and Sunday People. Heaven Can Wait, Taylor’s first book, won the Pink Thong Award for being the best in the chicklit in 2009 scoring ten out of ten in the club’s rating system. Her other book, The Lie was shortlisted for two Dead Good Books Reader Award. The Escape won the Dead Good Books Hidden Depths Awards and ranked number 2 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart.

Heavens Can Wait

Heavens Can Wait narrates a story of Lucy who is planning to marry the love of her life, Dan. They have a little argument on the eve of their wedding before she gets involved in an accident that night leading to her death. She wakes up in Limbo where she is ordered to choose either to go to heaven or stay on earth and become a ghost to complete her task and then near her lover Dan. She decided to remain on earth since she was not ready to leave her fiancé yet. She moved into her new home where she meets wannabe ghosts, stinky Brian and Clare who had a bad temper, they both were on a mission accomplishing their tasks.

Lucy has a period of twenty-one days to accomplish her task of finding Archie a soul mate. She realizes that her friend Anna has already fallen in love with Dan, her fiancé. Lucy finds herself becoming friends with those who she never thought about before she died. Brian, who is the unattractive guy at first, turns out to be very helpful afterward. The three have something to learn about themselves before they die. Brian has his work stopped for him with his task and had exciting moments in an attempt to solve it. Clare has an attitude and has raised unpleasant behaviour around herself to veil how endangered she is.

The Lie

The Lie gives a story thrilling whose primary focus is about female friendships and what happens when the friendship is full of lack of trust, competition, and jealousy. Jane Hughes who five years back was named Emma worked in an animal shelter called Greenfields in Wales. She is in a relationship with a divorced man whom she seems to like a lot. Having a job of her dreams, she appears to be living a settled life. Jane and her friends, Leanne, Al, and Daisy, went on a lifetime trip to a retreat center in Nepal where only two of them came back alive. Whatever happened during that trip makes Jane change her name to hide away from the rest of the world. During the journey, Jane was sexually abused and stayed knowing that Isaac- the cult leader had beaten a girl and locked her. Daisy starts spreading the rumor that Jane asked for it which was just a lie.

After the holiday in Nepal, Jane attempts to change her life. After five years the two survivors lost contact with each other. Jane is angry because Al sold their story to a newspaper Company; this makes them move to London. However, someone who seems to know her secret managed to trace her and the truth might be identified. Jane starts getting some threatening note, emails, and Facebook messages and she does not know who the sender is. Some of the messages informed her that Daisy is not dead and it is her who should not be being alive. Other messages which frighten her come with a volunteer at the Green Fields, her place of work.

As a victim of a hit and run things begin to get more serious, she is informed that she could be in danger since the police are already investigating. Green Fields animal sanctuary is brought into the light and she at the end has to face the consequences of her Past life.

The Missing

The Missing tells a story of Claire and Mark Wilkinson living a terrible nightmare of losing their 15-year-old son Billy who went missing about six months ago. They have not gotten any clue of what might have happened to him. Clare thinks that he escaped following family disagreements and is a hideout. Family and friends have certain secrets that might be of help to reveal the reasons resulting to Billy’s disappearance.

The story is told at Claire’s point of view showing her terrifying experience and heartbreak. She blames herself for failing to protect her son and suffers partial amnesia and wakes up in some strange areas without the knowledge of what happened and how she got there. Billy’s elder brother fought with him the day he disappeared while Mark, his father also had some problems with him. The family is falling apart, and they don’t seem to interact well with one another. Kira, Jakes girlfriend has her personal matters and seems to struggle with these family members who have secrets and are hiding them from each other
As the story unveils, the police start an investigation on Billy Marks disappearance secrets. When the lies and the secrets come to light, it is discovered that one or even more members of the family have some information.

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