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C.M. Carney
CM Carney’s mom bought Dungeons & Dragons for him immediately, after she read this editorial claiming that it drove children to worship dark forces down in the sewers. He was just ten years old, and it is probably a good thing that he was scared of sewers at the time. Since then he’s been obsessed with writing, reading, and playing all things science fiction and fantasy. This is where his journey to becoming a Bestselling author of ‘dorky books’ (as his sister calls them) starts.

After he spent almost two decades working as a creative executive for an SFX and animation studio, he decided it was time to pursue his lifelong dream of writing and publishing short stories and novels.

Carney writes fantasy, sci-fi, and LitRPG which run the gamut from humorous to epic.

He loves to hear from his fans, like minded thinkers and really just anybody that shares his dislike of sewers.

“Barrow King” was published in 2018 and it has become a #1 Bestseller in Role Playing and Fantasy Games and #1 Bestseller in Norse and Viking Myths and Legends.

“Plane Walker” is the first stand alone novella and was released in 2017. Regret is a hell of one’s own making.

Malcolm invented the Plane Walker, which is a device that punctures the barriers between the infinite dimensions of the multiverse, he didn’t have any idea that his greatest accomplishments would end up costing him everything.

He is filled with obsession, while he journeys to countless other realities determined to correct this deadly mistake. However, once he succeeds finally, is he going to atone for his sin or commit a much more heinous one?

“Plane Walker” is a short sci-fi thriller about regret, love, and obsession, but also second chances.

“Barrow King” is the first novel in the “Realms” series and was released in 2018. A betrayed spy turned noob hero.

Finn Caldwell, betrayed by those closest to him, believed he had escaped from his life of deception and violence. However when this frantic message from his estranged sister pulls him into The Realms, this odd game-like world of wonder and magic, Finn’s forced to embrace his deadly skills yet again.

Finn, armed with this mysterious artifact known as a Godhead, becomes Gryph the warrior-mage. But things aren’t quite like they appear and in order to save his sister, he has to escape from a sentient dungeon by defeating its master the Barrow King.

“The Lost City” is the second novel in the “Realms” series and was released in 2018. The only thing that Gryph wanted when he entered into the Realms was to locate his missing sister. Then he pissed off this power-hungry god, got trapped in the undead hell dungeon that is known as the Barrow and almost got his soul consumed.

But then things turned upward, and with help from this ragtag group of companions, he escaped to this verdant paradise of wonder and magic. However once his exposed secrets lead to murder and betrayal, he’s forced to accept this insane quest or these new friends of his are going to face the headsman’s axe.

Now, in order to stop a world conquering zealot from capturing this ancient weapon of massive power, he has to be the one thing that he never wanted to be: a leader. But standing in his way are this army of deadly magical machines, a group of crazed cultists, and friends that no longer trust him. And he is no closer to saving his sister.

This novel is an overflowing cauldron of world building, leveling, action, and humor.

“Killing Time” is the third novel in the “Realms” series and was released in 2018. What in the Hell happened to Lex? All that Lex wanted to do was to help Gryph (his good buddy) locate his sister and possibly save the world along the way. However everything goes wrong right off the bat when Lex gets separated from Gryph during their transfer into the Realms.

Alone, lost, and forced to live out the same day again and again, Lex has to defeat the agent of this despotic god, reveal some hidden truths about himself, and find his way back to his friend. Should he fail the Realms face total destruction.

This is a story of adventure, loyalty, and mayhem, and is filled with crazy action, tons of laughs, and far too much stupidity.

“Awakened” is the first novel in the “Quintessence: Crucible” series and was released in 2020. Progression. Cultivation. Ascension.

On the world of Crucible, where humanity’s spiritual artists train to fight it out in a war of universal proportions, Aryc Tal Venn has got the potential to be one of the gods. However once he accidentally unleashes heretical powers during his Challenge, he’s forced to flee from his home or he’ll face the wrath of the Inquisition.

Aryc, with his sister by his side, starts a quest to uncover the truth of his own existence. Just to learn a horrible secret. It is a secret with the power to destroy all of humanity.

Is Aryc going to master these unnatural powers of his in time to save the people of Crucible or is he going to be the harbinger of humanity’s destruction?

“Blighted” is the second novel in the “Quintessence: Crucible” series and was released in 2021. Predestination. Determination. Redemption. Aryc Tal Venn was supposed to be the savior of the universe. However one fateful choice left him blighted, unable to cultivate the primal Aether into the life-empowering energy of the Quintessence. Without anything but hope, he undertakes this desperate quest in order to reverse this blighting.

But the way’s not easy and there are those on Crucible that covet Aryc’s lost power. Those that would do anything in order to take it for themselves. Despite these dangers, Aryc has to fight. However once this horrible truth challenges everything that he believes, Aryc’s forced to question whom he fights for and why? Destiny is coming for Aryc Tal Venn and the universe’s fate is resting in his hands.

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