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Publication Order of Caedmon Aisquith Books

Ark of Fire (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar's Code (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar's Quest (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar's Secret (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

C.M. Palov is one of the popular authors from The United States, who likes to write books based on the thriller and suspense genres. She is particularly well known for the writing the Caedmon Aisquith series. This series is also known by the name ‘The Templar’ series. Prior to the start of her writing career, author Palov completed her graduation from the University of George Mason. She earned her degree in the field of art history. Palov has even worked as a guide in a museum for some time. The other jobs that she was associated with before taking up writing as a career include teaching in Seoul as an English teacher and serving as a bookshop managing. Author Palov says that she has twin interests in arcana and arts. The inspirations from these interests compelled Palov to start writing esoteric thriller stories. As of today, author Palov resides in West Virginia along with her family. Author Palov also maintains that she enjoys the adventure and action movies a lot. In addition to it, she also loves to read about biblical theories of conspiracies. She always looks to combine these interests with her background in art history in order to create her thrilling and suspense novels. Author Palov started her writing career in the year 2009 with the release of her debut book titled Ark of Fire. So far, she has contributed with a total of 4 books and is currently working on the fifth thriller novel of her career. Palov is expected to release it very soon in the coming days. The Templar series written by author Palov features Caedmon Aisquith as the chief protagonist. Author Palov has described him as an English historian. He joins hands with another important character of the series named Edie Miller to carry out investigations about various conspiracies that happen around them. Edie Miller is depicted as a photographer, who tries to collect important evidences by capturing them in her camera. She does seem to have faith on anyone when it comes to handing over her photographic evidences related to any conspiracy. When she develops the trust in historian Caedmon Aisquith, she begins to share her findings with him. Other than him, she does not have belief in anyone else. Both Edie Miller and Caedmon Aisquith face various obstacles and overcome numerous dangers to unravel the mysteries about the cases that they take up. Mostly, they roam through different cities in search of clues to get to the bottom of the conspiracies that they work on. Edie shows enough bravery to be on the side of Caedmon and does not leave him even for once, no matter how high the level of difficulties arise.

The Caedmon Aisquisth series written by C.M. Palov consists of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2009 and 2012. Each and every book of this thriller series features the lead characters in the form of Edie Miller and Caedmon Aisquisth. As the series progresses, various other characters get added into the plots, which are shown to play important supportive roles. One of the most popular books published in the series is entitled ‘Ark of Fire’. The book is also the first one to be released as a part of the series. The Berkeley publication released it in the year 2009. Author Palov has introduced the characters of Aisquith and Miller for the first time in this novel. The setting of the plot is done in various places, including the Megiddo vilage, Washington, D.C., Malta island, Canterbury Cathedral etc. At the start of the novel’s story, it is shown that around 700 years ago, a golden box was found while digging in a place located near the Megiddo village. But, before it could be found what was present inside the box, it gets disappeared again. Now, the hunt begins to search the golden box. Later, it is learned that a cryptic verse had the location of the box embedded on it. This verse is called as the ‘Quatrains’. This verse and the gold box have been regarded as the most searched treasures in the whole world for many centuries. At this point in the plot, Edie Miller is introduced as a photographer who witnesses a murder. She even becomes the eyewitness of the robbery of an ancient relic called as the ‘Stones of Fire’. Edie fears that the police of Washington, D.C., might turn out as complicit.

Therefore, she tries to reach the popular historian, Caedmon Aisquisth. Edie asks Caedmon for help in the matter as her life too has fallen into danger because of witnessing the two crimes. As the two try to understand the reason behind the crimes, none of them gain any success. They keep on studying the acts caught on Edie’s camera. After many attempts, they discover that the theft of the Hebrew relic has ties with a conspiracy involving the government. And finally, after some time Caedmon and Miller become successful in finding out the actual value of the astonishing art relic. The one who possessed the relic could be lead to the a more valubale relic that can take him to a huge treasure. When the government comes to know about the involvement of the historian and his photographer friend in knowing about the conspiracy, the officials call for the execution of both of them. As a result, they are forced to run for their lives and keep changing places to avoid getting caught. In the meantime, they continue to follow the trail of clues to find the quatrains. The deeper they dig, the more important it becomes for them to prevent find out the truth as soon as possible, prevent a global disaster, and keep themselves alive.

One of the other exciting books released in this series is known by the title ‘The Templar’s Quest’. It was published by the Penguin publication in 2011. This book opens by showing that the way to a coveted relic is hidden in the Montsegur Medallion. This relic is none other than the Holy Grail. The historians fear that if this relic falls in the hands of the wrong people, it might result in the destruction of the civilization. A man named Finn McGuire successfully establishes the location of the Medallion in an old chapel in Syria. But, he gets framed in several murder cases soon after. The framing is done several members of the Nazi descendants’ group called The Seven. They seem to go any lengths to acquire the pendant as well as the Grail. Caedmon Asquith knows that the Seven will only look to use the Grail for evil purposes. Therefore, he and Finn McGuire join forces and begin the quest to find the relic before the Seven get their hands on it. They race from the Louvre to Pyrenees. As the well being of the mankind is at stake, Caedmon and McGuire are needed to succeed at any cost.

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