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Author C. M. Sutter was born in San Jose, California, and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the sunshine in California. During her senior year of high school, she picked Wisconsin to be her permanent address. She spent many years in the Badger State, and moved south to live in a warmer climate year round.

Years of progression saw her work as a massage therapist for twelve years to working in large companies and owning a corporation. Sutter has been self-employed for twenty years.

Sutter has been self-publishing her writing since the year 2014. Her deep interest of thriller and crime novels, she took up writing books from the police procedural and crime thriller genres in the year 2016.

She writes the “Jade Monroe” series, which began publication with the release of “Maniacal”. It is part of the larger “Monroe Sisters’ World” series that features Jade and her sister Amber, who is the star of her own series. The books starring Kate Pierce are a part of this world as well, as she was featured in a Jade Monroe novel called “Premonition”.

C. M. Sutter is a traveler of the world, which includes the time she hot-air ballooning through Italy. Her wanderlust fits well with her ability to create locations for each of her books. As her schedule permits her, it is possible to find her on an airplane; writing and flying all at the same time. Sutter likes to visit relatives who are scattered all over America and spends time with them as often as she can.

Gardening, hiking, bicycling, and creating art are all high on her list of activities. As her time allows, creating pebble art and hand made soaps are two favorite pastimes.

“Maniacal” is the first novel in the “Detective Jade Monroe” series, which was released in the year 2016. Sleepy small North Bend has been awakened. Sergeant Jade Monroe (who has just been promoted) and Detective Jack Steele (Jade’s partner) have been told of an unidentified male found dead in a local lake. The town is in an uproar over it. The victim was close to being decapitated, and no one is murdered in North Bend. Absolutely no one.

More bodies turn up, the sole connection in the case soon becomes clear. It is Jade herself. Each new victim gets a step closer to Jade, and time is ticking away. She has to find the person that is responsible before either she or her loved ones are the next to be targeted.

Sutter is able to give just enough detail without bogging down the story with it. She even keeps the killer’s identity hidden well until the very end. The book features characters that were both believable and interesting, and the pacing helps keep your interest the entire way through. For most, this is a book you sit down with and don’t get back up until it is finished.

“Captive” is the second novel in the “Detective Jade Monroe” series, which was released in the year 2016. Wrapped in plastic is a body that is found in a ditch on a remote country road. Detective Jade Monroe and Jack Steele, her partner, are on the scene in minutes. There is suspicious evidence that makes it appear that the young woman was held captive.

Days go by, and more local women start going missing without leaving a trace behind. Jade and her group of detectives are fearing the worst. Precious time slips away, and Jade needs to pull out all the stops to catch this killer. Even if that means she has to put herself in harm’s way to do it.

The book has some solid story lines and a steady pace that makes for a book that is tough to put down for very long. Jade is a strong willed person, making this book that much better. Here is another excellent book in a stellar series that makes readers want to see where things go from here.

“Fallacy” is the third novel in the “Detective Jade Monroe” series, which was released in the year 2016. A mocking letter claims death and violence to the horrible citizens of Washburn County. It puts Sergeant Jade Monroe and her detectives on high alert. The letter promises they will soon see the work of the author soon. With no forensic evidence Jade has zero way to tell who wrote the letter or how valid any of it is.

When the first victim is found, the carnage that was promised is now realized. While the body count rises, the depravity of the murders escalates, too.

The North Bend Carver. That is what the media is calling this killer. The county is in a tail-spin, and Jade’s sole chance of catching the murderer is to put herself right in the middle of all of the madness.

“Premonition” is the fourth novel in the “Detective Jade Monroe” series, which was released in the year 2016. Kate Pierce, North Bend’s local psychic, is frantic with worry because of some nightmares she is having of some horrific murders. The dreams are reoccurring and much worse than they usually are for her.

A lunatic wielding a knife named Robert Lynch is about to be let out of a prison in Atlanta after being locked up for a decade. Robert and Kate share a connection that is deeply personal and Kate still remembers his threats. She fears he is going to find her and kill her.

Local law enforcement regards Kate as a mere carnival joke, and so her pleas of coming danger only fall on deaf ears. Word finally gets out that there is a killer with an obsession with knives headed to North Bend. Finally the cops in town sit up and take notice.

To stop this killer in his tracks, Jade Monroe has a plan, a dangerous plan to save Kate, even if it does mean putting herself in the way of harm.

These books keep you on the edge of your seat, and just when you start to think you know what is going to happen next, Sutter throws a twist in that you never saw coming.

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  1. Shirley Miller: 1 year ago

    I have read all your series and loved them. Can’t wait for the next book to come out. I also can’t put it down until i run out of power.
    Thank you for your works!

  2. Linda: 2 years ago

    I have read all of your books. They were wonderful. Will there be more !if tech Cannon series coming and more series with the other characters?

  3. Charlene S Aleshire: 2 years ago

    Love, love your works! I find that I can’t stop reading once I start. Unfortunately, my Kindle stops me when I run out of power.
    I look forward to more great books from you in the future. I will be having surgery on April 8 and I have already stocked up my reading cache to I will be a happy camper while healing.

  4. Tom Higgins: 2 years ago

    I’m hooked on all your books, I’ve read almost all of them, the ones I haven’t I’m working on now.
    Thanks for the entertainment
    Are you going to continue with the Jade Monroe series


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