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Publication Order of The Path of Ascension Books

The Path of Ascension (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of Ascension 2 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of Ascension 3 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of Ascension 4 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of Ascension 5 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of Ascension 6 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of Ascension 7 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

C. Mantis is the author of the Path of Ascension series, a blend between LitRPG and Xianxia. The series is complete with adventurous dungeons and a variety of skills. The combat scenes are depicted with realism, while the main character (MC) is portrayed with logical and rational thinking. This fusion creates a unique storytelling experience, blending the best of LitRPG and Xianxia genres.

The Path of Ascension: Book One introduces us to Alex. He is an orphan embarking on a transformative journey on his 13th birthday. This pivotal day marks his acquiring a Tier 1 talent, symbolizing a turning point in his life. For Alex, this newfound ability is not just a skill; it’s his escape from the orphanage and the start of a new chapter. His past is characterized by tragedy, having lost his parents to a catastrophic event known as a rift breach. The breach unleashed monsters upon the world.

Rifts are typically safe zones. They serve as gateways for people to gather essence, a crucial element for enhancing their cultivation skills. Regular maintenance and clearing of these rifts is important to prevent rift breaks, which occur when rifts are neglected. This book follows Alex’s journey as he navigates this dangerous world, armed with his new talent and a determination to forge his path and discover his destiny.

Alex faces a setback when he discovers his Tier 1 talent is damaging, which blocks his entry into the guild. He finds himself with minimal mana and cannot use essence to boost it. However, his extraordinary regeneration rate is his silver lining, ensuring he almost never runs out of mana. The catch? His mana pool is too small for most skills.

Alex secures a job, aiming to save enough for a rift dive to acquire essence. He holds onto hope for a Tier 3 skill that could resolve his mana issue, as the system in his world is known to be fair, ensuring no skill is entirely useless. Given his mana constraints, he dedicates his energy to enhancing his physical and combat abilities.

A group of higher-ranked individuals visit his workplace, impressed by his skills. They offer to sponsor him for an opportunity in the ‘playpen,’ a stepping stone to the Path of Ascension. This path has unique rules and advantages compared to ordinary life. Alex accepts and spends years at the playpen, making friends and intensively training.

His journey is not without its risks. A reckless act leads him to acquire a rare frost fox companion. Alex continues to train as his friends advance, but he is not yet at their level. Finally, upon reaching Tier 3, he gains a new skill, a turning point in his adventure. This skill enhances his mana regeneration and allows him to store mana. Starting with a modest base of just ten mana at Tier 3, a stark contrast to the hundreds most possess, he realizes an exponential growth potential. By the time he reaches level 15, his mana capacity is projected to exceed far that of his peers, coupled with a remarkable regeneration rate.

Despite challenges, his journey looks increasingly promising. Alex uncovers unique skills, overlooked by others as flawed or useless, which align perfectly with his needs. These abilities, demanding a steady flow of mana rather than a one-time surge, are ideal for his unique mana profile.

Alex’s adventure leads him to a training realm. Here, he allies with a woman of extraordinary lineage. The woman is the daughter of an evolved beast and a first-generation phoenix. Together, they embark on a journey of training and combat, unraveling and confronting their respective pasts and inner struggles.
What makes this novel stand out is its seamless integration of various literary genres. It combines elements of Asian cultivation and ascension with science fiction and advanced technology. The narrative steers clear of the typical “chosen one” trope. It doesn’t revolve around a singular, all-powerful protagonist who alone discovers a world-changing secret or possesses unmatched power.

Character portrayal in this story is grounded in realism. The main character (MC) is not depicted as the strongest or endowed with extraordinary superpowers. Instead, the MC navigates the world with the abilities they possess, striving to maximize their potential. This realistic approach extends to other characters as well. Some are more advantaged, others more skilled, and some rely on wealth rather than talent.

The MC’s journey is marked by persistence and resilience. He forms connections based on mutual respect with others, grounded in recognizing their respective skills. However, deep and practical collaborations are rare, with only a few whose abilities and styles harmoniously align with the MCs. This nuanced approach to character interaction adds depth to the narrative.

The story also features a gradual development of relationships. It moves away from clichés like instant love or easy acceptance of challenges. The connections forged are thoughtful and evolve naturally over time, adding a layer of authenticity.
Reflecting its roots as a web serial, the plot unfolds through various stages of the protagonist Matt’s life. His journey begins with his departure from the orphanage where he spent his childhood years, progressing through his experiences in the Playpen and beyond. Each phase of Matt’s life is marked by major personal growth, transcending mere statistical improvements.

The novel’s slice-of-life quality diverges from a traditional single, linear storyline. Matt’s pursuit of strength is driven more by personal growth rather than a specific, defined objective. The story gracefully concludes each chapter of his life before transitioning to the next, ensuring a smooth and engaging narrative flow.

Matt, Aster, and Liz had a good break in the second book in the series. Now, they’re back to explore a giant planet called Level 6. On their way, they meet Aiden, a young woman with a problematic past. She asks them to let her join. The three aren’t too happy, but they agree to work with her. Together, they get ready to see a new world. They keep going on their big journey. But can they keep up?

The Path of Ascension book 2 is a perfect addition to the series. It has characters that people like. The world in the book is different. It has science fiction and cultivation. The story is easy to understand and good.

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