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C.T. Mitchell is from Brisbane, Australia, even though he is originally from Cairns.

Before he became an author he had studied accounting and practiced as an accountant. During the mining boom of the 1980s, he was a sharebroker and also dabbled in real estate and car sales for a time before he went back to finance.

Mitchell published “Dead Shot” his debut novel in 2015 which spawned the “Detective Jack Creed” series of novels. The action-packed series has turned out to be very popular with crime and detective fiction readers alike. Over the years, the series has sold more than 100,000 copies all across the globe.
Mitchell has said that he got into adventure and mystery fiction when he read the Agatha Christie novels.

He currently makes his home in Cabarita and Brisbane in North-South West Australia with Sandra his wife and their four children. He likes to interact with his fans through his social media and the newsletter on his website.

As a child, C.T. Mitchell used to read every night and every other time he could find. Some of the books he read at this time include the likes of “Nancy Drew” and the “Trixie Beldon” mystery series.

His father also used to read to him every night and it was from these stories that he developed a love for storytelling.

When he was in the eighth grade, the class teacher asked them to write a story as though they had been victims of the Hiroshima bomb. Mitchell was proud when the teacher chose his story as exemplary work.

Given that his parents were not believers in college education, they steered him towards a secretarial job in the government, which they believed would provide him with financial security. But C.T. believed in education and took night classes after he got out of work in the evenings.

In the year 2000, C.T. Mitchell’s eldest sister died aged only 36. It was then that he realized that he did not have forever and if he wanted to achieve something he had to go for it. In 2002, he left his government job and bought a local community paper which he started editing and writing for.

The Australian-born and street-educated Mitchell has been quite the traveler. When he used to be a real estate agent and a government bureaucrat he used to travel all over the United States and had met all manner of characters.

He makes use of all his experiences in the writing of his blockbuster novels. His most popular “Detective Jack Creek Mysteries” combine global locations, traditional police procedure, and a hint of thriller to make for some exhilarating stories.

For his efforts, C.T. Mitchell has won several awards over the years. The novel “Murder Secrets” which he had once published as “Breaking Point” was awarded multiple star ratings by the Readers Choice Awards in 2017.

C.T. Mitchell’s novel “Rejection” is the story of a very sick young man named Nicholas Weatherby. Recently, he has become more reclusive as he has cut off communication with the outside world and even with his mother and father.

His only communication with the outside world is through “Nic Says” his YouTube channel. He has been making some spine-tingling and cold rants that have been particularly disturbing to young women, some of whom are his college classmates.

Rejection is not something he takes well and all he wants is vengeance. But the most alarming thing about Nicholas is that he is working with a sympathizer that seems more sadistic and hateful.

Detective Jack Creed needs to thwart their plans and he has only two days before the greatest mass shooting in Australian history is unleashed.
Full of thrills and suspense, it makes for an exhilarating ride that will have readers hooked from the first page to the last.

“Shattered” by C.T. Mitchell opens to the discovery of a dead body. It is the body of a man whose hands are full of expensive-looking rings. It had been dumped behind the very popular Cabarita Beach resort in a dank wastebin.

What makes this such an intriguing case is the fact that the man had been tortured and it is clear that all his fingers had been broken before he was killed.
Detective Jack Creed is determined to bring the killers to justice but finding him is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Among the long list of suspects include a missing secretary, a battered wife, a former lover, and a recalcitrant son.

All of the suspects have secrets to hide, which makes the killing even more puzzling. Could the killing have been committed by a hitman from the mafia or could it be revenge perpetrated by a murder club founded by some sinister women?

For Jack, he needs to find the ring and everything would be resolved but no one is talking and there are too many secrets to dig through.
Will Detective Jack Creed be able to figure this out or will this be the case where his criminal profiling skills finally fail him?

C.T. Mitchell’s novel “The Secret of Barnesdale Manor” is the story of Chares Abernathy, a financial whizz who used to work for Lloyds of London.
He is now the brand new owner of the grand estate Barnesdale Manor that he just bought and intends to renovate. The estate is in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of the small town of Bangalow, New South Wales.

He is surprised to get an urgent letter asking him to investigate happenings from the past. Abernathy is even more annoyed when the letter suggests that he needs to conduct a scavenger hunt to get up to speed with these events.

Even though he is relatively new in town, he decides to do as told as it will allow him to show off his newly renovated estate.

However, his guests are frustrated that they could not find all the items listed on the scavenger hunt. Charles decides to offer them the ultimate clue and finally, someone finds a skeleton in a cellar.

Things only get more interesting when another of the guests is also found murdered. Detective Jack needs to be called in once again.

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