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Hive of the Dead (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Herald of Oblivion (By: Jonathan Green) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Ascension of Bathasar (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bloodspire and Deathwolf (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pandorax (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eye of Ezekiel (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christian Dunn also known as C.Z Dunn, is a mystery writer who resides in the East Midlands. Dunn’s multiplicity of talent is attributed to the many years that he served in the publishing industry. Dunn has a rather strong leaning towards fiction. Apart from being an author, C.Z Dunn also doubles up as an expert in audio production, cheese, zombies, and e-publication.

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Pandorax is the debut novel by Christian Dunn, an editor who works for the Black Library and an author who has been around for such a long time. Dunn has done several short stories as well as several audio pieces as well. Pandorax marks Christian’s entry into the literary world. Termed as an Apocalypse Novel, Pandorax begins with the introduction of an Acquisition team that is led by one Dinalt. The novel the progresses to display the Catchan empire troopers who serve under the 183rd regiment. The troopers have been trapped in the Pandorax for so many years. The narrative then progresses on, to feature several other characters who work for the Imperial Navy. Other characters who are introduced in this installment include the Loyalist Space Marine of the Grey Nights and the Dark Angels. Author Christian Dunn has done an excellent job of making all these characters stand out, even though the nature of the Pandorax means that many at times we do not get to see several characters for such a long time. Characters such as pilot Hagen, Inquisitor Tzula, Piet Brightston and Colonel Strike all made fun characters.

With that said, as it is the case with any roller-coaster, Pandorax had several dips as the author, C.Z Dunn ensured the return of the Dark Angels, thereby giving them so much spotlight. The sad thing about the Space Marines is that they are nearly indestructible and unstoppable warriors especially when put at the same place as the tragic and frail heroes who are desperately struggling for survival. With that said, Pandorax is a brilliantly written cozy mystery with a well-developed police character.


According to the people of Amadis, one Colonel Regane is more like a hero because 25 years ago, he managed to save them from the deceitful hordes of their enemies and has been praised throughout the entire planet. With a few weeks left for Colonel Ragone to live, a banquet is organized in his honor. A rather surprising guest arrives and demands to hear the entire tale from the horse’s mouth. However, the question that everyone is asking is why the leader of the Dark Angels, Lord Trigane has decided to come to such a lowly event only to hear the narrative of a mere guardsman. With no option, Antigone decides to narrate his ordeal to his new audience. It eventually becomes apparently clear that there is much more to this story of heroism and valor than what he claims. The narrative in this installment is rather enjoyable. The real twist to the story comes towards the end as the mystery behind the deliverance is revealed. Tigane and Arigone go deep into what happened on the killing fields located just outside Amadis.

However, before the revelation, the story is still enjoyable, though there is nothing special that happens before the revelation and the final battle as well. All the characters in Malediction are interesting, because of not only what they do during the story but who they are and also what they stand for.

Dark Vengeance

In Dark Vengeance, we meet once again with the company Master Balthasar, who is the leader of the Dark Angels marines. Master Balthasar and his species marines are heading to another planet so that they can put overpower the Crimson’s Slaughter marines who are more than determined to call a demon from deep within Hellfire Stone. It does not take long before Balthasar, and his team of Space marines begins to fight against Kranon and his friends. As the war progresses, Balthasar and his mean are nearly overpowered, thus require more re-enforcements. With that said, despite the fact that Dark Vengeance is short, it still works well. It is full of action, great character development and also has a fast pace. If you are a fan of the recently released Warhammer games, then you are going to fall in love with this installment.


Bloodspire is another well-written and nicely paced narrative that features great characters. In Bloodspire, the nobles who reside in a hive city are more than fed up with the Black Ships that are taking over the cities. Thus, the nobles have in turn decided to go rogue, and thus protecting them from the intruders. The hopes of all the cities lie upon the blood angels’ ability to break through and in the process put an end to imperialism. The blood angels begin by first scaling the heights of the city as their brothers fight just below them. The main objective of this squad is to open up a rather audacious aerial assault, which was going to open up the entire assault and in the process ensure that they are victorious. With that said, Bloodspire is an excellent story that will keep the readers entertained. It is exceedingly great to see what an attack on a spire may look like.

The Watcher

The Watcher is the first instalment in the Horus Hessey drama series by C.Z. Dunn. After a traitor attack, a shuttle returns to the solar system, with only one survivor on board. However, despite being alive, the survivor is only delirious, but he had a near death experience. No one in the entire Solar system knows about his tale. One Ison, who belongs to the Knights Errant is more than determined to know what happened and thus he decides to delve into the mind of the warrior. The Space Wolves had at one time looked at themselves as the guardian of all legions. Thus, when the Legions are sent to watch over the Night Haunter, the Legions are faced with one of the most challenging tasks that they have ever faced. With that said, the Watcher is an excellent drama that will keep the readers intrigued. The author, C.Z. Dunn has delivered an intricately woven plot and well-developed characters.

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