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Caedmon Aisquith/Templar Books In Order

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Publication Order of Caedmon Aisquith Books

Ark of Fire (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar's Code (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar's Quest (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar's Secret (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Caedmon Aisquith is a series of novels written by C.M. Palov.

+The Story

The Caedmon Aisquith series of novels has been compared to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. And the comparisons definitely have merit. The Caedmon Aisquith series follows a photographer and an English historian who team up to solve numerous conspiracies.

The books first hit the shelves in 2009. ‘Ark of Fire’ kicked off the whole journey, introducing Edie Miller as a photographer who witnesses something terrible. Being the law abiding citizen, Edie attempted to report the crime to the police, only to realize that she had just walked into a government backed conspiracy that would eventually pit her against law enforcement.

Edie is eventually forced to turn to Caedmon Aisquith. The English Historian has a lot to bring to the table, and the pair team up to solve the conspiracy. However, this is merely the first of many.

Edie and Caedmon are soon solving puzzles, seeking for secrets in stained glass and unlocking clues hidden away in cyberspace, this while facing off against nefarious forces with world-ending intentions.

C.M. Palov, the author of these books, loves action and adventure films. The author has been watching them all her life and they have ostensibly affected her storytelling abilities. Palov went to George Mason University where she acquired a degree in art history.

The author has performed a number of jobs in her field. This includes working as a museum guide and teaching English in South Korea. She has also managed a bookshop. The author’s love for action-adventure movies and her art degree history made for the perfect combination in her efforts to write fiction.

The comparisons with Dan Brown are not surprising because, on top of her love for art history and action-adventure flicks, Palov also enjoys biblical conspiracies. They permeate every one of her novels, either working to drive the central plot or operating in the background.

Palov’s full name is Chloe Palov. She was encouraged to use her initials on the book cover because high-octane action novels like hers are not normally connected with female first names, and she had a better chance of drawing the right audiences if readers didn’t give too much thought to her gender.

+Ark of Fire

Edie Miller is a photographer that stumbles upon a conspiracy. A long time ago, a gold box was found near the village of Megiddo. Little was known about the box because it eventually disappeared.

For centuries, historians and archeologist have sought this box, looking to a cryptic verse people call the quatrains for clues of its whereabouts. Edie Miller knew nothing about any of these tales when she witnessed the theft of the Stones of Fire.

Valuable as the Hebrew relic might have been, the murder had more of an impact on Miller who couldn’t even turn to the D.C. Police because they might be complicit in the crime.

Luckily for Miller, she had Caedmon Aisquith to turn to. Not even the historian can truly understand the breadth of the crime in the beginning. However, soon the pieces begin to come together, not only with regards to the involvement of the government but the ongoing search for a highly valuable relic.

Edie and Caedmon are forced to go on the run. More than merely surviving, they have decided to follow the clues of the quatrains and unveil the truth behind a massive conspiracy. In the process, they just might stop a global threat.

Anyone that has made a habit out of comparing Palov with Dan Brown was probably driven to do so by this book which takes biblical components and attaches conspiracies to them.

It all begins with Edie Miller who witnesses the theft of the breastplate that tradition says protected Moses from the power of the Ark of the Covenant. Like many protagonists in such scenarios, Edie doesn’t immediately fathom the depth of her situation.

But she quickly learns that she cannot trust anyone. She eventually joins Caedmon as they play detective even while trying to survive. The premise is immediately intriguing, especially for anyone looking for fun and adventure.

Readers will enjoy trying to put all the pieces together before Caedmon and Edie figure things out. The focus on the Ark of the Covenant is nothing new. However, the journey to the story’s conclusion is still satisfying regardless of the goal that Edie is chasing.

Palov keeps the action rolling from start to finish. Regardless of what might be said about the depth and substance of this book, no one can deny the fact that Palov keeps things entertaining from start to finish.

+The Templar’s Code

Rumors about the Emerald Tablet were all the rage in the middle Ages; an ancient Egyptian text shrouded in mystery. No one knows who wrote it.

The second book in the Caedmon Asquith series is as action-packed as the first. Caedmon Aisquith and girlfriend Edie Miller are collared by Archeologist Jason Lovett at the House of the Temple.

Jason falls dead shortly after telling everyone that he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is located. He was stabbed with an ornate dagger. Caedmon and Edie are soon targeted by a deadly pursuer who serves the mysterious Mercurius. The pair must do everything in their power to stay one step ahead of Savior Panos even while searching for a powerful relic.

This is the perfect book for people who love this genre. Everyone else might be put off by the stilted prose and poor plotting. But fans of the Templar series will definitely eat this novel up, what with the effort Palov makes to build her characters through the pain and heartache they encounter.

There are few mainstream novels on the market today that simply try to tell a great adventure, and that is what this book does. The action never stops. Palov tries to keep readers on their toes at all times, this ensuring that her book is a thrill ride from start to finish.

Palov also provide some insight into the Knights of Templar, though this book doesn’t dwell too much on the accurate historical aspects. Caedmon and Edie make a good team and a great couple.

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