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Children of Icarus (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Weather (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Some of the Best from, 2016 Edition(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Caighlan Smith is a young and upcoming author from Canada, who is famous for writing fantasy, young adult, and science fiction books. She is just 22 years old and is studying in the university. Author Caighlan gets distraught over bibliographies for her academic papers. She says that she tends to become anxious and mess up the things. Author Caighlan likes to read and write in equal proportions. She considers books as her favorite and likes to read any type of story given to her. Additionally, she is also fond of films, TV shows, manga, video games, plays, graphic novels, and horror stories. Whenever Caighlan is not reading or writing anything, she can be seen indulged in playing games, spinning on her desk chair, or sleeping. Caighlan hates cats a lot as she is very allergic to them. Author Caighlan was born on June 01, 1994 in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. She spent most of her time growing up in the coastal community of the scenic St. Philip’s. Caighlan considers herself lucky to have overlooked the dramatic northwest Atlantic. When she was a small kid, Caighlan liked to play in and around the woods near her house. She also loved to make up stories and tell them to her friends and family. Caighlan says that she had a strong belief in magic as a child. At the age of 4, author Caighlan traveled to Ireland along with her family, where she had set up the goal of finding a leprechaun. In the next year, her goal changed to finding a troll in Norway. Caighlan has hiked around a dormant volcano located in Iceland. She came across some Easter eggs that her hidden in the Emmy Award of a friend in California. Because of her beauty and cuteness factor, Caighlan had received the chance to work in a TV show, which was screened at the UN in New York in 2000 on the occasion of the International Child Day. Author Caighlan is the only child of her single parent. Her father was a filmmaker, while her grandfather used to work as a photographer.

Caighlan says that her ancestors were fishing merchants and fishers in Newfoundland for more than 300 years. She also says that her roots can be traced back to Huguenots from Belgium, who used to live in London, England during the rule of Henry VIII, to the indigenous people from Labrador, to the Gypsies from Rome and Vikings from Ireland. Author Caighlan completed her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from the Memorial University, Newfoundland, in the year 2016. Caighlan is a Saltire & Alexander and Dixon Scholar of the 2016/17 batch at the Glasgow University. She is pursuing MLitt in the field of Fantasy from this university. Author Caighlan is a hardcore supporter of girl child education universally. She was a part of the ‘Teachers Action for Girls’ campaign held in Uganda. As author Caighlan is not fond of pet animals, she doesn’t have oodles of dogs or cats or any other miscellaneous friends as opposed to many other writers. Author Caighlan generally tends to wheeze and sneeze in the presence of pets. She believes that it is much more important to breathe than allow a dog drool or cling its fur on your body. Author Caighlan always likes to mention that the ‘gh’ in her first name is silent, while ‘C’ is hard. The novel, Hallow Hour, which is the first one to feature in her Surreality series, was written by her in the final year of her high school. Currently, she is working on the development of another book in this exciting series. Caighlan likes to mention that a theme that has interested her always as an author is the development of a deep character. According to her, as she is quite young to be a writer, the character development and growth take place very rapidly. She loves to see it reflecting in her characters. This is the reason why author Caighlan strives to write stories about young adults, aimed at young adults in the age group of her own. Caighlan is of the opinion that a character should not remain stagnant with the progress of a story. It looks very unrealistic and does not have a good effect on other characters. As of now, author Caighlan is busy with a lot of things in her career and hopes that it will bring a lot of success in her writing career.

An initial book written by Caighlan Smith is entitled ‘Hallow Hour’. It was released in 2016. At the start of this novel, it is shown that the world has turned into a forsaken and dark place. The abandoned towns and cities are haunted by dangerous ghosts. Also, the crumbling landscapes are filled Crimson hellcats. Now, it is up to the phantom hunters group to exterminate such murderous creatures in an attempt to keep the remaining inhabitants of the world safe. However, the battle seems to be a constant, and highly perilous one. Young hunters like Kanta and Mid think that they are bringing about a difference with their dedicated efforts. One night, the hunters’ group lands in front of a mysterious family. After some time, they realize that this family holds the secret that could destroy the ghosts forever. This family is comprised of orphans and is headed by Tai, a flamethrower-wielding. They are banished from their own village and do not know where to go. When the hunters approach them, they seem reluctant in the beginning, but then join them eventually. Tai seems to be in a dilemma over the sharing of ghost-killing secret. She fears that it could cause the destruction of her family and her own. But, the hunters assure her that they will not let anything bad happen to them.

Another interesting book that author Caighlan wrote initially is called ‘Children of Icarus’. This book was published in 2016 by the Switch Press. The chief character introduced in this book is Clara. At the beginning of the story, Clara is described as a strong, fearless, and bright girl, who is desperate to make an entry into the labyrinth. Clara is ready to face any challenge to be able to fulfill her wish. Later, Clara gets chosen along with another girl, who has always lived like her shadow. Just after the girls enter, they get separated. Now, both the girls are required to fight for their survival in a new world that is totally different from their city. If they make a single mistake in trusting the wrong person, it would mean a dead end for them. They pray that they become successful in overcoming the obstacles and return to their home safely.

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