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Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian author of fictional novels.

Born on December 14, 1968, Kelley grew up the oldest of four siblings in a family that was solidly middle class. They resided in Sudbury, Ontario. Kelley has been crafting stories since she was young and before she could write. Once she learned how to write, she started putting her stories on the page.

The author says that early attempts to write frequently ended up being disastrous. Asking her to write a story that focused on dolls and girls inevitably had her penning tales of undead girls and possessed, evil dolls which her teachers were not all too happy with. There were efforts made to have the young girl write stories that were less colorful and more normal, but they failed. This is lucky for her future readers, who get to enjoy all of the imaginative stories and characters that Kelley has to share!

Kelley studied psychology at the University of Western Ontario and graduated with her degree in hand. She followed this up by attending Fanshawe College, where she studied computer programming. She hoped that studying computer programming and working in the field would give her the time that she needed to write. She worked as a computer programmer for some time but eventually left it so that she could write on a full-time basis. She does not have any desire to return to the corporate cubicle now that she has gotten away from it for good.

Now, the author gets to spend time penning her creative stories and continues to bring fresh and innovative books to the fiction-loving world. She pens stories that are full of all sorts of paranormal beings, from ghosts to demons and werewolves. She likes to write in her basement at home, which she lovingly refers to as being her writing dungeon. She has penned many series and is known for writing the Darkest Powers trilogy, the Women of the Otherworld series, and more.

Kelley is married to her husband and lives with him, their children, and their pets all in the southwestern area of Ontario. She believes that the best way to learn something is to gain experience. She has tried to improve her reading by attempting to hone other skills in areas such as fencing, aikido, and archery, but has yet to become exemplary in any of these by her own admission. She’s also crawled through cave systems and hiked half a mountain, which she is unlikely to do again. Kelley has a deep love of coffee and is an expert when it comes to the world of chocolate chip cookies. Her Women of the Otherworld series was adapted into Bitten, a Canadian television series that aired on SyFy and Space starting in 2014.

Kelley Armstrong is the creator and the author of the Cainsville series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2013 with the publication of the debut novel, Omens. The series continued with the release of the second novel in 2014, Visions. The third novel in the series came out in 2015 and is titled Deceptions. Betrayals is the fourth novel in the series, and it was released in 2016. The fifth novel in the series is titled Rituals and it came out in 2017.

Omens is the first book in the Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong. If you love paranormal fantasy or are just looking for something new to enjoy, give this series a try!

Main character Olivia Taylor Jones is just 24 years old and is enjoying a perfect life. She is the only daughter that comes from a family in Chicago that has both wealth and prominence. She has completed her education in the Ivy League, participates in volunteering and philanthropy, and her romantic life is going pretty well. She’s engaged to a tech firm CEO who is handsome, young, and has ambitions of entering politics.

But her perfect world falls apart almost immediately upon finding out some news. It turns out that her parents are not her biological parents and he has been adapted. It gets worse. Her true parents are Todd and Pamela Larsen, who are serial killers that have been caught and are serving life sentences behind bars.

The news also ends up bringing a lot of publicity to her (adopted) family as well as her fiancé, so Olivia decides that she’s going to discover the truth when it comes to the Larsens. She ends up going to Cainsville, an old community in Illinois. The community gets interested in her efforts to figure out the past of her biological parents once she is there. She also has the assistance of Gabriel Walsh, her mom’s former lawyer.

There she focuses on the last crime the Larsens committed, which her birth mother says will prove that they are innocent. But as she starts looking into the case with Gabriel, Olivia starts to find that she is drawing on abilities that have been hidden since she was a child. These gifts that she has will make her valuable to Cainsville but also vulnerable to potential enemies as there are dark secrets hidden behind her new home and there are powers out there that may end up having their own plans for what to do with her. Can Olivia stay safe long enough to find out the truth? Read this thriller to find out!

Visions is the second book in the Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong. If you liked the first book in the series, check this one out too!

Olivia Taylor Jones gets the shock of her life when she finds out she was adopted, and her real parents are serial killers. But when she finds out her mother swears she is innocent, Olivia teams up with lawyer Gabriel Walsh to find out the truth. They chase a killer and are able to mostly clear her parents for the crimes.

Their success may not last long, however. Olivia holes up in Cainsville, but Gabriel’s mistakes from the past are now surfacing and causing tension between them right when Olivia might need his help the most. She finds a dead woman stashed in her car, and the body is dressed up to look just like her. The body disappears before anyone can see it.

Olivia finds out that there is a young woman that was troubled that went missing days ago, and it appears to be the same person she found in her car. Perhaps the sign was meant as a message or warning, but Olivia isn’t sure why. On her search to find the truth, she must be careful as some people may not want secrets being dug up. Will she find the truth before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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