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Caitlin Wahrer
Caitlin Wahrer is a Maine girl to her very core. She was born to these two hippies that raised her up in Canaan, which is a small town located in central-southern Maine without even a single stoplight located in it.

She left the state for four years in order to study criminal justice as well as family studies and marriage at a college located in Pennsylvania. She went back to the state of Maine after she graduated in order to attend law school and practice law.

For “The Damage”, she just had a simple idea for, what would it even be like if you were married to somebody that was like a truly wonderful partner and everything that you ever wanted. And because of something that happened, they began to sort of devolve, and quit being the sort of good person that you have been used to them being possibly they were just angry and feeling vengeful about something.

And she had this idea for what if something happens to the husband’s younger sibling, and it makes this major impact on the marriage between the husband and the wife. And then Caitlin thought about if she was going to write a younger sibling, and then being the victim of a crime, she just doesn’t want to write a female. And she decided to write about sexual assault, then without even thinking about it all that much which was going to interest people, or even be unique that it would be a male sexual assault victim until she had sorta really got into the writing of it. And then she realized that this is going to change parts of the narrative since he’s a male, and sections of it would be the same as any other person that had been assaulted.

She wanted to set the novel in Southern Maine, in order to make sure the process was an accurate one, because even within the state of Maine, the way they handle things can vary widely from one jurisdiction to another, who handles things with law enforcement, probably how things would go at the hospital.
As far as the small town aspects of the novel, where Tony and Juliet live, are this made up town which is sorta modeled after multiple towns located in Southern Maine. Somebody like Nick, she believed it’d be realistic that if he had been living in some college town, even if the court process is in perfectly attempting to keep his identity confidential, keep him safe from that aspect of it, people would end up finding out it was him that was the unnamed victim in the case.

Caitlin had this very broad idea of what she wanted the story to be, and had a paragraph written of how the story was supposed to open, and this would be how it closes. Then this is roughly about what she believes is going on in the middle section, however sorting everything out into a story that you could tell that or that somebody is going to listen to and follow along with and not get bored and stop wanting to hear it or it’s going to have the more emotional impact at all of the right spots. Attorneys attempt to do that as well. Although she personally has never had to tell a story that was long as a novel, of course.

“The Damage” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2021. When a small town family gets pushed to the brink, just how far are they willing to go in order to protect one of their own? A propulsive and edgy read all about what we will do in the name of blood and love.

Tony has always looked out for Nick, his younger brother. So when he gets called to a hospital bed where Nick’s laying bruised and battered after he is violently sexually assaulted, his protective instincts flare up, and this white hot rage starts to build.

Julia, Tony’s wife, has got cases as a small town New England lawyer which involves kids all the time. When Detective Rice is assigned to this case, she feels like they are in good hands. Particularly since she senses that Rice also understands just how things can rapidly get complicated. Extremely complicated.
Since, one moment Nick was just having a drink with some handsome stranger; while the next, he was right in the middle of an investigation which threatens to rip apart not just him, however his whole family, to shreds. Now his attacker, who’s out on bail, disputes Nick’s version of what exactly happened.
While Julia attempts to help out her brother-in-law, she sees Tony’s own desire to get revenge, and to try fixing things for Nick, start to get out of control. Tony is beginning to scare her. And before too long, she finds herself asking: does she truly know what her husband is even capable of? Or of what she herself even is?

Exploring elements of justice, doubt, suspense, and tragedy, this novel is an all-consuming novel that marks the explosive debut of one extraordinary new author. She delivers this intense and powerful read which takes an unflinching glimpse at male to male sexual assault, which is handled with care and delicately, and it is obvious that Caitlin did a great deal of research and truly cared about the story she was writing about.

This sets a new standard for psychological suspense novels. Caitlin, with a consummate authorial hand, weaves this cleverly layered tale about a horrific crime and how it forces each and every member of this loving family to confront the harrowing question of what sort of person they truly are. The style of the novel is just as elegant as the characters breathtakingly real and the plot so undeniably compelling.

This is a magnificent debut novel to rival Dennis Lehane’s very best, and scores a knockout thriller punching through one chapter after the next. It is exciting and dense. It is a powerful and spectacularly plotted family drama. This is a blisteringly smart and evocative read, with its compelling premise, richly developed characters, and just enough suspense to keep you up the entire night.

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