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Publication Order of Cal Claxton Books

As a writer, Warren C. Easley is unparalleled within the world of modern mystery fiction, creating edge-of-the-seat thrillers that enthral the reader from the outset. Very much an American writer as well, he brings a whole range of influences into his work, including that of British writer Ian Fleming and his much loved James Bond novels. Showing a clear love of the spy genre, he would immerse himself in the fictional world of espionage, keeping the reader guessing throughout. His passion for mystery novels is also something from which he has made his name from over the years as well. Living all across the world, including Europe, which included much of the eighties, Easley would bring his experiences into his work. Not only that, but he would also hold a passion for authors such as John Le Carre throughout the years as well. All of this would add up to create one of the most enthralling and exciting literary careers that the mystery genre has seen to date. This would also see him heading to Oregon too, an American state that was going to feature heavily in his work in the years to follow. One such series is that of the ‘Cal Claxton Mysteries’ set of novels, which is a mystery fiction collection of novels that are still ongoing. Drawing from the greats once again such as Le Carre and Fleming, they follow on in a similar vein, whilst also bringing something new to the genre. Charting the case-files of one Cal Claxton, a from prosecutor from Los Angeles, they look at a new mystery with each different novel. Set in Oregon, they follow their eponymous lead, as he heads back their after his wife commits suicide, something which he must come to terms with over the course of the books. With these books, Easley knows exactly what it is that his audience are looking for, as he writes mystery novels for a primarily adult market.

Starting out in 2013, the series itself began with the title ‘Matters of Doubt’, which would set the arc of the narrative in motion overall. Running for a total of six books so far and counting, they have come a long way, seeing the evolution of the character of Cal Claxton grow immensely. Whilst they haven’t been adapted as of yet, they still retain an almost filmic quality through their use of atmosphere and ambiance. As the books garner critical and commercial success worldwide, many readers eagerly anticipate each instalments release, with more expected to come.

Matters of Doubt

Initially published through the Poison Pen Press, this was originally published in 2013, as it would mark the start of the Cal Claxton series overall. Not only that, but it also introduced the lead character for the first time, as well as giving him his first case to solve. This would allow him to develop as a protagonist in the books to follow, whilst also simultaneously providing a self-contained mystery for readers to invest themselves in.

Looking at moving on, the main themes of this book concern working through the troubles of the past and coping with grief. This is something that plays heavily over the course of the series too, as it manages to take it as the principle arc for the leading character. Taking place in Portland, Oregon, it really manages to utilize its setting well, really giving it a feeling of ambiance. Over the course of the series this ensures that the location becomes a character in of itself almost as the books progress. Cal Claxton himself reflects this well, as he manages to juxtapose much of the action with his own moods and temperament.

Looking to recover from his wife’s suicide, the once Los Angeles prosecutor aims to become a small-town lawyer in Portland, Oregon. That’s when a young kid known only as Picasso comes to Cal asking for his help, as he aims to find his mother’s killer. Following this the kid is suspected of the murder of a local businessman, as Cal aims to represent him, finding out the truth of who’s behind it all. Meeting up with a doctor named Anna, the two of them then find themselves in the target sights of someone who wants to keep the truth buried at all costs. Will they manage to keep themselves safe? Can they discover what’s really going on? What are the matters of doubt?

Dead Float

Following on from the previous novel, this provides the next mystery and case file for the eponymous investigator Cal Claxton. Released in 2014 on the 2nd of September, this came out through the Poisoned Pen Press once again to huge acclaim. Developing the characters and the world, it takes the series forwards, whilst also remaining true to the spirit of the original.

Fishing on the Deschutes River, Cal Claxton loves fly fishing, as he lives to make a getaway from it all. That’s when he’s offered a place on an upcoming trip with fishermen by his friend Philip Lone Deer, as he’s to be their fishing guide. Shortly after though, one of the party is murdered, as he must seek to find out who the culprit is before it’s too late. Will he manage it, and can he find the truth behind the lies? What does the companies stocks have to do with it all? Who will dead float?

The Cal Claxton Mysteries

This series works all thanks to Easley’s casual and fun style, which brings readers in gently, keeping them there till the end. Using some more dramatic moments too, it isn’t afraid to shy away from more darker plot elements too, creating a quality narrative juxtaposition. As a mystery detective series, it really works at creating a world that is fully realized for the readers to explore thoroughly. For fans of the genre they’ll definitely be satisfied with what’s on offer here, as it’s definitely a well rounded collection of novels. Creating an iconic and lasting character too, it really manages to live up to its name with each passing title, something that will carry on for some time yet.

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