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Publication Order of Cal Leandros Books

A highly regarded and influential author within her field, Robyn Thurman is an American writer that has been producing her unique brand of science-fiction, horror and fantasy for some time now. Reaching the top of the New York Times Bestseller lists she’s managed to create an important name for herself unlike any other, having also gone under the name of Rob Thurman as well. Receiving praise from the public and critics alike she’s managed to garner a large amount of positive attention from far and wide, a master of her craft having brought out eleven books so far and counting. Included within this are short-stories and three series, as she expands upon her oeuvre to create a legacy that’s fast becoming extremely respected among her peers. Living in rural Indiana, she continues to write from her home there and has kept her identity fairly ambiguous, even to the point of not including her own gender in her book bios. This has led to more of a focus on her work which speaks for itself, allowing her to hone her voice and her craft, becoming a more idiosyncratic and original talent within the industry. One such series this is reflected in is her Cal and Niko Leandros series that’s been running for some time now and exemplifies everything her work is about.
Arriving on the scene in 2006 on the 7th of March, Nightlife harked the arrival of a new talent in the form of the Cal and Niko Leandros series, which became one of Thurman’s most beloved and long-running franchises to date. Brought out on the Roc Fantasy label it told the story of Caliban, or Cal for short, Leandros who is a half-man, half-monster who undertakes the task of protecting his race against all that may threaten it. The series is coming up to ten books so far, with more expected to follow shortly, as they arrive quickly for Thurman’s loyal band of ever eager readers all anticipating her next installment. With the reception for these novels at a high, there appears to be no signs that these books are going to be stopping anytime soon, with plenty more expected on the horizon. Garnering support both nationally and internationally, she’s managed to gain a worldwide audience, as it’s reached the top of the New York Times Bestseller list, showing clear recommendations from critics and the public alike.
First published on the 7th of March, 2006, this was to be the book that initially introduced both Cal and Niko Leandros to the general public, thus cementing their legacy for some time to come. Creating the basic premise it works to establish the world and the characters within, setting up much of what was to come and what, exactly, to expect in the forthcoming sequels. Building a world, it manages to set-up a universe with its own set of rules that are used throughout, allowing the readers some idea of what the formula was about, whilst retaining a sense of mystery still to keep them intrigued.
Set in New York City, it charts a world in which humans live obliviously to the fact that there are fantasy creatures living alongside them in the world about them. It is in to this world that Cal Leandros steps, a half-man half-monster whose mother was impregnated by an Auphe, leaving her with him, as he must now keep his heritage a secret. After his brother, Niko, quits college to help him he finds he must protect himself from these monsters as they decide they want him back, as he’s apparently the key to unlocking all manner of hell on earth. Not only is this dangerous for Cal, but it’s also a major problem for humanity as it threatens to destabilize the very foundation of civilization itself. Will he be able to protect himself and those around him from the evil forces that threaten to destroy both him and all those he loves, including all life on earth? Why are they after him and what role does he hold in the nefarious plans to endanger the entire planet? Just how are things going to pan out as the Leandros brothers deal with the danger of the nightlife?
Intended as the direct follow-up to the first, this was to be the sequel that continued the saga of the Cal and Niko Leandros series, this time published in 2007 on the 6th of March. Further establishing the tone and overall ambiance of this world they inhabit, it manages to recreate much of what made the first novel work, whilst simultaneously upping the stakes in the process. The character development of the two brothers is also a key ingredient for the success of this book as well, providing a strong narrative arc that progresses along with the rest of the series to follow.
The werewolf mafia have provided them with their case this time, as they find themselves going undercover for ‘The Kin’ in the hopes of discovering whether or not a rival boss is planning to frame him. They must first infiltrate the Moonshine gambling club that caters to all non-humans and, believing this to be a simple open-and-shut case Cal Leandros fast finds out he couldn’t be more wrong. As the two brothers quickly find out that there’s more to this than meets the eye, they also soon learn that they’re going to have to keep their wits about them if they want to stay alive. Who exactly are ‘the Kin’ and how do they operate? Is the boss being set-up and what does this mean for the Leandros brothers? Just how will they keep their heads above them when entering Moonshine?

The Cal and Niko Leandros Series
This is a series which grows from strength-to-strength, building upon its impressive legacy garnering respect from all literary corners, whether it be the public or the critics. A bestseller and commercial success in its own right, it shows that there’s clearly a unique voice here in the fantasy community, one that’s not going away anytime soon, as Thurman works to build upon this and generate more and more positive attention. This is something that doesn’t appear to be slowing down and will continue on into the foreseeable future, as there’s plenty more stories to come from this already highly influential series yet.

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