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Calamity Jane Books In Order

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Publication Order of Calamity Jane Books

The Big Hunt (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
Calamity Spells Trouble aka The Road to Ratchet Creek (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trouble Trail (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cow Thieves (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bullwhip Breed (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Deck, Hot Lead (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Stallion, Red Mare aka Ranch War (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Remittance Kid (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Whip And The War Lance (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cow Thieves aka Running Irons (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cut One, They All Bleed (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hide And Horn Saloon (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Calamity, Mark and Belle aka Texas Trio (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Calamity Jane series was written by all-time best-selling English author, John T. Edson. The author specialized in escapism adventure, Westerns and Police procedural novels that have positively been accepted globally. Calamity Jane series features Martha Jane Canary as the lead character, although throughout the series she is popularly referred to as Calamity Jane. As described in the series she is a young woman in her teenager or her early twenties who allegedly fled from her covenant school to join a freight crew headed by Dobe.

To the delivery crew, she worked as a replacement cook for their drunken cook and later managed to learn to administer a team of horses, shoot with various types of guns such as Winchester Carbine or 36 caliber Colts and also to fight using a whip. The two guns are the ideal match for her smaller and less frame body. She has adventures of her own and most of the time she stops associating with the floating outfit crew for sometimes. However, Jane and Mark Counter often enjoy an off-on physical relationship, and they sometimes enjoy casual sex with each other even though she associates with other males such as Ysabel Kid.

In addition to her excellent freight driving skills, Calamity Jane is hard to beat fist fighter and no woman is a match for her when it comes to fighting not even the trained prized fighter referred to as the World Champion.

Other skills she possesses include Indian-style medicine and a safe contraceptive method which she acquired from a Midwestern Native American wise woman. Even though reckless and prone to acting and speaking without carefully thinking, Calamity Jane is determined and brave and highly regarded by the member of the floating outfit even as they patiently wait for trouble to emanate from her.

Section on a couple of the books
Calamity Jane series consist of 11 novels, the first book in the series is Cold Deck, Hot Lead published in 1970. Some of other books in the series includes; The Bull Whip Breed, Trouble Trail, Running Irons, Cut One They All Bleed among many others.

Descriptions of 2 early books in the series Cold Deck, Hot Lead
This novel describes a story about Calamity Jane and a gambler and how the duo later become partners in crime. In this game of the Old Wild West, the winning hand is the hand that wields a gun. A cardsharp with intentions, Frank Derringer travels to the wry town of Tribune in Kansas, and he is looking for a single score or two. Unfortunately, after cheating on people who robbed a good man, his escape does not go as planned especially after he hooks up with the trouble causing name Calamity Jane. They both ride through hell into a hail of gunfire. To survive, it will take a quick gun, a sharp eye and a steady dose of gamblers luck.

This novel is more of a detective procedural rather than western story, and the lovers of the cowboy based books will find this novel series an ideal match. The characters are well articulated, starting with the lead character Jane to the one gambler Frank who utilizes any opportunity that he ceases to ensure that he gets the outright win. The plot of this novel is great as the author emphases on the scene to scene flow, various twists here and there and this is a crucial aspect of gaining the reader’s attention from the word go. The characters of this fantastic novel are somehow linked together by the binding power of the spirit of hard work, an adventure that eventually wins the old Wild West.

Running Irons
Danny fog has to live up to his expectations; he is the younger brother of Dusty Fog- the famous gun wizard with root origins in Rio Hondo. He is a lawman, and this means that he has to be reckoned too as he is on his way to writing his very own legend. He is working on tearing up the detestable cow rustler’s outfit that frequently terrorizes the Caspar County. The gang is comprised of gun outlaws and Mexican cutthroats but them standing on his way does not mean a great deal for the young Texas Ranger, however dealing with the lady leader of the cattle rustlers could be a little more than he can handle. To ensure that he wins this duel he decides to fight female fire with female fire and the perfect person for this job is none other than Calamity Jane- the one who is never challenged by other women.

He joins forces with Calamity Jane but he later to find out that kicking out crime from Caspar County with this aggressive gun-toting lady could prove more trouble than he had bargained for and once he learns why most folks call her Calamity Jane.

Originally this novel was published under the title, Cow Thieves and through publications, the title was changed to a more suitable one, Running Irons. The book has a typical western theme and is simply amazing; it shows authors ability to tell a tale on the usefulness of Texas Rangers in regulating cattle rustling within the designated county even when shorthanded.

The Road to Ratchet Creek
Six passengers occupy the stagecoach on its way to Ratchet from Promontory, among them is a gorgeous singer but with bad intentions, a red-headed rowdy named Jane Canary- a lady quicker with guns than most men and fierce with a whip and A lawman dressed in deacon’s garment is also abroad. Jane meets her match Solly Cole, and both are soon rolling on more bad news. This is because Ratchet Creek is the home to a scammer that Solly Cole has been trailing for several months, it is also breeding ground for mysterious death, and the town seems to have no law and order at all. For Cole, Calamity Jane and a kid named John Browning, a gunsmith; Ratchet Creek is a lion’s den in the Utah borders and might prove to be almost impossible to set foot on the town.

The author of Calamity Jane series J.T Edson has a way of making characters to be somewhat alive; his writing style is just terrific, and his stories are kind of interesting and unique making him stand out from other writers.

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