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Caliber Detective Agency Books In Order

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Publication Order of Caliber Detective Agency Books

Generations (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Temptation (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Ransom Paid In Blood (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deception (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crucible (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legendary (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Are Gathered Here Today (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Early Days (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Means, Motive, and Opportunity (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon


A German settler finds a young boy in a covered wagon. He had a large firearm in his hand. It took a while to calm him down and make him surrender the gun, but he seemed traumatized and repeatedly murmured “11”. Three Indians hastily loom towards the shaken family, and the boy swiftly picks up the huge gun and shoots dead all the three men right through to their skulls, between the eyes. Then the young lad says 14, 14, 14 … The family members don’t speak fluent English when asked his name, the young lad looks at the caliber label on his gun and decides that’s going to be his name. Caliber. Jacob Caliber turned out to be a legend in the west. The family had started a small detective business that was not doing very well. His son decided to relocate the struggling business to New York where the licensed detective agency under Jacob Caliber III became a renowned prodigy by saving the President from death.

His son died young but left a wife and two sons behind. His wife developed the national detective agency with the help of her father in law, left to handle the red cases. Her elder son resembled his grandfather in both his looks and stature. Her younger son was sent to study law. After a short visit with his brother and his grandfather, the young man hurried off to meet his mother at a nearby coffee shop before his first interview at a law firm. While at the coffee shop, a robber pushed his way into the kitchen, robbed the cash in the attendant’s register and killed the cook. Instinctively Christopher Jacob dashes for the cooks’ gun and swiftly kills the robber, drilling three straight shots into his forehead, and the other robber that nearly killed his mom. All the while, a customer films the whole scene from his mobile phone and shares the whole story on live television. However, what not everyone knows that Chris had never killed before.

These short stories link from the original Jake Caliber, who was known as Steel. The stories short put across a comprehensive and deliberate book without any suspense and long descriptions. The Calibers handle tough cases that other people found absurd and had to deal with. Jake has endured over 30 gunshot wounds and a car bomb. He is a living legend detective.


The Calibers handle three new cases. From the first book, we’re introduced to a new generation of detectives after the death of Caliber’s son. His sons, now grown up and ready to join the business learn the ropes of the business pretty fast. In the first case, A man believes that he’s on someone’s death list, while the second case a worried father hires the Calibers to look after her daughter since he doesn’t trust her fiancé. The third case relates to family business. The old man travels to Texas with Kelli by his side to help his kin. All the three cases involve dangerous participation. The Calibers gear up for action with Chris and Velma teaming up with the first case while Jake and Melissa handle the second, and the old man takes the third case. Temptation is fast paced, and action packed you would not want to put down your book once you start reading. As with all crime series books, a little love goes a long way to neutralize readers and detox from guns blazing and blood- oozing scenes. Jake’s in love with Kelli, though he knows her husband is still in a coma. She is also in love with Jake so, she openly confides in her husband who cannot respond. Kelli tells him that she would like to move on … After solving the three cases, Jake and Kelli finally get a moment to make love when suddenly her phone rings; it’s the hospital calling Kelli. Her husband just woke up from his coma!

A Ransom Paid In Blood

2005, meet Jake Caliber IV. This is a tough year for the calibers. Velma still reeling from the shock of her husband’s recovery, as Chris sets his sights on a sexy insurance claims investigator. The boys finally get the hang of the business and get to work directly with their grandfather. There’s so many Jakes in this book that the author decides to number them for clarity’s sake. In each book, there’s a different case/cases to handle So far; these short stories still provide action packed scenes and devious plots as usual. A ransom Paid in Blood details Jake #4 story attached with events regarding Jake #5 and Ellie while on vacation. Chris found a perfect replacement for Velma, and she is in training as a substitute for Velma. This book also gives a vivid account of Chris and Jake’s kidnapping, the ransom ordeal, their final escape and how their father passed on. Once again, book three does not disappoint on entertaining its readers with action and stringed suspense. A great heroic family is tackling the bad guys with cutthroat killer instinct skills.


One of the Caliber females goes where she wasn’t supposed to, and she’s taken away by the evil. They do not know that they messed with the wrong family. The whole Caliber clan gangs up as all hell break loose in a frantic search for Gail Caliber. Her life is in danger. The other Caliber family members must reach to Gail before the gang kills her. With the help of the local law enforcements, the trail points to Matthew, an outwardly honest businessman, who launders drugs and guns money using his registered businesses. The Calibers do not spare anyone when one of their own is out there and in danger. With help from trusted friends, they have resolved to get Gail and bring her home. Remington hardly disappoints, his books present short, clear-cut stories, and you wouldn’t get bored. Great reads to carry to your vacations or long flights. Excellent and quick to read novels. All Kane books are Captivating, provides exceptional adventure! Once again, the Caliber agency triumphs in solving their dangerous cases. However, Missing leads to grievous staid consequences for Velma and Chris.

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