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About Calla Henkel

An American writer and playwright, Calla Henkel has become hugely successful, making a name for herself with her intricate mysteries. Creating stories that really draw the reader in, her writing is hugely immersive, immediately grabbing the reader from the outset. Setting herself apart from the many other writers in her field, she creates something that is entirely different, saying something different and unique in the process. Bringing her stories to life, she’s a gifted writer who keeps her readers invested in what she has to write about and say.

A lot is underlying her work as well, creating a lot of subtext in each of her stories, giving it a real sense of vitality. This approach has seen her become hugely successful across a variety of different mediums, allowing her to establish herself as a leading literary figure in her field. Reaching scores of readers from around the world, she has managed to build her own brand with her distinctive style and tone. Becoming a household name for many, she has ensured that her work really does stand out from the rest, making an impact in the process.

Her sense of character development is also something to admire, creating fully three-dimensional personalities that live on the page. This gift of hers has seen her create a number of iconic characters and protagonists, giving readers someone to really follow. Rooting her stories in real people, she manages to create people that inhabit her stories, grounding them for the audience. Resonating with the reader, too, regardless of where they’re from, she has a sense of universality to her work and writing as well.

Massively successful, she has become hugely influential in her own right, creating several other profitable ventures in the process. Communicating her ideas with an ever-increasing audience of readers worldwide, she has a lot to offer. With so much more to come still, she won’t be finishing soon either, as her writing career grows and builds.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a strong affinity for the written word, Calla Henkel would be found reading and writing from an early age. Knowing the craft inside out, she would refine and hone her skills extensively over the years, learning the many tools of her trade. Her education would carry on into adult life, as she would come to understand what it was that she wanted to say. Creatively expressing herself through various mediums, she’s become hugely influential in her own right.

Whether it’s writing a play or working as an artist, she’s proven herself to be highly adept in several different areas. Writing extensively on art, too, she’s staged plays at both The Whitney Museum and the Volksbühne Berlin, producing some very experimental theatre. Often working alongside fellow creative Max Pitegoff, she’s established her own creative spaces for operating in as well. Currently still writing and working in Berlin to this very day, she also runs a film studio, along with a bar and performance space there.

Writing Career

Starting out writing for different art periodicals, Calla Henkel would begin her career producing work for several prestigious publications. Reaching a large audience, her name would fast become known, ultimately creating a unique brand and image for herself. Much of her own art would be exhibited as well, making her more than familiar with the scene, writing with a high amount of knowledge. With periodicals including Mousse, Texte zur Kunst, and Spike, she’s been featured in a variety of well-known and equally well-regarded outlets.

Her first debut novel would come out in 2022, marking her literary with the book titled ‘Other People’s Clothes.’ Introducing her as a novelist for the first time, the book shows what she’s about and what she has to offer. Publishing a stand-alone mystery novel, there’d be plenty of intrigue, as it would be set in reality in the late aughts. This book seems to be just the beginning as well, as it appears that there will be a lot more on the horizon in the following years to come.

Other People’s Clothes

First published back in 2022 on the 1st of February, this would initially come out through the Doubleday Books publishing imprint. Not a part of any series as such, it does mark the literary debut of Calla Henkel as a fully-fledged author for the very first time. It’s a mystery thriller novel set in the late aughts, and it has an entirely self-contained narrative running throughout the book.

Wanting to get away from the painful memory of her best-friend being recently murdered, Zoe Beech is an art student escaping to Berlin. Meeting fellow student Hailey Mader, the two of them sublet an apartment from a well-known thriller writer who’s supposedly on a residency in Vienna. Soon it transpires that she’s watching them both, though, and her next book seems to have been based upon them both. Looking to give her something to write about, they attempt to become more lively but soon begin whose story they are living and if they’re wearing other people’s clothes.

The mystery itself is well-plotted, constantly keeping the reader guessing every single step of the way. It’s also got a strong sense of humor running throughout underneath it, providing it with real momentum and a sense of narrative thrust. Using real-world events, it comments on several different issues, making for an engaging and very compelling debut novel. Its use of setting is also very well realized, making for a fully immersive novel that is brilliantly brought to life upon the page.

Another important aspect here is the characters, as they really do feel well established, with a strong set of motivations. Everyone feels believable, resonating in a manner that’s really been thought about and considered deeply with a sense of purpose. Looking at contemporary life and living, they also resonate with a modern audience, saying something about the current time period. It’s got a lot to offer and shows a promising future for Calla Henkel as an author of thrilling and intelligently written fiction.

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