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Publication Order of Callahan & McLane Books

The Callahan & McClane novel series is a popular series of suspense, mystery, crime fiction, thriller, and romantic suspense books. This series is written by an award winning and bestselling novelist from the United States named Kendra Elliot. It is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Each and every novel of this romantic suspense series features the chief protagonists in the roles of Mason Callahan and Ava McClane. Author Elliot has given the description of Ava McClane as that of a Special Agent working for the FBI, while Mason Callahan is described as a local detective. The plots of the stories are generally set in different parts of Oregon. Both McClane and Callahan are depicted as coming across various criminals and criminal acts across the whole series. They make use of their wit, intelligence, bravery, and courage to overcome all such situations and help save a number of innocent people.

The criminal cases that they come across generally comprise of abduction, murder, robbery, etc. All four of the books became very popular after their releases and managed to find a large number of readers from across the world. They were appreciated for their excellent story depiction, interesting characters, intriguing protagonists and antagonists, and their overall storylines. Many readers, fellow writers, and critics liked the characterizations of Ava McClane & Mason Callahan. This series is linked with another bestselling series penned by author Elliot known as the Bone Secrets book series. There are several characters, settings, and plots that the two series have in common. Kendra Elliot is a number one bestselling author on Amazon and has successfully sold more than 5 million printed copies of her books. She hails from the Pacific Northwest. She still lives there along with her loving family and several cats.

Among her most popular novel series are the Mercy Kilpatrick series, the Bone Secrets series, and the Callahan and McClane series. In addition to the full length books of these series, author Elliot also writes the novellas of Rogue River and Widow’s Island in collaboration with another renowned author named Melinda Leigh. Kendra has been listed in the bestselling list of the Wall-Street Journal for a total of 7 times. She has also been a finalist for the International Thriller Writers prize in 2014. Author Elliot has won the Daphne Maurier for 3 times in total. She added another star to her fame when she became a finalist for the Reviewers Choice by Romantic Times.

The debut book of the Callahan & McClane series written by author Kendra Elliot is entitled ‘Vanished’. It was released by the Montlake Romance publication in the year 2014. Author Elliot has set the book’s plot in Portland, Oregon, United States, and has mentioned the main characters in the form of Ava McClane, Henley Fairbanks, Robin Callahan, Mason Callahan, and several others. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that 11 years old Henley Fairbanks gets kidnapped while going to school. The case reaches the FBI and they don’t waste any time in deploying their best agents in the area to search for the kidnapper. One of their Special Agents, Ava McClane is sent to be with Henley’s family and assure them that their daughter will be found very soon.

A local agent named Mason Callahan also gets involved in the case as he it is learned that he is related the little girl in some way. Things go from bad to worse for Mason Callahan as Henley’s abduction happens just after the killing of his trusted, confidential informant, who used to work for him for a long time. So, he is asked to appear for the investigation. Mason Callahan meets Ava McClane at the house of the Fairbanks’, where he finds his former wife named Robin already present. Mason provides all the information known to him to Ava McClane so that it could help her get to the kidnapper as soon as possible. Mason knows that time is running out for Henley and the longer they take in catching the kidnapper the lesser chance they will have to get back Henley safe and sound. While trying to hold the family of Henley together, Mason and Ava realize they have come far too close to one another. A romantic relationship begins to blossom between the two amidst the tensions of Henley’s kidnapping case.

Another very good book of this series is called ‘Bridged’. It was also published by Montlake Romance publishers in 2015. The book consists of the lead characters in the roles of Mason Callahan, Ava McClane, and a few others as well. At the beginning of the story of the book, the tortured body of a congressman is discovered hanging from a bridge in Portland. This case brings the State Police of Oregon and the FBI together once again for the investigation. Ava McClane, who is still on the course of recovery from a recent bullet wound, teams up with the man of her dreams, Mason Callahan, to hunt down the brutal killer. Soon, two more bodies are found in similar conditions, hinting towards the presence of a serial killer in the city. The public becomes too frightened as the serial killer is roaming freely. Many of them also become furious to know that the FBI and police have not been able to find any clue or evidence against him. Also, their failure to establish the deadly murderer’s identity causes more insecurity in the minds of people.

With the mounting pressure, the relationship of Ava and Mason begins to get affected as they are not able to find time for themselves. Shortly after, the detectives come across an important clue in the case, while growing through the past cases and they proceed with their pursuit of the killer with the belief that they are very close to catching the murderer and solving the case. Just like the previous installment, this book too was highly appreciated by the audience for its rich content. The readers liked the suspenseful plot, the exciting characters, and the touch of romance in the form of Ava & Mason’s love. Overall, the books appear to be very entertaining with its intriguing twists and turns. It provides an excellent read from start to end. All these factors led the book to become a huge success in all the places of its release. The success motivated author Elliot to come up with two more thriller books as part of the series.

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