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Publication Order of Callahan-Warren Books

One Heart to Win (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wildfire In His Arms (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marry Me By Sundown (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Callahan-Warren series is an exciting novel series of historical fiction, historical romance, western, and romance novels. It is written by a reputed writer from America, Johanna Lindsey. The series contains 3 books in total published between 2013 & 2018. Every story of this series is highly popular and has been sold in many countries of the world. In every book, author Johanna Lindsey has mentioned a different set of main characters. The central characters are depicted as indulging in passionate romance, which is continued throughout a particular book. Over the course of a story, the characters are shown dealing with adverse situations, and overcoming them to cherish their love. Among the most important characters mentioned throughout the series there is Tiffany Warren, Hunter Callahan, Jennifer Fleming, Degan Grant, Maxine, Violet Mitchell, Morgan Callahan, etc.All the stories mostly feature the members of the Warren and Callahan families and the interaction between them. The books are mostly set in Montana, Texas, Philadelphia, and London. After being released in a number of places, the books have received a large fan-following. Many dedicated fans of Johanna Lindsey have loved and appreciated the books. Even the prominent critics and reviewers have given excellent reviews in various literary magazines and journals. All such reviews and praises have helped the books in becoming even more successful. Johanna Lindsey’s fans grew in number to a greater extent after the series’ grand success. She was motivated to continue writing interesting series of romance stories in her career.

Johanna Lindsey was born on March 10, 1952 in Germany as Johanna Howard. Her father was an army man posted in Germany at the time of her birth. Following her father’s death, Johanna Lindsey relocated to Hawaii with her mother. Later, she met Ralph and married him. The couple was gifted with 3 children. Ralph also died soon, leaving Johanna Lindsey alone to look after her growing children. She changed her place of residence to Maine and has resided there since then. Johanna Lindsey spends all her time writing romance stories. She feels that it gives her immense pleasure. Throughout her literary career, Lindsey has entertained the readers with many great stories. Most of her works are listed as bestsellers in the NY Times. Some have even made it to the top of the list. Johanna Lindsey’s stories are mostly historical romances set in the medieval Europe & America. With her interesting writing style, she is able to connect with the taste of the readers very well. The readers also enjoy reading the books written by her as they make them intrigued till the end. Almost all the characters and set ups seem relateable to the readers. This is the reason why they are able to sense the connection and remain engaged with the stories. The first attempt of Johanna Lindsey at writing a story was in 1977. It became immensely successful and gave her the motivation to create more stories & characters. Altogether, Johanna Lindsey has penned 49 novels that have collectively sold sixty million copies worldwide. More than 12 translations of her novels are available worldwide.

The debut book of the Callahan-Warren series is entitled ‘One Heart to Win’. The Gallery Books published it in 2013. This book consists of the important characters as Jennifer Fleming, Hunter Callahan, and Tiffany Warren. Initially, it is mentioned that Tiffany Warren indulges in a marriage not for social standing or money, but to bring an end to a feud. By doing so, she honors the promise of her mother. Tiffany sets on a journey to the west for meeting her father and the eldest son of his enemy, Hunter Callahan. He is a rancher with charming looks. Tiffany hopes that once the Callahans and Warrens get united by her marriage with Hunter, the families will end their dispute over a piece of land claimed by each as theirs.During the journey, an unexpected train robbery causes chaos to spread all around. Tiffany sees it as an opportunity to take the identity of the new housekeeper of her estranged father. This will give her a chance to live close to him and assess his real character. Also, she will be able to judge whether the handsome cowboy is good enough to become her husband or not? Her plan gets shattered the moment she steps out of the train. Unknown to her, the rivalry between the two houses escalates and the Callahans steal her, thinking that she is the housekeeper. Now, Tiffany has to live among the enemies and do as they say. Hunter seems attracted towards her. Tiffany learns that he is a charmer and sweet talker, so she decides to keep him away from her. Later, Tiffany’s truth gets exposed and she denies the proposal of Hunter. He realizes that he has already fallen in love with the courageous lady and goes out to claim her forever.

Another entertaining book of this historical romance series is called ‘Wildfire in His Arms’. It was also published by Gallery Books in 2015. This book depicts the lead characters as Maxine and Degan Grant. At the initial stage of the book’s story, the plot shows that after helping to the end the Warren-Callahan feud, Degan Grant feels that his work is finished in Montana. So, he heads for California. Degan chooses California as his next destination because the place is very far from his home that he wishes to forget. A US Marshall, who had saved Degan’s life earlier, asks him a favor. He asks Degan to apprehend 3 outlaws in his list and bring them to the authorities. As Degan is a man no one wishes to mess with, he thinks it is quite an easy job for him. He agrees and heads for completing it. Soon after, he meets a bold woman named Maxine. While growing up in Texas, Maxine attracted a lot of attention because of her beauty. So, she decided to run away. As she is one among the ones Degan Grant is tasked with catching and handing over to the marshal, he asks her politely to come with him or else he will have to use harsh measures. Maxine doesn’t wish to get handed in the custody of the corrupt sheriff because she knows he will give her death penalty instead of a fair trail. So, Maxine makes a plan to escape from the enigmatic and handsome gunfighter. After knowing Maxine’s truth, Degan makes up his mind to track down a deadly killer. Being in close proximity with Maxine causes a wildfire to sparkle inside him. A romantic passion begins to take form that Degan finds difficult to deny.

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