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Publication Order of A Mandeville Mystery Books

A Time to Change (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mandeville Secret (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mandeville Shadow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mandeville Curse (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Keep You By My Side (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Callie Langridge is a historical and romance fiction novelist from London who is best known for the “Mandeville Mystery” series of novels. Her writings are usually an exploration of complicated relationships, social history, and the happenings of everyday life.

Callie published “A Time to Change” her debut novel and the first of the “Mandeville Mystery” series in 2017. In addition to penning novels, she is also a playwright and has worked with theaters across London.
As for her earlier beginnings, Langridge was born and brought up in Berkshire and spent much of her teenage years in Lancashire, before she moved to London where she has been living ever since.

She lives with her long-term partner and a vast collection of curiosities and antiquities, in addition to more books than she could ever read in a lifetime.

When Callie Langridge was sixteen, she left school and went on to study drama before she found a job as a marketer. During the time she worked in music marketing, she had the honor of doing her job in the heady nineties when Britpop was all the rage.

She put her creativity to use in the design of marketing campaigns and window displays for what was then a leading retailer of music. In more recent times, she decided to follow her passion for social history and found work at a national historical institution running events, promoting projects, and general marketing.

It was when she turned thirty that she finally went back to take her A levels and graduated with a degree in Film Studies, English Language, and Literature, even as she was working full time.

It was from this that she was driven to take her first creative course which would lead to taking many other courses that made her the author she is today. A few years after that, it all paid off as she began publishing short stories and plays that were performed at venues and theaters all over London before she became a fiction author.

Callie Langridge’s novel “A Time to Change” is the story of Louisa Arnold. As a little girl and even now, she has always loved “Hill House,” where she used to play in the rundown gardens and peered into the derelict ballroom windows.
As a kid, she often hoped that she would have a glimpse of the spectral ladies and lords dancing in the beautiful hallways. She was also inspired by the tragic story of the Mandevilles, who previously owned the house, which made her develop a love for history.

She wanted to become a teacher of history but given the hardship she lives in, she fears her dream may never come true. Following a terrible loss, she runs to the ruined halls of her house, only to find it transforming all around her.
Instead of sagging ceilings and rotting floors are majestic chandeliers and vast silk rugs and all around her flit footmen and maids as if she is in a dream. She is warmly welcomed by the Mandeville family and finds herself living the dream life of dancing, banquet shoots, and tea parties.

But as she grows more in love with Thomas the heir and the world she had always dreamed about, the destiny of the family and the truth of “Hill House” begin to come out.

Will the past replay itself and swallow her in its wake or will she be able to save the people she has come to treasure and the beautiful home from certain ruin?

“The Mandeville Secret” by Callie Langridge is the gripping, moving, and beautiful second novel of the “Mandeville Mystery” series.

The work is set in 1924 in England and tells the story of Nell Potter, who has been very successful as a romantic mystery fiction author under the pseudonym Margot Evangeline.

While she has achieved a lot of success, things are not so great in her real life. As Nell, she is tormented by a terrible trauma she has not been able to leave in the past which has been making writing increasingly difficult.

When she is invited to a stunning Georgian house in the country known as “Hill House,” she thinks it is the best chance to leave her troubles behind. It is a beautiful house but she soon finds out that it is not as restful as it has all manner of sectors.

There have been several mysterious thefts in the Mandeville family and rumor has it that a ghost is often sighted in the halls. Is Will James Painter the taciturn and handsome but newly arrived inspector in over his head or will he be able to discover the truth?

As for Nell, she thinks this could make for some good material for her upcoming novel until she starts to get eerie visions that are very personal. Could her past have finally caught up with her?

Callie Langridge’s novel “The Mandeville Shadow” is the third and most fascinating work of the series full of romance, mystery, and secrets.

It is a few days before Halloween and Kate Durrant is hard at work helping her mother move out of the little house where they grew up, following her father’s heartbreaking and sudden death.

Full of guilt since she was unable to visit her father just before he died, Kate is left with vague memories of their times together and hardly anything else. Ever since she was a kid, she could feel and see the history of objects with just a touch. She had kept the gift secret not knowing how far she could push it or even what it was.

One evening while she was at her father’s grave, she detours behind the church into the shadowy woods. She finds herself deep in thought, wandering the paths, and soon realizes she lost her way when she stumbles upon the massive gates of “Hill House,” which belongs to the Mandeville family.

She walks in and is offered a position as housemaid but it is not long before she realizes that there is something very wrong in the manor house’s ornate halls. The closely guarded secrets of the Mandevilles are coming to light and it does seem that a ghost from the past is determined to have its revenge.

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