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Callie Rhodes is a paranormal romance author from California best known for the “Boundarylands Omegaverse” series of novels.
Rhodes got interested in reading while still very young and her imagination often landed her in a lot of trouble. She used to daydream in class and escape into far off worlds. As an adult, she has often been found leaving the meeting room secretly as she escaped to go exercise her over imaginative mind.
Callie published “Kian,” the debut novel of the “Boundarylands Omegaverse” series in 2020 and has never looked back since. She now has more than than twenty novels in her name.

Rhodes makes her home in Northern California and has been lucky enough to make her living doing what she loves doing best.

In “Kian,” the debut novel by Callie Rhodes, we are introduced to the “Boundarylands,” which is a place full of Alphas and where no woman willingly travels to. The Alphas usually keep to themselves in the great deserts and the betas who live in the civilized world know to stay away from them.
Beta women particularly keep their distance as they fear that they may not be betas after all. However the conundrum the women face is that it is only by the touch of an Alpha that they can know their true nature.

Omegas are very rare but no woman wants them given their hellish fates. They are broken, mated, held captive, knotted and bred, which makes them the lowest of the low. But Paige is out of options when she is hunted down by a fiance intent on revenge.

Her only hope of survival is to head to the Boundarylands and into the hands of a primal Alpha who can offer her protection. When she arrives there, she learns that none of the horror stories she heard about the lands are true.

It is a wild and feral life but it beckons to her in a way she never has been called before. When she touches Kian’s body, she knows her life will never be the same again. The Alpha lying beside her will either be her doom or her salvation.

Callie Rhodes’ novel “Ty” is the story of Mia who had been left for dead. But she was never really lost until she was found by her Alpha. She had then been taken to the Boundarylands, as no woman was known to travel to the wild and feral lands out of their one accord.

For Mia who is still in college, there is nothing she loves better than an opportunity for fun. She has gone with her boyfriend and his friend to a concert, which she believes will provide the freedom and fun she needs.

But things go awry and her boyfriend and his vindictive friend team up to abandon her in the Boundarylands for committing some grievous harm she does not remember. When Ty goes out for some air, he is surprised to find a woman obviously hurt in front of his bar. When he touches her, he immediately knows that she is his omega.

But claiming her peacefully is going to be a huge challenge as his father is a senator who is working hard to get her back by whatever means necessary. Deciding to own her choices, Mia declines to claim Ty, which would make it possible for the authorities to dispute the bond he says they have made.
But Ty will not let anything, not even Mia stand in his way.

“Samson” by Callie Rhodes is the brilliant third novel of the Boundarylands series of novels. It is the story of sociology student Cassiddy and the biggest alpha in Samson. No woman willingly goes to the lands of Alphas but Cassiduy had to.

She accompanied her professor to the Boundarylands as they intended to study and understand the life and times of the Alphas who lived in the feral wilds. It was at this time that she came to have a very good relationship with Ty’s Omega and with the Alphas. But it is also at this time that her attraction to Samson keeps growing.

Samson has always wanted Cassidy right from the moment he had met her even though his touches had shown that she is as beta as they come. Alphas are meant to be paired with Omegas but Samson cannot help the fact that all he wants is Cassidy.

But things come to a head while Cassidy is working on some research and drinks too much and the chemistry between them finally explodes. Alphas are not meant to mate with betas and their unusual relationship is sure to raise eyebrows.

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