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Publication Order of Callisto Books

Jandar of Callisto (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Legion of Callisto (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sky Pirates of Callisto (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mad Empress of Callisto (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mind Wizards of Callisto (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lankar of Callisto (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ylana of Callisto (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
Renegade of Callisto (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon

Science fiction and fantasy author Lin Carter writes this science fiction series, from the sword and planet subgenre. The books are a homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Amtor” books and “Barsoom” books. The series began publication in the year 1972, with the release of “Jandar of Callisto”. The first two books were published in 1972, and three were published in the year 1975. It ended after eight novels in the year 1978 when “Renegade of Callisto” was published.

Jonathan Dark, who is an American helicopter pilot and soldier, crashes his plane in Cambodia near a lost city’s ruins, which was once known as Arangkhor.

While exploring the ruins during the nighttime, he finds a well like structure in the middle that takes him off to Callisto (which is one of Jupiter’s moons and is called Thanator by the locals). He finds a civilization made up of humans that was linked to ancient Cambodia.

While there, he meets Darloona from Shondakar (who is a princess) that he falls in love with. She is named in an homage to the lost Martian city in Leigh Brackett’s “The Last Days of Shandakor”.

Callisto is described as having Earthlike environment, it is tropical in some aspects and is habitable for humans and other forms of life. It is tidally locked to Jupiter, showing the same face to its mother at all times. This makes the known civilized area only limited to this face. Its unknown outer hemisphere (which is explored in some of the later stories) is where the hostile Mind Wizards have their stronghold.

The first five stories are transcripts of narratives written by Jonathan Dark. In these books, he recounts his adventures, and are written using native materials, and are then transported back to earth because of the well. Then, Lin Carter edits and publishes them. In the sixth book,. Carter goes to Arangkhor, goes into the well, and goes on a Callistan adventure of his own. He is known as “Lankar”.

“Jandar of Callisto” is the first novel in the “Callisto” series which was released in the year 1972. Jandar the alien and finds himself enslaved on a moon of Jupiter called Callisto. It is a world of crimson and black jungles, where each and every man’s hand is lifted in an eternal fight against each other.

Here is a savage and hostile world where he is a prisoner of the insect men before being freed for a worse term as a slave in the Sky Pirates’ deadly clutches. And in the gorgeous princess Darloona’s aura who makes him love more than his mortal soul is really possible of.

Fans of the novel find that they really enjoyed this book, and upon finishing it, want to read the other books, feeling they could do it in just a weekend. Quite a fun adventure and a stellar way to start off a series. The action moves quickly, and the world and the hero are pretty vivid. This felt like one of the truest throwbacks to the old pulp era, and on this alone is enough to check the book out.

“Black Legion of Callisto” is the second novel in the “Callisto” series which was released in the year 1972. Jandar is upset about Darloona, his love, being kidnapped and has an incredible plan to rescue her. He plans on joining the Black Legion, which is both barbaric and without mercy; besides holding Darloona, they also have a city called Shondakor under the rule of their iron fist.

This is a daring plan on inconceivable levels, and full of dangers that are unthinkable by humans. He finds that death may be the only way out when the city’s gates are locked behind him.

Fans of the novel found this to be the best of the series. Jandar is an interesting character and he makes it easy to root for. Some enjoyed the way the characters get some much needed development, and liked the cliffhanger it ends on. Lin Carter throws in just about every trope of the genre into things, but still makes for great entertainment.

“Sky Pirates of Callisto” is the third novel in the “Callisto” series which was released in the year 1973. Jandar fears for princess Darloona’s safety, as she is a captive of the Sky Pirates. He makes a desperate plan to go and save her, but destiny and treachery change his plans for him. He ends up being abducted by Perushtarians. He is abandoned in Narouk’s awful slave-pens, and is now supposed to fight for his very life in an arena of death.

Some of the readers of the book were sold just on the book’s cover alone and bought it as a result, it was that stellar. Fans of the novel found this to be quite entertaining and full of energy. This is another enjoyable read from this series. The books’ characters are developed well to keep readers coming back for more.

“Mad Empress of Callisto” is the fourth novel in the “Callisto” series which was released in the year 1973. Jandar is abducted by Zamara, the mad Tharkolian princess and is held has a prisoner in Scarlet City with Ergon (his devoted companion) and Darloona. Quickly, he puts a daring escape into action. Freedom is more frightening than the worst captivity when they find that they are adrift in the ghastozar’s skies.

They are enslaved by the arthropods of the Yathoon Horde, a barbaric bunch, and find themselves at a Kuurian Mind Wizard’s mercy. One that is determined to lock them into a terrible and a macabre web of death.

So far, the books have gotten better with each installment, something that some hope continues in the later books. Fans of the novel enjoyed this sword and sandal story, as it has all the things that make these stories fun in the first place: the horrible beasts, foes that are mad for power, frequent capture, and improbable coincidences. The characters are able to grow even more in this book, which is always a plus in books like these.

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