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Publication Order of Cam Richter Books

With many outstanding fiction titles out there this series sets itself apart with wild experiences you can’t help feel came from real experiences. Cam Richter is typically in law enforcement of some type and the star of the series. His character delivers some true grit with suspense that will keep you reeling. The reader often doesn’t have a true picture of who’s really the bad, or good guy in this series, keeping you on your toes. These stories respect the reader and don’t spoon feed the content as is so boringly common these days. If you enjoy suspense and crime drama this series will hook you and not let go. There are many creatively likable characters throughout the series including Cam’s sidekicks. And then there’s the “Cat Dancers”…Cam’s Character is not some cardboard cutout hero, he sees all sides of a situation and makes moves accordingly.

P.T. Deutermann is a decorated veteran and served in military active duty for 26 years. He served as commander on the USS Tattnall between 1981 and 1983. He was the recipient of the ALA Boyd award for military fiction in 2012. He has traveled the world over including exciting many exciting locals which he brings to his writing. Among them are Kenya, Pakistan, Singapore, The Pentagon, Geneva, Vietnam, Japan and more…can you say “One Night in Bankok”! There are so many facets to P.T. Deutermann as a renaissance man who has had rare and exciting experiences that adds a certain magic to his stories. P.T. draws the reader into his world a page at a time until it feels…real.

The Cat Dancers is one of the more popular titles from this series and is a solid, suspenseful ride. This complex thriller is typical P.T. Deutermann style and will not disappoint. A play it by the book cop is confronted with circumstances eluding to the ethics of others in his precinct. Sometimes you get a certain feeling of what’s going to happen next with a book, not here. Twists and turns will keep you reeling and wondering through the next chapter. As always Cam’s character in this title is deep, enjoyable but real. Often it’s hard to tell the villains from the heros which adds a whole new facet to the law enforcement system. This is a great first read to get into this series.

Another popular title in the series in Spider Mountain and is highly recommended again if you love suspenseful crime drama. Cam stars as an investigator with unshaken loyalty to his case even as the plot thickens with psychopathic hillbillies, wild attack dogs and corrupt law enforcement to boot! Much of this series takes place in the hills and mountainous country and this is no exception. In the remote Appalachian mountain setting, the hillbillies create an extra special taste of terror you’ll not soon forget. These mountain people control the meth trade and have a firm grip on the territory and have the locals on a short leash. The local sheriff is also in their pocket to add to the chaos. A must read in the Cam Richter series.

“Next would come the fire to end all fires…”, The Moon Pool features Cam as an ex-cop investigating a female co-investigator found dead in a gas station restroom…from radiation poisoning? Once the body hits the pathologists office alarms go off and the mystery kicks off. Cam is magnetically drawn in to the investigation as is the reader. A nearby nuclear power plant seems to be imminently involved but it’s well guarded with fail-safe procedures. What was his detective investigating? Her strange death is just the tip of the irradiated iceberg. The Moonpool is a radioactive storage pool that cools spent but volatile reactor fuel…Racing against time Cam discovers something just isn’t right here and the consequences are far reaching. This is a wild ride and speaks to the realities of how the ultimate terrorist threat could get very real. Deutermann’s insight is apparent in many of his titles from his dangerous career in the military and the knowledge he gained there including working in the Pentagon.

Nightwalkers is set in rural North Carolina where Cam is taking a break from being a detective for a while, or is he? His new quite life town has a few unanswered questions and Cam can’t help but stick his nose in. Strange pranks are happening on his new seven hundred acre plantation which is also the site of a civil war massacre. Cam will need to again use his razor sharp investigative skills to uncover what’s going on. In much of this series readers are rewarded to references to previous titles like Spider Mountain or The Cat Dancers which really ties the series together. This is the fourth in this series and P.T. continues the tradition of suspenseful hair raising storytelling without missing a beat.

P.T. was born in 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts and was born the son of a Lieutenant Commander. Deutermann entered the Naval Academy in 1959. He served on the USS Morton destroyer class vessel and was on board for the second Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 involving North Vietnam. He would later move to Coronado, California to be trained on the new Swift class Gunboats. He fought in Vietnam near the mouth of the Mekong River channel that leads to Saigon. Later he would move to provide naval gunfire support for Army and Marine forces.

Deutermann attended the University of Washington for his masters in public administration and international law. Quickly thereafter he returned back to the service attending the Naval War College in Newport for a year. He was then assigned to the Pentagon for three years doing computer integration on a joint command. Deutermann had a host of high ranking positions in the military throughout his career. He retired from the service in 1989 with many awards and decorations. His love of storytelling started in Georgia shortly thereafter and he would publish his first novel in 1992 entitled Scorpion in the Sea.

Three of P.T. Deutermann’s books have been optioned for feature film development. His adventures in life contribute greatly to the realism and the stories have a genuine sense of accountability. This series will take hold of you as a reader and keep you hungry for more. He is currently still writing his special blend of suspenseful fiction with real world twists. Many online reviews end with…”I wish there were more titles in this series”.

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