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About The Camel Club Books:

Born in 1960, David Baldacci has become one of America’s most popular crime-writing novelists. After being born and raised in Richmond, Virginia Baldacci attended the Virginia Commonwealth University as an undergraduate. After graduating from VCU, Baldacci earned his law degree from the University of Virginia before becoming an attorney in Washington, D.C. for almost 10 years. Like many authors, Baldacci began writing at an early age and was a voracious reader. After writing manuscripts for nearly two decades and seeing each one be rejected by different publishers, Baldacci published his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996. The book was an instant success and became an international best seller. After quitting his day job as a successful attorney, Baldacci has written more than 20 bestselling novels and several books for children. When not writing, Baldacci is a passionate philanthropist that co-founded the Wish You Well Foundation with his wife. The foundation seeks to combat illiteracy in the United States by providing books to impoverished children.

Several Baldacci’s most popular can be found in The Camel Club Series. A collection of fictional characters, they go on to become the protagonists in five of Baldacci’s novels: Camel Club, Stone Cold, Divine Justice, The Collectors and Hell’s Corner. Similar to political watch-dogs, the members of this group always have their eye’s open for the next conspiracy within the US government. The four original members of the exclusive club are: Oliver Stone, Caleb Show, Reuben Rhodes and Milton Farb.

The ringleader of the group, Oliver Stone, is employed as groundskeeper at the Methodist Church in Washington D.C. Long mired in controversy and mystery, Stone is a former government agent that goes to great lengths to protect his past. In fact, the man’s real name is John Carr. As a former CIA employee, Stone was a highly trained and dangerous assassin in the “Triple-Six” division. While working with the government, Stone grew wary of his assignments and surreptitiously left the agency. As a man of mystery, Stone is constantly watching his back for government agencies sent to kill him.

Stone’s second in command is Reuben Rhodes. Slightly aloof, but highly intelligent Rhodes is a graduate of the US Military Academy, West Point, and is a decorated Vietnam War veteran. After leaving the military, Rhodes worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency before he became disenfranchised with the government and a staunch anti-war protester. After leaving the military, Rhodes sought a new beginning in England, but quickly became mired in drugs. After returning to the United States sober, Rhodes met Stone and became close friends. Rhode’s skills as a sniper and highly-trained marksman come in handy in several of Baldacci’s novels. Known for being the bookworm of the club, Caleb Shaw is known for his aversion to blood and violence. Shaw works at the Library of Congress in the rare books division where he provides the Camel Club with access to prized documents whenever necessary. With off the charts intelligence, Shaw is an expert on 18th century literature. He is easily recognized in the novels for wearing clothes from the 1800s.

A computer genius, Milton Farb is a former child prodigy that suffers from OCD and severe paranoia. However, despite his extreme obsessions and personality Farb is a brilliant mathematician with the ability to do complex problems in his mind and recite long passages from memory. Unable to hold a steady job due to his mental ailments, Farb becomes an extremely wealthy and successful Internet entrepreneur. Farb is the tech savvy mastermind of the group.

In addition to the aforementioned members, the Camel Club also accepts additional members as the books progress. Alex Ford is an agent with the Secret Service who first appears in The Camel Club. Initially, Ford is skeptical of the conspiracy theories believed by the group; however, after witnessing the ideas firsthand Ford joins the group at the end of the first novel. In addition to Ford, the group is joined in the first novel by Kate Adams. Adams is Ford’s girlfriend and is an attorney at the Department of Justice. Adams’ presence in the series is short lived as she and Ford break up several novels later.

Last, but not least Annabelle Conroy joins the ranks of the Camel Club as a dedicated thief in the novel Stone Cold. Exceptionally good at her craft, Conroy steals millions of dollars from people by running complicated schemes. Conroy shares the club’s fear of the government and assists the group in several novels.

Readers are introduced to the characters in Baldacci’s The Camel Club. One night, while meeting to discuss political conspiracies, the group witnesses the murder of a federal agent. Thrust into the middle of an unmitigated conspiracy, the group is embroiled in a controversy that may pit two nations at nuclear war. With members of the government turning a blind eye, Alex Ford and the Camel Club are forced to unravel a conspiracy that seeks to assassinate the President of the United States and leave the country embroiled in destruction and death.

Written in 2006, The Collectors is the second novel in the series. Due to its widespread success, the novel was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 7 weeks. After the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the curator of rare books at the Library of Congress are found dead, the Camel Club begins to suspect a greater conspiracy at hand. In a conspiracy that stretches to the sale of American intelligence secrets to terrorists operating in the Middle East, Stone and the remaining members must work hard to discover the plot and stop the threat before it reaches the US. In a page turning thriller, Baldacci keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the Camel Club looks to take down its most dangerous organization yet.

Despite being an eclectic group of characters, Baldacci’s the Camel Club series is a compelling set of novels that keep readers waiting for the next mystery to occur. In each novel, Baldacci does an excellent job of making each and every character believable and interesting.

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  1. Jim Mcbreen: 10 months ago

    One more Camel Club book. You left a lot hanging in Hells Corner. Especially the head of Intelligence trying to have John Carr murdered!

  2. Rita Hernandez: 2 years ago

    I just finished Stone Cold and cried for the first time while reading David Baldacci. I am reading them in order written. I do love the Camel Club characters. And so much more…


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