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Cameron Curtis
Author Cameron Curtis spent thirty years on trade floors as a risk manager and a trader. He was on the trade floor when Saddam’s tanks rolled into Kuwait, when the air wars opened up over Belgrade and Baghdad, and the financial crisis swallowed up the entire world.

Having written fiction when he was a kid, Cameron is the author of the “Breed” series of action thriller novels. Cameron’s debut novel, called “Danger Close”, was released in the year 2021 by Inkubator Books.

“Danger Close” is the first novel in the “Breed” series and was released in the year 2021. They were ruthless and powerful, however they made a mistake. His name is Breed.

Breed, who is an ex-Delta Force sniper, has spent much of his life at war and now he is attempting to work in a bit of time in for peace. However when a veteran from his old unit is decapitated in El Paso on his own ranch, Breed feels he is duty bound to bring his murderer to justice. A feeling which only gets stronger when his buddy’s son and widow are killed, too.

While he uses all of his specialist skills to reveal the truth, Breed finds that he is working with some rather unlikely allies, like a devious CIA operative, and one determined Latina reporter. Together, they reveal a conspiracy to launch this massive attack on US soil.

The terrorists are confident, as they have some powerful friends in US law enforcement and the Mexican cartels. However they have reckoned without one important thing: Breed.

The novel doesn’t waste any time pulling you into the story, and you pick up the book reading much more than the two chapters you had intended on. This is a well written novel and does a fantastic job of introducing the reader to a new series. Cameron expertly packs action into the story and takes you on a hell of a scary and unpredictable roller coaster ride with plenty of twists and turns. Cameron also includes quite a few specs in terms of the weaponry being used as well as the skills of a sniper, just enough to make them stand out a bit, without going overboard.

The novel goes from being about retired Delta operatives gathering for a funeral for one of their own, and turns into human trafficking and smuggling of terrorists from outta Juarez.

“Open Season” is the second novel in the “Breed” series and was released in the year 2021. The Taliban just wants her dead. However they must first get past Breed.

Breed, who is a Delta Force veteran, is quite surprised when he gets called to meet CIA agent Anya Stein, an old acquaintance of his. She offers him a mission he cannot refuse, to rescue Robyn Trainor, an American soldier, who is held prisoner in the mountains in Afghanistan.

When the mission ends up going sideways, the Taliban hunt Robyn and Breed over some of the toughest terrain on the entire planet: thousand foot cliffs, freezing nights, and wailing winds. It is a landscape out of hell, and every bit as deadly as the murderers that chase them.

While the Taliban close in, he finds that the stakes are higher than he ever imagined, since Robyn is not exactly as she appears. She is a player in a larger game. One which ends with an explosive showdown in Washington DC’s highest corridors of power.

These stunning action thriller novels are perfect for fans of authors like Jack Carr, Lee Child, and Jason Kasper.

This is an outstanding, top class piece of military thriller that is rather impossible to set down for very long. As it is the Taliban being on the receiving end and what a great story of tense intrigue and pursuit in Afghanistan all while a rescue mission goes horribly wrong, and Breed and his team must go into the mountains to avoid getting captured and being killed by some local warlord.

Cameron hooks you with a wonderfully well written plot and a storyline which hooks you from the very beginning. There is great suspense and you constantly second guess yourself about every theory that you form about what is going on. Interesting characters and plenty of details have readers hooked and eager to read more.

Seems like you finish one incredible installment from this series and become hungry to jump right into the next one. Readers hope Breed is going to be around in many more future adventures.

“Target Deck” is the third novel in the “Breed” series and was released in the year 2021. The doomsday weapon, a monster in a bat cave. It’s up to Breed to destroy it.

Late in 1974, six Green Berets get sent into China on this desperate mission. They were known as the Black Sheep. Compromised, their mission failed. The guys fled through this bat cave and were barely able to escape with their lives.

Fifty years later, hitmen are taking the Black Sheep out one at a time. Their leader, Sam Crockett, was a good friend of Breed’s dad. When Crockett disappears, Breed goes off to locate the vet, and thwart the hitmen that were sent out to murder him.

Breed is able to find Crockett and learns about the terrifying secret of the bat cave. Anya Stein, from the CIA, sends him on a mission that is tailor-made for a guy of his deadly qualifications. The trouble is it might also be his last.

Once again, Cameron delivers the goods, as this one has non stop action, intrigue, and violence but with just enough story to keep you reading on. It is descriptive without being overly padded, and some twists tossed into keep it interesting. Breed is a very likable character that you like right from the start and you root for him throughout. Crockett, Stein, and Heth are excellent characters as well. They are all fleshed out well and are always believable. Readers cannot wait to see where Breed goes and what adventures he gets up to next.

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2 Responses to “Cameron Curtis”

  1. Chris S: 2 years ago

    Hello Cameron,
    In your Breed series, you stated that Breed was Delta.

    If he had been Delta as a Chief Warrant Officer 5, he would not have been operational as a sniper. Being a CW5 he would have been more in a leadership role.

    Also small point is Warrant Officers title is “Mister”, not Warrant.

    That being said I did enjoy reading the series.

  2. Jeff Karczewski: 2 years ago

    Hello Cameron,

    I’m about 3/4 through Danger Close and I’m already in the hunt for more-great job! Problem is I listen to my books through Audible, and I’m not seeing any others in audiobook format. Dang it! Will they be available at some point on Audible? Thanks.



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