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Cameron Lund
Cameron Lund is a young adult romance writer best known for her debut novel The Best Laid Plans. Lund also works as a singer and songwriter. This talented author spent a good part of her childhood exploring the New Hampshire woods before moving to the University of California to study film. Given her love for travel, Lund has been to over twenty-five countries. She enjoys writing her stories during her adventures when her creative side is at its best.

The Best Laid Plans
The Best Laid Plans tells the story of Keely Collins, an eighteen-year-old senior enjoying the last year of her high school life. Keely is currently the only virgin amongst her friends. She is finally ready to lose it and step into adulthood. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, at least in the beginning. Keely wants her first time to be with someone she likes and can trust, but her high school is filled with boys she has known since kindergarten, so she is hesitant to sleep with either of them. When Keely meets Dean, she cannot believe her luck. Dean looks like the perfect guy to experiment with and dive into the world of sex.

Dean looks like he stepped out of a movie poster. The young man is not only hot, but he also drives a motorcycle. Unlike the other boys in Keely’s circle, Dean is in college, and he comes with the air of mystery this high school virgin is looking for. He also seems quite experienced given how easily he flirts with Keely. When Dean teasingly asks Keely if she is a virgin, she denies it, only to regret a few moments later. So, how does Keely get out of this situation? Sure, she wants to sleep with Dean, but she is sure that her inexperience will show since she knows nothing about how things go on matters sex. Keely talks herself into another plan, this time involving her best friend, Andrew.

Andrew has been in Keely’s life for many years, and he is among the few people she knows that would not betray or hurt her. It is also no secret that Andrew has been with a few girls, so he is somehow experienced. Keely’s new plan will only work if she and Andrew can remain just friends after the lessons. Developing any feelings will only make a bad situation worse. How will this plan go for these two friends? Will Andrew be comfortable taking his best friend’s virginity and continue being there for her when she runs off to her college love? Can their friendship ever be the same?

To help Keely make these decisions is her sidekick Hannah. Their relationship is admirable, and Hannah reads like the best friend every girl wishes to have. The banter between these two will leave you in stitches and expose the things that girls go through at this age. For most teenagers, high school is all about keeping up with the rest, and this is the same for Keely, Hannah, and Andrew. These teenagers want to fit in, which explains why Keely so much wants to break her virginity. This pressure is something anyone who has gone through teenage knows all too well, making this a nostalgic story for the not-so-young readers.
You are going to love Keely despite her obvious immaturity. You may disapprove of her decision to use her friend Andrew, but this is something that frequently happens in real life. Andrew is also lovable, and while he is not as dashing as Dean, he has a heart of gold and a hilarious mouth to match. Hannah loves her friend Keely and doesn’t shy away from supporting her and telling her to rethink her decisions where necessary. Even the rest of the secondary cast adds a lot of character to this story. So, what becomes of Keely and Andrew’s relationship? You will have to read this book to the end to find out.

The author handles peer pressure and issues on sex heads on. There is a lot of positive talk on sex, but the author highlights the need for personal readiness for young people who want to try it. Keely and her friends come to life in this story, and their adventures will make you happy, sad, and outright mad at different times. The narrative flows so well, and it is easy to get lost in the story and feel like you are back in high school again. Some of the characters will make you want to slap them back to reality, but they all do a lot to bring out the best in this story and make it sound as real as possible.

This is a delightful, heartfelt, and hilarious story of first friends, first loves, and first times. The story will make you laugh, cringe, and wish some of the characters would make better choices. Lund succeeds in writing Keely’s voice, so the story sounds like it was written by an eighteen-year-old. The message that comes out clearly in this book is that we all have different journeys where sex is concerned. Our feelings about virginity differ. Teenagers should not be pressured to go with the flow if they are not ready to take any step that could completely alter the course of their lives.

The Best Laid Plans is a delightful young adult book about high school and the pressure most teenagers go through at this age. If you were an awkward teenager, this book will make you blush, grin, and snicker as you recollect those moments and what each of them meant when you were younger. Keely, Hannah, and the rest of the gang are real, charming, and bursting with hormones, just like all other teenagers. It is fun reading about their convictions and the things that trouble their young minds. If you love fun and cute romance stories featuring teenage characters, this book is ideal. The book is close to 370 pages long and is a perfect read for a lazy summer weekend.

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