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Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Camerons Saga: North American Woman Books

Sweet Savage Eden (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Pirate's Pleasure (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Not a Rebel (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Camerons Saga: Civil War Books

One Wore Blue (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
And One Wore Gray (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
And One Rode West (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Also known as Shannon Drake and Heather Graham Pozzessere, the American author Heather Graham has been a literary mainstay for quite some time now. Combining genres such as romance, the historical and mystery and thrillers, she’s able to move between them gracefully with ease. Adept at engaging the reader on a fundamental level, she is a best-selling novelist, with a worldwide audience growing every day. One historical trilogy of novels that she is particularly well known for is that of the ‘Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy’ series of novels. Charting the history of the Cameron family, it follows them throughout the course of the American Civil War and how it affects them. With an eye for detail and accuracy it works at creating an in-depth portrait of the time and what it was like to live through it back then.

Operating as a trilogy of novels, this pretty much works as a three-act arc, progressing the fate of the family over the course of the novels. Travelling alongside them essentially, the reader is taken on a journey through the American Civil War, allowing them to gain a very close approximation of what actually happened. The family themselves are a collection of characters who have a lot of life and personality, as the reader relates to both them and their plights.

One Wore Blue

Brought out through the Dell publishing label in 1991, this was first published on the 1st of June to much acclaim. Setting up the first title in the ongoing ‘Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy’ it manages to bring the American Civil War to life. Revolving around a central romance, it works at establishing the world and its many inhabitants and characters, especially those within the wealthy Cameron family.

With the many themes and ideas of the series being focused upon that of the Civil War as well, it doesn’t shy away from the more difficult subject matter. As one character is a clear advocate of slavery in the outset, it doesn’t let her horrific stance get lost in the romance. Dealing with it over the course of the book, it attempts to depict it in a nuanced manner, giving a representation of the attitudes of the time. Whilst many would find Kiernan Miller’s outlook unacceptable today, it manages to show the changes that people were going through at this time. Many other famous texts, such as that seen and read in ‘Gone With The Wind’, have glossed over this aspect in the past. Not with Heather Graham’s text though, as she attempts to recreate an accurate representation as best she can. Many of the locations themselves are well researched, as Graham works at bringing all the rich colors of the south to life. Whilst there is romance here, she works at juxtaposing it with the horrors of war and slavery, giving them both stage-time in the narrative. Jesse Cameron is the leading man here, as he defects to the side, something which brands him a traitor to the other characters who are in the south, but ultimately on the right side in the long-run.

Feeling as though she hates Jesse Cameron, Kiernan Miller had gone to marry a man in the hope of protecting herself from another. Made a widow, though, she finds him at her door, as he brings with him a sense of passion that could potentially melt the ice within her heart. Branded a traitor to the cause, he went to join the Union, something which she felt she could never forgive him for. Will she be able to find it in herself to forgive? Was there anything really to forgive? Which one wore blue?

And One Wore Gray

Initially released in 1992 on the 2nd of March, this was originally intended to carry on from the first in the ongoing ‘Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy’. With another romance it manages to develop the world, whilst focusing on a new set of characters living through the American Civil War. It was also brought out through the ‘Dell’ publishing outlet too, as it managed to capture the essence of the period and the time.

This time there is a role reversal between the couple, as it is the woman that is on the side of the Union and against slavery. Meanwhile the main man is a wounded confederate soldier, as again there’s a romance that blossoms between them both, despite their differences. Dealing with the issue of slavery again as well, Graham works at attempting to reconcile the differences in opinion of the time, despite the abhorrence of Daniel Cameron”s views. Seen through the eyes of the two main characters, the perspective of what’s going is seen primarily through the prism of their relationship. Callie Michaelson is a heartbroken widow with a set of convictions and principles that she attempts to bring across to Daniel Cameron. He is a colonel that was from the confederate side, but finds himself in a precarious situation when collapsing on her farm-land. The two argue over their views, but she is compelled to help him, as she attempts to make him see things from her perspective.

With her husband having given his life to the Civil War, Callie Michaelson is left a widow with a broken heart. That’s when Colonel Daniel Cameron is found wounded on her land, as she is then compelled to take him in, despite him being on the Confederates side. Looking to join back up with his retreating unit, she urges him to stay, something which seems more and more tempting for him. Can he really leave his confederate past behind him? Is there an alternative to the horrors of war? What becomes of America when one side wore blue and one wore gray?

The Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy Series

Paying close attention to period detail, this is a definite must for any readers interested in gaining an insight into this volatile time. Showing how it affects a singular family as well, it really allows the audience to become fully invested in the action and what’s going on. With the legacy of the trilogy living on, this series is one that readers will continue to come back to in the years to come, all due to its ever timeless appeal.

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