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Camilla Sten

Camilla Sten is a horror and young adult author best known for her bestselling novel The Lost Village. This book has sold in close to 20 countries and earned her many international fans. This talented author started writing stories when young, and she has always been in love with the written word. With her mother’s guidance, Viveca Sten, an internationally acclaimed crime author, Camilla has started to make a name for herself in the literary world. She has a collection of contemporary thrillers and YA fantasy series to her name and is already working on her next psychological thriller. Currently, Sten lives in Sweden with her boyfriend and her two cats.

The Lost Village

The Lost Village is a brilliantly disturbing thriller that takes the reader to an old mining town. Alice Lindstedt is a documentary filmmaker obsessed with the residents who disappeared from Silvertjarn, Sweden, in 1959. From when she was a little girl, Alice always wanted to know what happened to these people. Her grandmother and her family were among those who mysteriously disappeared on that fateful day. Only two people remained in the entire town- a woman who was later stoned to death and a newborn whose parents were unknown. Where did everyone else disappear to? Can Alice uncover this mystery after all those years?
Armed with a crew of friends, Alice makes her way into this remote town, searching for answers. She already knows that newborn who was left, and she is already part of her crew. Before the crew can settle in this haunted town, strange things begin to happen. Equipment is destroyed, Tone goes missing, and it becomes clear that this crew is not alone. There is another force in this town, and it seems like Alice and her friends are being closely watched. Could this force be the reason behind those 877 residents who disappeared without a trace? Despite all the obvious dangers, Alice keeps pushing. She is still determined to find out what happened to her ancestors.

This is a delicious, unputdownable story that is gory, intense, and depressingly dark. The pace picks up from the first page and rises to exhilarating levels by the time you get to the middle. Once you start reading, you will not want to stop until the mystery is unraveled. You cannot help but wonder what happened to Tone. Where did she disappear to, and will she be found alive? Will this small crew achieve what they came to do in this small town? If you are a horror fan, everything about this book will intrigue you. You will love the haunted town to the voices and giggles coming through the walkie-talkies. There are also the houses that look like their occupants will be coming back any second.

The Lost Village is an intense and well-written horror story characterized by great characters, a solid mystery, and a fast pace. The story moves back and forth from 1959 to the present, so you will know what happened in the town right before the people disappeared. There is a twist towards the end that will catch you by surprise and leave you out of breath. This is not your average horror story. Bad things will be happening to good people, so the story may at times make you sad. However, the atmosphere, the cast, and the narration will make it all worth it.


Djupgraven comes first in the Havsfolket series. This book introduces Tuva and the children she goes to school with. They all live in the small islands around Stockholm’s archipelago. Some of these islands are so tiny that they cannot hold even ten inhabitants. The school is built on the largest island, but it only has a few students going there since it is isolated. To go from school to home and from one island to the next, these children use boats. While these families had been living by the sea for many years, strange things are starting to happen.

It all started with the disappearance of a few boats from the sea. Then there is the fog that has been slowly taking over the island. Lastly, the inhabitants can no longer ignore the stench that in no doubt forecasts the coming of something bad. The protagonist has been having nightmares of late where she dreams that she is drowning. When a boy in Tuva’s class also goes missing during orienteering, an investigation is launched. Tuva is among the suspects because she had been seen a few times in the wrong places at odd hours. What is the connection between Tuva and the boy who goes missing?

This is an intriguing story that has a lesson or two about the Nordic culture. The story grabs your attention from the start, and the scenery gives the story such an edge. Even though this is a children’s book, it comes with that creepy atmosphere characteristic of Nordic novels. However, the story is original and has a good number of intriguing characters. The fantasy in this story is quite enjoyable and perfect for young readers. Major themes include water pollution, bullying, and family relationships. All these topics are handled in a way that young teens can understand without feeling overwhelmed. The suspense begins to build when the boy disappears, and it is fun following the police throughout their investigations.

Djupgraven is an intriguing fantasy story with a wonderful cast, a good flow, and enough good lessons. Tuva is a great protagonist, and it is amazing how much she can do at her age. The story also touches on real issues like pollution and its effects on the environment. This is something that young minds need to understand. The only unfortunate thing is that this book is only available in Swedish and French, so it may lock out English speakers who do not understand any of these two languages. However, if you can understand the content, the ending will leave you searching for the next instalment in the series.

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  1. Shaun Fischer: 1 year ago

    I just finished “The Lost Village”! I had a hard time putting it down once I started. Fantastic read!!

  2. Norma J Hufnagel: 2 years ago

    I just finished “The resting place” great read, when will the sequel come out?

  3. Karen meyer: 2 years ago

    Just finished the Lost Village…good read. A little slow to start but so worth it.

  4. angela callis: 3 years ago

    currently im reading the lost village by camila sten. so far its pretty good book but a little slow first getting into the book but gets better with evry chapter that you read. i would like to read some more of books.


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