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The Dead of Summer (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Bird (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Watching Edie (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lies We Told (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who Killed Ruby? (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Camilla Way is a British author of fiction.

She was born in 1973 in the south east of London in Greenwich. Some may know her father as being Peter Way, the famous author and poet. Camilla went to school at Woolwich College. After that she went to the University of Glamorgan, where she studied the subjects of French literature and modern English.

Way has worked on the magazine known as Bliss for teenage girls and was an associate editor there. She has also worked as a writer and an editor on Arena, a style magazine for men. She has lived in a variety of places, including Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, and Clerkenwell. She resides in the south east area of London.

Way first came into print with the release of her debut fictional novel in 2007, titled The Dead of Summer. This contemporary novel is where readers and critics first got the chance to see what her original author’s voice sounded like. Her second fictional novel titled Little Bird would come out shortly after. Her book Watching Edie would come out a few years later in 2016. Meanwhile, she would follow that up with more novels, including The Lies We Told and Who Killed Ruby?

The Dead of Summer is the debut fictional novel to come out from author Camilla Way. If you have been searching for a quality unique novel to read, then check this one out for yourself! This is a great read for you if you like mystery stories.

In the year that this story takes place, the heat is very present. Everywhere during that time was hot. The author describes the long holidays of the summer having days that would go by in gold or blue. The beams of sunlight would be hitting off of the random dust bins around town or else burning their way through the windscreens.

The narrator warns that by the time that the summer had reached its end, three of the characters in this story would be dead. Things are changing a lot for Anita too by this point. Her mother recently passed away, and her family has decided to move all together for a fresh start. They have chosen to go to a new house in a new neighborhood and in another town entirely.

They would have been going to school but the summer holiday is about to begin. Just like that, Anita has the entirety of the summer ahead of her and it seems like it stretches out forever. She does have a new neighbor and potential friend in Kyle. He lives in the house across the street from her. Kyle is an interesting character as he seems to be wholly himself. He is surly and cool, but he knows all the best places in town where you can hide.

On top of that, he knows about a special area that is located between the river and the houses. He says that it actually is sprinkled with hidden mines that have since fallen into disuse. It appears to be the perfect place for teens to go that want to just hang out and spend some time. But what Anita and Kyle have no idea about is that the mines may end up being the backdrop to a crime.

The crime will be one of the most disturbing that the community has potentially ever witnessed. Everything is about to change in this particular summer. It is where the so called dead days are coming home to rest. Who will be safe from what eventually happens in this unique town? Pick up a copy of this book for yourself to find out!

Little Bird is the second full length novel of fiction to come out from author Camilla Way. If you liked the first book that she wrote, you will definitely want to check out this one for yourself. This psychological story is sure to pull you in as the intriguing nature of the plot slowly starts to unwind.

This story revolves around a young girl named Elodie. She has a total of three identities, and at the start of her life, has no name to be known. Her situation is a unique one. From the time that she was young, she grew up without knowing speech in a forest in France. She would have had a home and a family, but she was taken from her pushchair by a man who was clearly troubled.

This all happened when she was one years old, and the man that kidnapped her was in fact a mute. When she was young, she had no one to speak with and simply learned and heard the songs of the birds in the forest. But then when she is around teenager years, he passes away and she is discovered. The media goes absolutely wild and features the story nonstop in an unmitigated frenzy of coverage.

The result of all this is that she is brought to a psychiatrist of American origin. The goal of this psychiatrist is to try and teach her to speak after so many years growing up with no such sense of the spoken language. No one’s succeeded in this type of goal before. Elodie finds herself in a different country and growing up with a new identity unfolding in an entirely different environment.

It’s all very difficult and she’s in a household that doesn’t make much sense to her. It appears at times to be even more difficult to deal with than the forest. When she experiences violence, she chooses to flee. But she is now on her own in a city that she knows little about. Now she’s finding out about a new society entirely and forms a new identity in a different country.

As a result she is named Kate, living in London. She’s desperate to define her own life where she has no obligations and is struggling to make it. Can she fall in love or survive in this place? Is there a person from her distant past that is too involved with her to let her be her own person? Kate is trying to discover herself with all of the odds against her. Can she make it? Read this thriller to find out!

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