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Cooking for Picasso (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Godmothers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl from the Grand Hotel (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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as C.A. Belmond
A Rather Lovely Inheritance (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rather Curious Engagement (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rather Charming Invitation (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rather Remarkable Homecoming (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Camille Aubray is a bestselling general fiction author that was the winner of the Edward Albeee Foundation Fellowship.

For a time she lived in the South of France working for the Karolyi Foundation as a writer in residence. She was also a finalist for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and made the shortlist for the Pushcart Press Editors Book Award.
Camille would later on study creative writing at the Creative Writing Workshop of the Humber College School in Toronto. She has also taught at New York University and was a staff writer for the popular daytime dramas Capitol and One Life to Live.
Aubray has also been involved in the writing and production of programs for the likes of PBS, ABC News, and A&E.

The author currently shuttles between the South of France and Connecticut as she continues to pen her fiction works. She has asserted that she loves hearing from her readers and often goes to events to interact with fans.
She also maintains a newsletter on her website where readers can find photos of some of the things and places that have inspired her bestselling fiction.

Camile Aubray has been returning to the French Riviera several times ever since she was a writer in residence in the French town of Vence. She was always enchanted by the infinite shades of blue sky and sea, the incredible light, and of course Pablo Picasso.
With so many Picasso exhibits on the Riviera with their dark eyes daring enthusiasts to ask a question, it was not long before she started asking. While Aubray was exploring Picasso’s story, she learned about what has to be the most fascinating event in his life.
In 1936, the man was experiencing a lot of turmoil as he juggled too many women that he finally stopped painting. Ultimately, he sneaked away from the French capital and rented a villa in Cote d’Azur under an assumed name.

Much of what he did during this time is a mystery. However, the episode would inspire him to pick up his brushes and start painting once again. Moreover, among the artworks of this period, there are at least two paintings of a mysterious dark-haired woman looking into a mirror.

All this fired up Camille’s imagination as she visualized the woman living in a city with its farmer’s markets bursting with food., the streets with their inviting cafes, and the docks with their busy fishermen’s boats.
She imagined a woman carrying a basket filled with provincial delicacies headed for the house of Picasso who could not be bothered to go out searching for lunch while working on his paintings.

For many of her works, Camille Aubray does a lot of research since she is a naturally curious person. For her debut novel, she worked just as hard on the research, as she visited the Michelin-starred restaurant on the Riviera and talked to top chefs.
It was this that made it possible to write about great food with amazing ingredients that most people have never heard of before. During this time, she learned that some chefs used to paint when they had a rare downtime.

In fact, the prominent chef Jacques Pepin who wrote a blub for “Cooking for Picasso” asserted that the novel made him homesick for his mother’s rare treats. Camille visited Pepin’s home among those of many other chefs and they talked about everything from art, food, and Picasso.

Aubray also did a lot of research on Picasso’s art and life, which was how he learned of how he had disappeared in 1936 among other events. She found the artist to be witty, warm, and affectionately human.
For Camille, Picasso was a man full of contradictions and surprises, which made it all the more thrilling to work with him.

“Cooking for Picasso” by Camille Aubray is set on the French Riviera in 1936 and in the present day. The work opens at the Juan les Pins, a lovely seaside village during the off-season.

This is where Ondine a seventeen-year-old is cooking with her mother at the Cafe Paradis which the family owns. A mysterious but very wealthy man traveling under an assumed name has made a request to the cafe.
He wants to have his lunch delivered and served to him at a nearby villa. Since he slipped out of Paris and wants to remain incognito he wants everything to be kept hush-hush.

The man is at a crossroads in his professional and personal life while Ondine is a spirited woman nursing a broken heart and chafing under her parents’ authority. However, she is also beginning to discover her own appetite and talents.
What she does not know is that her encounter with the mysterious man will significantly impact her life for decades as they both pursue their destinies and passions.

The story then follows the parallel storyline of Hollywood makeup artist Celine who just learned that Ondine her grandmother was once Picasso’s chef. Prompted by the hint of more family secrets and her mother’s intriguing stories she sets out to visit the town where Picasso and Ondine famously met.

It is there that she discovers many truths about love, cuisine, culture, and art that make it possible for her to embrace her own future.

Camille Aubray’s work “Meet the Godmothers” first introduces the resourceful and clever Filomenta who is a war refugee with a dark secret from childhood. She had come to the United States to get married to Mario who is the favored son in his family.
There is also the dreamy and beautiful French girl Amie from New York who has run away from her abusive husband since she had fallen for the oldest of the brothers in Johnny.

There is the Irish nurse Lucy that escaped from a strict home for girls and got married to the sensuous middle son Frankie. Lastly is Petrina a glamorous woman and the only daughter in her family who goes to Barnard College where she graduates with honors.
The four women enjoy the sophisticated nightclubs and department stores in New York and find shelter and hope in the sumptuous Greenwich Village home of their husbands.

However, the women have a secret past which results in some unforeseen betrayals and consequences that could unravel their carefully laid out plans. When their husbands have to leave to go fight in World War II, they have to deal with notorious gangsters such as Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello who reign supreme in New York.

They refuse to imitate what men do in their world but now have to put aside their grudges and difference as they work to keep their loved ones safe. They do this even as they find their own path toward forgiveness, love, success, and the future they always dreamed of.

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