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About Camonghne Felix

Camonghne Felix is an American poet, writer, and communications strategist known for her impactful work. In 2015, she made history as the first Black woman and the youngest person to be appointed as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s speechwriter. Her debut collection of poetry, ‘Build Yourself a Boat,’ gained significant acclaim and was longlisted for a 2019 National Book Award.

Felix is praised for her unique ability to craft memorable characters and protagonists, making her stories engaging and entertaining for readers. Her work often draws readers in with its vivid storytelling and rich, relatable personalities. She has a gift for creating narratives that resonate deeply, holding readers’ attention from start to finish.

With her background in both poetry and strategic communications, Felix brings a distinct voice to her writing. Her engaging narratives and compelling storylines showcase her versatility and creativity. Whether through her poetry or prose, Camonghne Felix continues to captivate audiences with her talent and innovative approach to storytelling.

She has a talent for creating stories that feel both authentic to her personal experiences and universally relatable for contemporary audiences. She infuses her writing with genuine emotion and insight, drawing from her own life and background to add depth to her works. This honesty allows readers to connect with her on a deeper level and appreciate the realness of her narratives.

Her writing style is approachable and contemporary, making it easy for a wide range of readers to enjoy and understand her work. Felix uses clear and vivid language to paint scenes and develop characters, ensuring that her stories are both engaging and accessible. Her ability to balance personal authenticity with universal themes is a key strength.

By addressing topics and experiences that many people can relate to, Felix manages to create a sense of connection with her audience, regardless of their individual backgrounds. Her work touches on common human experiences, while also highlighting her unique perspective. This blend of the personal and the universal makes Camonghne Felix’s writing both powerful and widely appealing.

Camonghne Felix has clearly established herself as a powerful voice in contemporary literature, and her journey is far from over. With her unique blend of authenticity and universal appeal, there’s much anticipation for what she will create next. Her ability to craft compelling stories and relatable characters ensures that her future work will continue to captivate readers.

As she continues to evolve and explore new themes and narratives, Felix’s audience can look forward to even more engaging and thoughtful pieces. Whether she is writing poetry, prose, or working in strategic communications, her talent and creativity promise exciting developments ahead. Keep an eye out for Camonghne Felix, as her future endeavors are sure to bring more profound and entertaining stories to the literary world.

Early and Personal Life

Camonghne Felix grew up in The Bronx, New York, where her passion for reading and writing began to take shape. Immersed in the rich cultural landscape of her community, Felix found endless inspiration for her creative pursuits. Her early interest in literature eventually led her to pursue higher education, sharpening her skills and expanding her horizons.

Felix earned her master’s of fine arts degree from Bard College, where she honed her craft and developed her unique voice under the guidance of mentors like Mahogany L. Browne. Alongside her MFA, she also received an MA in arts politics from NYU. These educational experiences provided her with a solid foundation in both the technical and thematic aspects of writing.

Throughout her journey, Felix benefited from prestigious fellowships with organizations like Cave Canem, Poets House, and Callaloo. These opportunities allowed her to grow as an author, learning from other talented writers and gaining new perspectives. As she continues to evolve, Camonghne Felix remains committed to producing authentic, engaging, and relatable stories that connect with readers from all walks of life.

Writing Career

Camonghne Felix’s writing career has been marked by significant milestones and accomplishments. She first gained attention in 2010 with her participation in the national festival of slam poetry Brave New Voices, which was featured in an HBO series. She published her first chapbook, which was titled ‘Yolk,’ in 2015 and contributed to the 2018 anthology titled ‘The Breakbeat Poets Volume 2: Black Girl Magic.’

Her debut collection of award winning poetry, ‘Build Yourself a Boat,’ released in April 2019, has been widely praised for its powerful exploration of topics like sexual assault, politics, and abortion. The collection received critical acclaim and was longlisted for the 2019 National Book Award for Poetry. Felix continues to make her mark on the literary world, with more insightful and engaging works expected in the future.

Build Yourself a Boat

‘Build Yourself a Boat’ by Camonghne Felix was published on April 2, 2019. The collection was released by Haymarket Books. This debut poetry collection quickly garnered critical acclaim and attention.

It is a poetic exploration of trauma, healing, and survival by award-winning poet Camonghne Felix. The collection delves into what emerges from the wreckage and acts as an anthem of survival. It examines generational trauma and the complexity of healing through lyric and memory. This innovative debut redefines how we discuss both collective and individual trauma.

Dyscalculia: A Love Story of Epic Miscalculation

This book was published by Camonghne Felix on February 14, 2023. The memoir and poetry collection was released by One World. This work continues to showcase Felix’s talent and unique voice in contemporary literature.

Here Camonghne Felix navigates a monumental breakup that leads to a hospital stay. She intertwines her healing process with reflections on early childhood trauma, mental health, and her relationship with mathematics. Using her childhood dyscalculia as a metaphor, Felix explores her miscalculations in love.

She examines the complexities of pain, misalignments in perception, and the politics of romantic and familial heartbreak.

It’s a compelling read that beautifully intertwines personal healing with reflections on trauma and mental health. Felix’s unique voice and use of metaphor make this memoir and poetry collection truly stand out.

Readers will appreciate her raw and honest exploration of love and heartbreak. This book is a testament to Felix’s talent and insight.

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