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Camulod Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Camulod Chronicles Books

The Skystone / War of the Celts (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Singing Sword / The Round Table (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eagles' Brood / Merlyn (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Saxon Shore / Excalibur (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fort at River's Bend / The Boy King (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Metamorphosis / The Sorcerer (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Uther / Pendragon (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lance Thrower / Clothar The Frank / Lancelot (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eagle / The Last Stand (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Stone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chronologically, read The Burning Stone first.

The dragon of eagle’s series also known as the Camulod Chronicles has a broad array of character that are naturally pre-created from legendary aspects of the Anglo-British annals of history as well as the Roman empire chronology of historical principles. Purposefully, from the characters presented in the 9 tier book series of The Dragon of eagle the most remarkable character is King Arthur and Merlin who in more ways than one are the core pillars of the story lines of major book plots such as The Eagle’s brood and The Saxon shore.

Relevantly, merlin was characterized in the Camulod chronicles to represent the institution of ancient belief in magic and supernatural being. As legends has it, in the Arthurian era, there existed a supreme incubus sired child that had developed to attain the 5th level hierarchy of witches, thereby making him the sole and most powerful witch in all the Camulod Arthurian lands. The writer, Jack Whyte specifically developed Merlin’s character from Geoffrey’s Historia Regum that extrapolates the first legend of Merlin and preludes that he had his path cut out since to be a mentor and guider to King Arthur. Merlin, is born of a mortal mother and an incubus father who predominantly passes on the supernatural and witchery powers to him thereby making merlin a half bred incubus with mortal aspects and hence the most revered witch in Camelot.

In modulator terms as argued by Jack Whyte, Merlin is like the messiah’s forerunners who in this case the messiah being- King Arthur. Merlin and King Arthur have their destines intertwined, one dependent on the other and therefore both their existence was merely described as a tree and its branches- A tree had no essence if it had no leaves, nor branches-similarly, Merlin had no role in life without King Arthur. Merlin is bestowed with great powers, powers that give him firm respect in all the lands of Camulod. Relevantly, Merlin hands the Romans victory over Britain and is also at the sole center of raising King Arthur. The two are purposed to bring change to the troubled Camulod and Camelot lands and as a prelude of their destinies Merlin journeys back and forth between the past and the future through the dragons- Lord Seyther- the sole surviving dragon that was believed to know everything. Merlin is modulated and reborn into character all through the nine books series of The dream of eagle’s and finally after King Arthurs death in battle his quest and destiny are also unified to King Arthur in death and he dies, marking the end of the Merlin character in the book The Eagle that predominantly highlights Arthur’s end of his formidable reign.

Details of the Book series

The dream of eagles is a rendition of legendary beliefs and customs that were preceded in the early world (12-100BC) with the Roman ad British empires being at the center of the thriller series. The dream of eagle’s series was written by a Canadian orator and writer called Jack Whyte. Whyte sequentially wrote a 9 tier series that included the following books: Sky stone, singing sword, eagle’s brood, Saxon shore, Fort at river bend, metamorphosis, Uther, clothar the frank and the eagle. Residually, the entire series was a premonition of the Merlin –Arthur legend that mimics the biblical messiah’s redemption of the Jews. The role played by both Arthur and Merlin is described as that t the Arthurian legion legend that reiterates the supernatural emblem of the gods, and the human life concept of Jack Whyte. The Dream of eagles was published in the United States by the penguin publishers from 1992 -2005 making it among the most serialized book series in all history.

Merlin featuring in the Camulod chronicles series

As readers, we first make acquaintances with Merlin in the first production narrative of the dream of eagle’s series the Sky stone. Primarily, the narrative revolves around the Roman occupancy of Britain and the sneak preview of the supernatural beliefs of the most powerful witch as fore told by legends. Merlin rises from the Camulod aboard of Camelot and resides with his custodian Uther Zurendah who later is revealed to be a 3rd level sorcerer form the family of Zurendah.

Secondly, Merlin features in the Eagle’s brood where he together with Uther take control of Camulod with their sorcery as they wade off the destroyers of Camelot and those set to kill the legends fulfillment of King Arthur’s birth to save the distressed lands of Camulod. In the book Merlin has been fully gifted with exploring his powers thanks to Uther who guides him all through. It is at this point in the series that Merlin is made aware of the legends that predict and foretell him and Arthur to a lifelong mission and quest of conquer and free the Camelotians.

Merlin features in all the rest of the books in the Dream of eagles series in this order: Saxon shore, Fort at river bend, metamorphosis, Uther, clothar the frank and the eagle. Worth noting I the fact that all through the chronology build up, Merlin and Arthur are united with Merlin serving as his hands boy in the king’s castle. However, it is not until the final 2 tiers of the series that Arthur comes to know of Merlin’s supernatural status- something he had detested and fought against vehemently.

Books from the Dream of eagles that were turned into TV casting/ movies

Jack Whyte has been accredited as to be among the world most prominent novelist who has had over 5 of their books turned to movies and TV shows series. Most recently, the entire Dream of eagle’s series was harmonized by the fox producers to generate a TV thriller and historic series titled- Merlin. Merlin runs in 5 seasons and encompasses all the 9 tiers of the Camulod Chronicles series. Individually, the books have also been amicably used in movie production with the likes of The Sky stone and The Eagles brood being blocks buster movie plots: the vengeance of the sky stone and the Legend of King Arthur respectively.

Indeed, the thrill we get from reading novels has never gotten more exciting than this, all thanks to Jack Whyte and his incomparable imagination.

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