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Candace Blevins is s prominent American writer who has written several books. She was born in the United States and currently lives with her husband and two daughters. She has been married for about 18 years and she always loves writing, reading, swimming and meditating. These are some activities she always does when not out driving her kids or doing any other kind of duty. She is a great writer known for writing novels about urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and BDSM Romance among others.

She began her writing career back in 2010, and until today, she has written a number of novels. Her pioneer novel is known as “Rainbow”, while the second that was also written in the same year was entitled as “Storm Clouds”. These are also the first two books in her most famous series known as “Safeword”. After these two books, she wrote a number of books that are all available for anyone looking forward to following her writing. The novels can be found online and from your local bookshops or libraries.

Safeword Rainbow

This is the first book that marks Candace Blevins’ journey as a writer. The novel was written and published on 3rd May 2010. It has about 152 pages with about three editions. The protagonist characters in the novel are Vivian and Tyler. After about three day fling three years ago, the two finally finds each other. They had once dated before and due to personal differences, they finally ended breaking up. This was not the end of their lovely relationship because, after a very long time, they are finally together again.

They all believe that it is destiny that has brought them back and they were created to be with one another. This time, they are very determined to make their relationship work out by doing away with any kind of barriers whatsoever to their relationship. Despite having such hopes, it seems that they have something between them that is kind of unavoidable. This is something that is really working against their relationship. The two realizes that Vivian despite being an elegant and attractive women, she is not the kind of lady to be 24/7 submissive to her husband. On the other hand, Tyler is the total opposite of his lover, Vivian. This is because he is a committed guy and expects nothing less than a 24/7 power relationship exchange.

What is the way forward for the two? Is their relationship coming to an end once more? Will Vivian finally accept to be 24/7 submissive? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself as you continue reading this smart novel. After knowing each other better and aims at making the relationship to work, it is the duty of Vivian to totally change her being. In order to ensure that she is 24/7 submissive to Tyler, she has to deal with something known as the “Total Power Exchange means. This is something she really needs to face despite being only a part of time power exchange.

Apart from the challenges that Vivian is ready to face, Tyler also has a great task ahead of him. In order to make their relationship work, Tyler will need to make a decision whether he will really be happy with a sometimes boyfriend relationship and a sometimes Master. When everyone plays his/her part in the relationship, it is likely that they will end up together. The question that now remains to be answered is whether they will really find the pot of gold they are all aiming at by the end of the rainbow.

To find more about whether Tyler and Vivian finally found the gold pot at the end of the rainbow, you only need to find a copy of the novel. It is one of the best romance novels you don’t want to miss reading because when you read it for the first time, you will need to read it again and again.

Safeword Storm Clouds

This is the second book by Candace Blevins. It was published on 14th January 2011 and has about three editions. The novel has 192 pages and available online where you can read more about this novel. The main character in the novel is known as Kendra. She is a gorgeous lady, but unfortunately, Kendra always lived her entire live as a vampire. This means that for the past thousand years, she has always been a domed.

It happens that Kendra falls in love with a human man known as Eric, who has also been wired as a Dom. By knowing that the human man is a wired dome, Kendra is no longer interested in a switch relationship. On the other hand, she is not willing to give up their dom side. The two slowly falls in fall and only realizes that they have a very strong feeling for each other, but will they really make it? There are a lot of question that remains unanswered whether the two will really make it.

Eric gets to learn about the world of vampire and through this, he will have to make a decision of whether he can deal with the situation or give up. Besides this, there is a condition that may still be a barrier to this relationship. This is because the vampires have to decide whether they can really deal with Kendra after being associated with a human man. Kendra is the third in command of the vampire and her fellow vampires think that she has totally violated the rules as per the evolutionary ladder. Despite all these challenges, it is always believed that love is powerful and can easily conquer anything?

Did the love between Eric and Kendra finally work out? Was Eric able to deal with the Vampire? And did the vampire finally accepted to keep Kendra as one of them despite being associated with a human man? These are some of the questions you can only find answers to by reading this interesting love novel. It is a great novel that you don’t want to miss. The novel is available online where you can choose to read it or buy it. You can also pop-in to your local library to read this love story between a vampire and a human man.

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