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Candace Calvert is one of the highly recognized authors from The United States, who is famous for writing novels based on the contemporary, Christian, romance, and fiction genres. She has written a total of three trilogy series, all of which are very successful. The books in these romance series offer the readers pulse pounding drama, charismatic characters, humor, romance, and suspense. Apart from being a popular author, Calvert is a former nurse, a loving wife, a mother, and a grandmother. Author Calvert believes that laughter, faith, and love are the best cure for every patient. She hails from Sacramento, U.S. Author Calvert says that she got the inspiration to write her medical dramas from the popular literary works of the authors like Dee Henderson and Karen Kingsbury. A native of Northern California, Calvert spent a few years in the Hill Country Texas. She says that it was here that she learned the tricks of the trade. Author Calvert is of the opinion that cruising is a far better way to travel the world. She spent her own honeymoon in Venice, rode a camel near the pyramids, swam with the stingrays, and even sand with a country band in Newfoundland. In addition to writing, author Calvert is also passionate about gardening, cooking, and listening to karaoke. She even loves to indulge in bird watching quite often.

When it comes to her inspirational fiction writing, Calvert says that God has blessed her with buoyant optimism, quirky wit, and a sense of humor that keeps people around her entertained. But, author Calvert did not realize her potential until she went through some of the worst experiences in her life. She had to go through an unexpected and painful divorce, suffered during the 1997 Northern California floods, and met with a terrible accident that caused a bleeding lung, several broken bones, fractured ribs, injury to the spinal cord, and neck fractures. Whenever author Calvert thinks about these things she wonders that God had taken some drastic measures to make her become spiritual. During the months of her rehabilitation, author Calvert not only healed bodily, but also spiritually. The bad experiences of her life helped her to restore her faith in God and spirituality. Eventually, Calvert was able to completely understand the difference between being a woman of strength and a strong woman. The difference, according to her is faith and the lesson has proved to be a great blessing for her. And as for her writing is concerned, author Calvert considers herself honored to be able develop medical fiction stories in her books that offer interesting entertainment and dose of love and hope. Calvert likes to hear from her readers and remains in constant touch with them through her personal website and newsletters. Based on their sincere inputs, she likes to work out her upcoming stories, books, as well as the characters.

One of the successful novel series written by Candace Calvert is the Grace Medical series. It is comprised of 3 books in three books in total, which were released between the years 2012 and 2014. Each book of this medical fiction series consists of a different set of lead characters. As a result, they can be read in the form of standalone novels. The debut novel of the series is entitled ‘Trauma Plan’. It was released by the Tyndale House publication in 2012. Author Calvert has depicted the primary characters in this book as Riley Hale and Dr. Jack Travis. At the beginning of the book, Riley Hale is shown as being sidelined due to the injuries from an assault. But, she is determined to return back to her duties as a nurse at the Grace Medical Hospital. However, it seems that she won’t be able to prove that she is competent enough as the hospital does not allow her to do even the simplest of the tasks. In her desperation to prove her competency, Riley Hale decides to volunteer at a free urban clinic known for being controversial. Riley knows that she fears the maverick doctor who is in charge over there, but in spite of that she is forced to take such a step. The doctor, Jack Travis, always defends the clinic like all the allegations against it are false. He seems all geared up to fight the efforts of the community to shut down the clinic. When nothing seems to work out his way, he decides to use the influential name of Riley’s family. In the meantime, Riley still tries very hard to regain back her skills. Dr. Travis sees that he is getting attracted towards her as if she is the solution to his lonely condition. And by spending time close to him, Riley begins to feel that under his tough exterior there is a soft man, whom she can trust. But, as the protests against his clinic escalate and people begin to question about the past life of Jack, he goes into the battling mode, which makes Riley Hale wonder whether it will be dangerous to have faith in him.

Another well known book published in the series is titled as ‘Rescue Team’. The Tyndale House once again released it in the year 2013. Author Calvert has described the main characters in this story in the form of Kate Callison and Wes Tanner. At the start of the plot, author Calvert has mentioned that Kate Callison becomes so tired of being on the run from her own past that she wishes to become the permanent E.R. Director of the Austin Grace Hospital. She also intends to settle down in Texas for the rest of her life. As moved ahead with her intention, she faces a lot of friction from the hospital staff but she does not stop. Soon, the hospital gets entangled in a huge tragedy as a criminal investigation takes place. In the middle of all the media attention and legal chaos, a search and rescue hero named Wes Tanner arrives and begins to meddle in the life of Kate. For him, nothing else excites more than finding someone who is lost. He himself seems to have gone through that phase once. With his efficient and hard working team, Wes Tanner looks ready to face anything. But, when he encounters Kate Callison, he does not seem that effective. As the two begin to know more about one another, they begin to respect each other more. In Wes, Kate thinks that her heart has found a perfect man. But, because of the ongoing unsolved case of missing persons in the hospital, Wes and Kate feel the threat of losing whatever they have found.

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