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Candice Gilmer is a female author, born in the United States of America. She grew up in Midwest and is USA Today’s and NY Times’s best selling author. She writes books classified in the romance, paranormal and contemporary genre. Candice is a wife, a mother and a writer and also has an evening job as a hairdresser which she has done for over fifteen years. When she is not attending to her clients, she is busy on her laptop writing. She manages to write many of her books in between clients or while watching children’s television. Writing comes naturally to her because even as a child at two years, she would read and memorize stories such as Cinderella and could recite them any time she had to. It kind of runs in the family as all her uncles, aunts, brother, mom tell stories. They do it quite artfully as if it were second nature to them. Candice stays close to her family.

She leads a pretty normal life. When not writing, attending to her family or styling hair, she takes out time to be with her friends. Her husband works with Wichita Paranormal Research Society.

1.The book, ‘Unholy Night’
The book ‘Unholy Night by Candice Gilmer is a Novella that was published in English by lyrical Press in May 2008. The book is classified in the Romance Paranormal genre. Readers are introduced to the main character, Marissa Van Dyke who had dedicated Halloween night to be her day for mourning. It was on this day that she lost her family in a tragic incident earlier and as a tribute to them, she mourns them privately on this day. Marissa remembers vividly that a month earlier, she had been in a bar. What she she doesn’t’ remember though is how she got home. Testimony that something happened to her on that day is the knot on her head. Her friend Deanna insists that they go to their friends’ halloween party but Marissa is not particularly enthusiastic about the idea. Her friend somehow convinces her to go and strangely while there she finds herself particularly attracted to one Neil Drigan.

Readers get treated to more intrigues when they learn that incidentally, Neil Drigan, another main character in this book, has also been having strange dreams about a woman and these dreams have lasted him a month. He could remember the scent, floral and death of the woman in his dreams among other things. This nightmare has been making him have sleepless nights and the effect of the sleeplessness was beginning to take a toll on him. Neil is skeptical when he is teased about his dreams pointing to the possibility of meeting his mate. When he eventually meets Marissa at the Halloween party, then lends his shoulder for her to lean on as she deals with her past makes, it makes him have the feeling of being a true mate. That the attraction between them is so real and intense is not lost on him. What is in question however is whether Marissa will still want him by her side when she discovers that he is a werewolf and a lot of inexplicable things happen around such individuals.

In the world of psychics, Knights Templars, Mythicals and vampires, anything is possible including a woman loving a werewolf and going ahead to decide whether a werewolf is truly a monster or not. This is a book especially a must-read for those readers who get quite taken up and immerse themselves in things paranormal. It will interest them to read on and find out how the romance between these two unlikely mates progressed and how it ended.

2. The book, ‘The Reluctant Prince’
This book was published in June 2010 by Samhain Publishing Ltd. It is another one of Candice Gilmer’s romance novel. Reader’s get quickly caught up in the intriguing and spell binding story of the two main characters of this book: Sydney Martinson and Prince Hadrian. Sydney has just finalized her divorce from her husband and working around her constrained budget, she decides to go to unwind at a hairstylist convention in Vegas. While there, she has a strange, uneasy feeling that someone is watching her. Hadrian, on the other hand, also gets away from his Job to shake off the pressures that his work comes with and coincidentally finds himself in Vegas. With him is a closely guarded secret of being royalty and third in line to the throne of Koros. He spots Sydney throwing a coin into a Luxor Fountain and the gut feeling he has alerts him to the fact that he may have found his match. According to family lore, it is a feeling that all men in their family get during such timeless moments. After the weekend with her, he cannot stop thinking about her.

His thoughts about the enchanting weekend are rudely cut short by news from His secretary about a tragedy that has struck the family. A cousin of Hadrian’s is dead and one other is missing making him the immediate Crown Prince of Koros. To say that this news disturbed him would be an understatement. He had never wanted to find himself in this position and this is one job he had never imagined he would end up having. Things quickly move from worse to worst when both Hadrian and Sydney discover that someone wants them dead.

For readers who are particularly interested in intrigues and stories about royalty, you will find this book particularly interesting and hard to put down until you have finished reading it. Gilmer manages to weave up her characters quite classically and ends up with a masterpiece of suspense and intrigue. That a hairstylist can meet her real prince charming in every sense of the word is simply a piece of classic writing ingenuity.

Candice Gilmer is an accomplished writer who keeps writing in order to satiate the appetite of her readers. She manages to balance her work schedules around her family and regular job but at the same time comes up with contemporary romance and paranormal romance novels that thrill and add spice to the lives of her readers. She has managed to carve out a niche for herself which has left her readers craving for and waiting for more books in her other series.

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