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Publication Order of Candle Beach Books

Sweet Beginnings (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Success (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Promises (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Memories (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet History (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Matchmaking (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Surprises (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Sacrifices (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Candle Beach Series
Candle Beach series is by the Washington-based novelist Nicole Ellis who focused on media sciences at Pacific Palisades High School. Ellis studied writing and film studies at the California State University, Northridge. An animal lover who helps pets bond with their owners; Ellis is not only a volunteer dog therapist at Therapy Dogs Inc., but has also been an animal trainer who uses an ambassadorial rescue dog since 2005.

Ellis has been the Director of Education and Training at the dog-related iFetch, LLC since June 2014. A TV consultant, Ellis has—since March 2017—worked as a pet expert and resident dog trainer at the pet care-oriented A Place for Rover, Inc. Ellis’s niches are cozy mystery and romance.

Books in the Candle Beach Series
Ellis also writes the Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery series and the Willa Bay series, although she is renowned for the Candle Beach series—named after the fictitious Washington State region wherein it is set—that contains her earliest work. First dated November 5, 2017; the serialized Candle Beach’s first book is Sweet Beginnings. The protagonists are: divorcee Dahlia Winters, a wild Candle Beach resident whose aunt wills her an indebted local bookstore that she dislikes and does not want it to tie her down; and her secretive romantic interest Garrett Callahan who has newly relocated to the region.

Her late aunt Ruth’s hostile but moneyed friend Agnes Barnes—she lacks goodwill—refuses to bail out Dahlia so that she, a trustee, will not only takes over the bookstore from Dahlia but also half of the inherited money as per the will. Both Dahlia and Garret—he fell out with his mother—have had unsuccessful relationships, so the duo bonds and starts a romantic affair while he is assisting her to revive the bookstore. Thereafter, Dahlia marries romance author Garrett who pseudonym is Susannah Garrity.

Originally dated November 8, 2017; Candle Beach series’ second book is Sweet Success. The protagonists are: Gretchen Roberts, a prospective senior saleswoman in the real estate sector; and Parker Gray whose sibling rivalry prompted him to relocate from Haven Shores to Candle Beach. A friend recommends Gretchen for a vacancy in a real estate company, called Oceanview Estates, owned by the parents of Parker who is also after the same vacancy in their family business—moreover, the two competing job seekers fall for each other despite the complication resulting from a fallout between Gretchen’s parents and Parker’s parents who were business partners.

First released on November 15, 2017; Sweet Promises is third in the Candle Beach series. Protagonists: café owner Maggie Price, a military widow (and mother of baby Alex, aged six) whose husband Brian Price died during a Middle Eastern deployment; and her ex-army brother-in-law, named Jake Price, who swore to care for his slain brother’s young family. By and by, the two in-laws unexpectedly begin a romantic affair.

First dated March 31, 2018; Sweet Memories is the Candle Beach series’ fourth book. The protagonists are Angel Bennett, a Candle Beach newcomer who is grappling with her (step-father aside) mysterious late mother’s unknown past and ancestry; and a broke, hopeless romantic named Adam Rigg. Angel works in Maggie’s café as a pastry chef, while Adam is a struggling print journalist whose job is threatened by digital journalism. Angel bonds with Adam when her employer Maggie recommends him to help her trace her maternal relatives.

Candle Beach series’ fifth book is Sweet History whose earliest edition is dated September 4, 2018. The protagonists are: gift shopkeeper-and-prospective painter Charlotte “Chatty Charlie” Gray who is Parker’s sister; and orphaned tech millionaire Luke Tisdale, a computer programmer reared by his grandparents. For a change of scenery and to escape from opportunistic people; Luke operates a food truck, called Beachside BBQ, beside the caravan of offended Charlotte whose brother Parker is Luke’s friend. It turns out Luke was a long-lost family friend, and Charlotte warms up to the man; they bond while fundraising for a businessperson’s razed premises.

First released on December 18, 2018; Sweet Matchmaking is sixth in the Candle Beach series. Protagonists are Sarah Rigg, a single fourth grade teacher and bookstore worker (in Dahlia’s bookstore) who is looking for her soul mate; and her date (hopefully, her future husband too) Patrick Willett, a visiting fifth grade teacher whose fiancée Gretchen Roberts is Sarah’s friend.

Candle Beach series’ seventh book Sweet Surprises was originally released on April 21, 2019. Protagonists: museum proponent Maura Lee; and property developer-and-hotelier Aida O’Connor. Conflict: Maura had identified a coastal plot (then housing the Candle Beach Hotel) for its conversion to a museum (under Candle Beach Historical Society—later on set on a barn beside the hotel) through a fundraising in six months, but Aida (after Luke tips him) beats her to it with the aim of renovating the hotel therein. Unbeknownst to Maura that Aida has already bought it and warned trespassers, he finds her inside while photographing; prompting their acquaintance and his wooing attempts.

Originally dated October 28, 2019; Sweet Sacrifices is eighth in Nicole’s Candle Beach book series. Protagonists: Amelia O’Connor, an interior designer from San Francisco whose brother is hotel owner Aida O’Connor; and rom-com actor Jordan Rivers and father of baby Mia, aged eight. Amelia is a renovator and hotel manager at the Aidan-owned Candle Beach Hotel, wherein widower Jordan (his wife Annie died of cancer, and he is Maura’s schoolmate) is residing while unwinding. It is love on first sight for Amelia when Aidan introduces her to the handsome guest Jordan who reminds her of the late actor William Clark Gable.

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