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Publication Order of Caprice De Luca Mystery Books

Staged to Death (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Decor (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gilt by Association (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drape Expectations (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silence of the Lamps (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shades of Wrath (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Slay Bells Ring (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cut to the Chaise (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Caprice de Luca Mystery are a series of mystery romance novels by USA Today bestselling author Karen Rose Smith, one of the most prolific authors in the romance, mystery and women’s fiction. The first novel in the Caprice de Luca Mystery series was “Staged to Death” that was first published in 2013 to widespread popularity and critical acclaim. After the commercial success of the first novel in the series, Rose Smith went on to publish several more titles in the series, which is still ongoing. The lead character in the series is a woman is the titular character of the series Caprice de Luca, an interior decorator and home stager for high-end clients. Karen Rose Smith loves to think that her heroine Caprice de Luca has the same qualities as her being caring, loving and compassionate. Nonetheless, even as she grew up on the likes of Nancy Drew, the author has asserted that Caprice is more courageous than she is, which may be because she has a huge Italian family that is a source of encouragement. Set in Kismet, Pennsylvania, the major characters sin the series are the De Luca family, some of the most colorful of characters spend a lot of time with each other, get in each other’s business, love another, cook and generally epitomize the traditional Italian family. Caprice, the lead character in the series has great instincts for detective work, even as she is always finding herself in very dangerous positions that often have her family worried about her.

The lead character in the Caprice de Luca Mystery series is Caprice de Luca the titular character. Caprice had had a very successful interior decorating business that she was forced to shut down after the downturn in the economy. After losing her interior decorating business, she reinvents herself and goes into the staging business, helping high-end clients sell their houses through her expert interior decorating skills. As she becomes used to the home staging, her business grows in leaps and bounds. The blossoming of her business is however not all because of her efforts as she gets much help from other people in her family and most of all from Nicki her sister. Things get interesting when dead bodies and unexplained murders start to happen with alarming frequency on homes she is staging. She is forced into amateur sleuth mode to get her clients and her close family members off the hook, after they are suspected of being involved in the murders. As well as her taxing job, which has been complicated even further by a series of murders, her life is very complicated. From the first novel in the book, she finds herself in love triangle situation since she is starting a new relationship with Seth, when her former flame and now married Grant comes back into the picture. The narrative of her romance life, that is for the most art a threesome, is prominent in the series and the author teases a resolution over the several titles. Over the course of the novels, her life is pulled in so many directions that it is a wonder that she manages to keep up with it all. At her core, Caprice is a free spirit that loves to dress in colorful and eclectic clothes. With a heart of gold, Caprice de Luca will always do her best to try to help anyone in trouble even using her own money.

Karen Rose Smith writes a highly realistic narrative in the Caprice de Luca Mystery series, through interweaving murder and personal problems of the lead. Caprice goes through a variety of predicaments through the several titles in the series, and all these are shown with plenty of emotion and genuine reactions. From her concerns with the pets she collects, to home staging procedures, to conflicts with her family, Karen Rose Smith writes a convincing response to adversity and tragedy from a loyal and forthright woman. The lead tries to find a balance between watching over her pets, tending to her business and trying to find proof that a person charged with murder is innocent. Even as she starts out as a home-staging expert, over the course of the series, she develops to become a very effective private investigator with a great reputation in her community. Caprice’s technique for investigating is very simple though very intelligent. Smith presents many uncertainties that she has to find a clue to which results in an incredible journey that leads to an explosive conclusion.

“Deadly Décor” is the delightful second novel in the Caprice de Luca mystery series of novels by cozy mystery author Karen Rose Smith. Quiet Kismet in Pennsylvania is a small town that on first look resembles any other small town in the US. For Caprice de Luca the home stager with the privilege of having access to behind the scenes happenings, nothing is as simple at it seems. She has her hands full decorating roomy interiors of her wealthy clients with fun fantasy themes, rescuing lost cocker spaniels from shelters, and is involved in a love triangle. She is also worried about Bella her pregnant sister whose marriage is crumbling fast. Making matters worse is the fact that Bella has decided to get together with Caprice’s house painter Bob Preston, who happens to be a former flame. Things get thick when the man turns up dead in a pool of blood and green paint with Bella’s husband the chief suspect. Caprice now has to put her search for the perfect curtains for a house on the back burner while she investigates and tracks down the real culprit.

“Drape Expectations”, the fourth novel in the Caprice de Luca mystery series is a delightful novel that sees Ace Richland Caprice’s former friend and client ask for a favor. He wants her help in staging his girlfriend’s house, which is to be put on the market. His girlfriend Alanna Goodwin intends to move in with him with Caprice agreeing to stage her antebellum style house in Kismet as a favor to Ace. Caprice soon learns that Alanna does not like her cat Mirabelle and finds out that she is also hatching a plot to sabotage the comeback of her boyfriend to the rock scene. However before she can say anything, Alanna is discovered murdered with all suspicion on Ace. From her subsequent investigations, de Luca discovers that the murdered woman had more secrets than anyone could have ever imagined. With her beloved pet dog by her side, he adopts Alanna’s cat even as she looks for clues to her murder. But in the midst of the investigation she runs into headwinds from her personal life, as she is forced to make a choice between two men both of whom she loves.

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