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Captive Hearts Books In Order

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Publication Order of Captive Hearts Books

The Captive / The Captive Duke (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A writer of historical fiction and romance novels, Grace Burrowes is well known for her unique and extremely well written stories that immerse the readers within her worlds. Transporting them, she really says something about relationships and love, giving each of her characters a wholly real and grounded personality through. This is something that hasn’t gone unmissed by her large audience, as they all eagerly await each of her novels with both excitement and anticipation. Working in law for some time too, she really knows what it is that drives and motivates people, something that can also be seen clearly reflected within her writing. The many series that she writes are also well appreciated by her readers, with them coming back time and time again to see what she delivers. Whether it be stories of old romance in a period setting, or high drama, she really knows how to set the scene for her audience. Set in the same world as her much loved Windham franchises, the Captive Hearts series of novels really manages to capture what it is that she’s about as an author. Looking at passionate romances, they seek to examine how love can break free even the most imprisoned of hearts there are. Using this as its core overall theme for the series, it uses the already established world that came before in the previous Windham novels, although the stories themselves are stand-alone. Dealing with both love and passion, they manage to bring the reader into a whole new world, taking place in a period setting. Paying close attention to detail, the stories manage to speak universally, regardless of the reader’s knowledge of the eras themselves that are portrayed.

With three novels in total in the series, they focus on the theme of imprisoned love, this being the central premise of the franchise. Starting out in 2014, these books would all be published in the same year, with Grace Burrowes releasing them in quick succession of one another. Tangentially linked to the various other Windham’s series, they use the same world, whilst they also stand-alone at the same time. It is the premise of the series that sets itself apart from the rest, allowing it to really come in to its own as the novels progress. Gaining a large audience too, they definitely manage to capture a snapshot in time, tantalizing readers from all across the globe.

The Captive

First released through the ‘Sourcebooks Casablanca’ publishing label, this would be the first in the ‘Captive Hearts’ series of novels. Instantly capturing the attention of the reader it sets about establishing its core premise, introducing the readers to its new characters. Whilst it’s set within the world of the Windham’s, it is entirely its own thing, with stand-alone self-contained romances in each novel.

As the first novel in the series, this really works to set itself apart from the other books in the Windham’s franchise and world. It does this through its use of both style and tone, really pushing its main premise to the forefront for the duration of the novel. The period setting is also really well used, giving it a feeling that is almost mystical yet tangible at the same time.

After being captured by the French, it is up to Christian Severn to take revenge on his tormentors if he ever hopes to truly be free. As the Duke of Mercia, it is his duty now he feels to pursue his own version of justice, all the meanwhile with Gillian Countess of Greendale reminding him of his duties as a father. That’s when Gilly feels she could enjoy a future with him after seeing his devotion as father, leaving her to feel a strong sense of passion for him. First though he needs to break free from his own sense of imprisonment if he is to ever truly be happy and live a long fruitful life. Will he ever be able to get what he desires? Can they live together happily ever after? What will become of the captive?

The Traitor

Published through the ‘Sourcebooks Casablanca’ outlet once more, this provides another period based romance novel. Taking the reader on a journey again, it manages to fully capture the passion between the two leads as they find one another and escape their pasts. Initially released on the 5th of August in 2014, it would provide plenty of exciting twists and turns along the way and throughout.

Sebastian St. Clair was abandoned as a young British born boy in France, immediately being forced to join up to the French army. Doing this solely to survive he needed to adapt instantly, he faces war, after which he returns home to England with the intention of retreating to a quiet life in the country. That’s when he meets the companion of his elderly aunt, the ravishing Miss Millicent Danforth, as the two of them are consumed with passion for one another. Things take a turn though, when the French decide that they want to bring him back, and he must fight for all he’s worth to keep this from happening and be with the woman he loves. Will he be able to do this and stay away? Can the two of them find happiness together in rural England? What will become of the traitor?

The Captive Heart Series

Employing a clear eye for detail, these books really do what they set out to, as they evoke a feeling of nostalgia for a bygone era. Conjuring up imagery that is both grand on an almost epic scale, and grounded with real people, they give the reader exactly what they are looking for. The passion that Burrowes has for the genre and her characters is also clearly evident on the page throughout as well. Feeling for the characters, her readers are swept up in the action, as they can feel themselves taken alongside them, entertaining and enthralling them in equal measure. With more and more readers discovering the series continually every day too, this is a franchise that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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