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Cara Hunter is an established English author of fiction. She currently resides in Oxford. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree and PhD in English. Hunter admits that she lives on a street that is very similar to those that she writes about in her novels. She specializes in novels in the crime fiction genre and her first series features a detective inspector that lives and solves cases in an area much like her own.

She first became an officially published author with the release of her first book in 2017. Close to Home is the first installment of a series that features the main character of Adam Fawley. Fawley is a detective inspector who is very good at what he does and always tries his best to get to the bottom of cases, no matter how sinister. The series continued with the publication of the sequel in this series, which is titled In the Dark. The reader picks up where they left off with Fawley in the third novel, No Way Out.

Close to Home is the chilling first novel of the exciting mystery series written by acclaimed author Cara Hunter. In this debut installment of an engaging murder and mystery series, readers get to meet Adam Fawley. He is an individual who makes his living in a field that not everyone could stomach or be successful at.

His job as a Detective Inspector means that often he is the only one that has the capacity to solve the case that he is assigned. Failure means that justice is delayed from being served to many– something that Fawley never wants to see happen on his watch.

The setting is a quiet Oxford home. When the Mason family throws an elaborate costume party, they have no idea that their little girl is about to go missing. Daisy is just eight years old and was in attendance at the summer barbecue where plenty of guests were there.

The people at the barbecue are all people familiar to the family; friends from school and guests, neighbors and family members. This was no random gathering of shady characters, at least as far as they know. No one saw anything or witnessed what happened; the little girl is just gone. D.I. Fawley is assigned to the case and from his point of view, the person most likely to have committed the crime is someone that is close to home.

It is often far more likely that the offender will be known to the people affected by what has occurred– up to 9 times out of 10. The detective is ready to rule out the idea that this was a random act committed by a stranger unknown to the Masons. The closer that he looks at the normal family and the people they know, the stranger everyone seems.

Fawley notes right away that the mother seems very interested in portraying a certain type of appearance. The father is defensive when questioned and seems distant– even cold. Daisy even has a brother named Leo that seems like he may know something, but seems fairly withdrawn and is unwilling to communicate readily. Adam has a hunch that someone knows something– but where does he start and why?

The Detective Inspector must work quickly if he is going to find out what happened to Daisy Mason. Everyone knows that the more time that goes by means that you have a reduced chance of finding a missing person. Once 72 hours have passed, the odds of finding that person alive drop dramatically. Fawley is desperate to find someone– anyone– that knows or saw anything.

Even though he is working nonstop to find leads, he is unfortunately coming up short and cannot find hints or even leads to work with. On top of that, it seems like everyone close to Daisy is hiding something. Can Fawley find the girl, or has she disappeared into thin air for good? You are going to have to pick up this suspenseful tale from author Cara Hunter to find out for yourself to know for sure!

In the Dark is the thrilling second novel in Hunter’s series. If you loved the first book, you’ll be sure to be intrigued by this next murder mystery starring the capable Detective Inspector Adam Fawley. Fresh off his last case, there’s no rest for the wicked as he takes on another complex case.

Sometimes things can happen right under everyone’s noses. At least that’s what it appears to be when a house on a street hides more secrets than any of the neighbors would have ever guessed. When a child and a woman are discovered locked in a room in a basement barely holding onto life, the residents of a quiet Oxford neighborhood are shocked. No one thought that anything like that could go on in a respectable area like this.

On top of that, none of the neighbors have any recollection of seeing them before. The police are baffled when they find no reports of them in the system that match their look– they apparently were never reported missing. In addition, the woman does not speak. The man who owns the home is elderly and his official statement is that he does not know them and never saw them before in his life.

Nothing about this case makes sense. It’s all one big mystery, and for that, you need a detective inspector on the job. The residents are confused and no one seems to have information for the D.I. to use in the beginning. Even though this is a complex case, Fawley knows that he can solve it if the cards are dealt to him just right. If they aren’t, he’ll just force the hand until he figures out what happened in this strange set of circumstances.

Even though no one is coming forward with information, Fawley knows that people are often not as innocent as they appear. However, even he is surprised when this case appears to have links to a cold case from long ago. Will Fawley be able to solve this one, or has he finally met his match? Pick up Cara Hunter’s exciting sequel in this series to find out!

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  1. Claire Wood: 2 months ago

    I’m generally good at working out what is going on when I read a book or watch a series, etc but I’ve just finished the first two books in the D.I. Fawley series and I have loved them. Twists and turns all the way through and an unrelenting pace that makes it almost impossible to put down. Can’t wait to listen to the 3rd instalment

  2. Joy Allan: 1 year ago

    good reading


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