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Publication Order of Cardwell Ranch Books

Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Justice at Cardwell Ranch (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cardwell Ranch Trespasser (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Cardwell Ranch: Montana Legacy Books

Steel Resolve (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Iron Will (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ambush before Sunrise (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Action Deputy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trouble in Big Timber (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Case at Cardwell Ranch (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cardwell Ranch is a series of novels written by an award-winning American author of romance, mystery and thriller novels, B.J. Daniels. Daniels began the publication of Cardwell Ranch series in 2004 when Crime Scene ……. Ranch the first book in the series was published.

Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch

“……. at Cardwell Ranch” the first book in Cardwell Ranch series by Daniels opens up with a young lady coming out after falling down a well. Injured and confused, the woman calls out to her lover only to have the man shoot at her. Fast forward seventeen years later, and Dana Cardwell is beginning a horrible day.

Dana’s foreman comes to her house to inform her about some bones found in an old well on her property, and in response, they phone the local sheriff. The local town old sheriff had just retired, and as the new towns arrive to conduct his investigation, Dana discovers that it is her ex-boyfriend, Hudson Savage.

Hudson had left town five years ago after waking up one morning in bed with his girlfriend’s (Dana) sister. Dana’s heart still aches from this betrayal, and she barely handles her shock and anger when she discovers that he is back in town.

The bones are declared to be human remains, and soon the area is marked a crime scene, and this only enrages Dana’s brother Jordan. It is revealed that Jordan and his siblings have been trying to convince Dana’s to sell the ranch- and the crime scene holds up the same. Jordan is overly convinced that this is another plan to hold on to the farm. On the other hand, Dana claims that their mom had a second will, but no copy of the will can be found, and the other Cardwells deny that their mother had spoken to them about the will.

Hudson’s investigation into the case forces him to work hand in hand with his estranged father, (the town retired sheriff) and this adds more stress on Hudson. Five years ago, he had run away from a job suspension, broke his engagement to Dana, and now he is being forced to confront his past.

As Hudson pieces the clues together- the evidence first points to his father as the prime suspect. Additionally, Hudson wants to fix his broken relationship with Dana as he claims that he was drugged and set up by Dana’s sister, but things go haywire when someone starts threatening to kill Dana.

Hudson and Dana join forces to try and figure out the person who murdered the woman in the well almost two decades ago and also the person trying to kill Dana now.

The first book in Cardwell Ranch series by Daniels is a fascinating read. Besides the main plot, the novel features other different storylines. First, there is the mystery of the dead body found in the well, then the complexities as to why Hudson ran away from town half a decade ago. Why Dana’s sister set him up; the mystery of the missing will; troubles between Hudson and his father, Dana and her family and many others.

The main characters are Dana and Hudson, two former lovebirds separated by hurt, lies, and anger but the two have already moved on with their lives and have other important things in life to think about than each other. For Dana, she has a hollow-cheeked relationship with her alcohol-addicted father, and she has to face the increasing pressure by her siblings to sell the ranch to satisfy their financial imperatives.

Additionally, the secondary characters are well crafted, from the different family members to friends and neighbors, almost each of these secondary characters are murder suspects.

Justice at Cardwell Ranch

Justice at Cardwell Ranch is the second book in Cardwell Ranch series but can be read as a standalone novel. It is a wonderfully written novel; the writing is both smooth and professional, it is full of thrilling mystery and suspense set in Montana. The writing is easy to read from the first page; it captures your attention to the last page.

The story introduces Jordan Cardwell returning to his hometown to attend a get together organized by his high school buddies and to find out why his friend killed himself at the high school.

Besides the party, Jordan has not met his family for years, and lots of things have changed since then, both in his life and personality as well, especially after he divorced.

Jordan prepares to face his beloved sister Dana, but before they met, he gets involved in a murder case.

He meets Alex, a friend from high school who is quite sure that their common friend did not kill himself but he was murdered. When Jordan heads to their agreed meeting place, Alex is shot dead, and Jordan becomes the primary suspect.

During the case investigation, Jordan gets closer both to Deputy Marshal Liza and his family as well. As the story progress, we get to meet other Cardwells as more questions arise- why are the Cardwell’s suddenly coming to the ranch? What are their main motives?

The suspense of Justice at Cardwell Ranch is very intrigued and well plotted, and besides this, there is a romance well woven into the narrative- one between Liza and Jordan.

Cardwell Ranch Trespasser

The Cardwell family has a new member, one who has plans of his own. Dana welcomed her cousin into the family and to the farm for a reunion party. However, this crafty kin has other intentions for Dana and her husband, Hudson.

Hilde Jacobson has well been good friends with Dana too long to let her get scammed, or worse get killed. Unfortunately, she is no match for an impostor who has deceived everyone in the town. Only Colt Dawson truly believes Hilde’s allegations about the bogus relation; only his strong hands have saved her from “setups” intended to eliminate her from the way. Can both Colt and Hilde convince the Cardwells that they are a prey to a predator that lurks in their midst?

The third novel in the series is an excellent novel, the suspense kicks in right from the first page and does not stop to the last page.

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