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Doctor Carey Baldwin is a writer of proportional magnitude. She writes edgy thrillers, romantic novels. This psychologist clinic doctor is a romantic with the professional insight on the psyche of psychopaths. This uncanny combination make for a very captivate novel and in the case of the doctor, a series of. She has won many awards for work including a Golden Gate for her first manuscript. She has also been finalist in many contests. The Avon FanLit and Maggies are a few writing contest that she has been in. Her first novel was published by Samhain Publishing in June of 2012. It is titled First Do No Evil. Judgment and Confession are two of her novels that were finalists in 2015 Booksellers Best Award, with the novel Judgment also a finalist for the Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery in the same year. Doctor Carey Baldwin lives in the southwestern United States with family. Carey is the holder of a doctoral degree in medicine and one in psychology. Writing novels is her passion and she feels no remorse to reading a lot of novels either. She loves to tell stories that keep the reader on the edge.


This is a novel that features the characters Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Gardner which are two of Carey’s favorites.The book tells the story of psychiatrist Dr. Caitlin Cassidy who has been a witness to a crime. Her testimony as lead to an attack on her and the man accused being murdered. The attack leaves the doctor in critical condition and but not out the way of danger. She knows too much and the killer is worried she might say too much to the wrong persons.

Her longtime rival Agent Atticus Spencer is also a witness on the same case and although they have very different views on justice and have been a throne in each others side for years, both he and the doctor have to put these differences aside to save a few lives including the doc’s. Now they both go up against a returning mad man who goes by the name of Man in the Maze. It is up to them to find this killer before Caitlin runs out of time.


Fallen is another novel by Doctor Carey Baldwin and is sure to have you on the edge of our seats. It also features the FBI profiler Atticus Spencer and the forensic psychiatrist Dr. Caitlin Cassidy in combination solving their most perplexing cases yet. When the killer kills a prostitute and leaves her corpse on the Walk of Fame it is up to the duo to find this mad man the media has come to call the Fallen Angel Killer. This killer’s M.O. is killing pretty and high cost hookers and leaving their high priced carcasses in the tourist traps of the state of Los Angeles. This is a crazy man that needs that needs to be stopped before he keeps killing innocent women.

After a while the killer demands for the public confession of an un-named celebrity or he will kill the girl he currently has captive, this raises the stakes for the duo. With every new secret that is uncovered on their search for the mystery celebrity and another life is destroyed. Time is running out and both the doctor and the FBI Agent are working tirelessly to catch the serial killer before he kills another innocent woman.


This is the first novel published by Carey Baldwin. She is the new kid on the block in terms of suspense genres. This novel revolves around the story of the only woman that is capable of stopping a serial and said killer. The main character of the novel is a newly graduated psychiatrist name Faith Clancy. The doctor is shocked to find out that the first patient she ever had was the one responsible for the Saint murders. Her doctor patient confidentiality rule means she is bound by law to keep their secrets. In this case he is confessing to murders and her confidentially clause means nothing compared to a murder case, especially when it is a case of this magnitude.

The worst part of her situation is that she is still not sure if she believes her patient. She finds herself wondering if by not believing and worst, not reporting her findings to the authorities will be cause of more deaths. She still has to be careful however that she doesn’t give evidence against the wrong man. The killer has his sights set on the doctor and has every intension of making her one of his victims when he is finished toying with her. Faith does not realize this however but she will get the aid she needs in the form of Luke Jericho. In her attempts to get to the bottom of the debacle she currently finds herself in, she unknowingly becomes a pawn in the dangerous game played by herself and the killer.

Doctor Carey Baldwin is one of the best new writers of thriller suspense novels. She has proven her worth with her writing not one but more than one novels that had made it has a finalist of many competition and awards native to her occupation as a writer. None of her books have been made into a motion picture as yet but she is a great writer and you can be sure it is just a moment of time before she take the stage that she so deserve and has worked so hard to obtain. Dr. Baldwin is a retired psychologist who knows the psyche of psychopaths so well she is able to write stories about them so well they have the uncanny ability to keep their readers on the edge and keep coming back for more. Her books are entertaining yet have the ability to bring quite the fright to her readers. If you have never read a book by this author and are a fan of the genres she works in, thriller/ suspense, you should pick one of her books up. They are guaranteed to be page turners.

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