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Carian Cole is a bestselling romance author best known for writing the “Ashes & Embers” series of novels. She loves to say that she is passionate about bad boys, especially ones that have fast motorcycles and cars, ripped jeans, sexy smirks and are covered in tattoos. She also throws in some sweet girls who make every effort to tame these men into her stories. Cole was born and brought up in Jersey even though she currently lives in the beautiful New Hampshire Mountains with her husband and several furry pets. The writer spends much of her time when she is not writing vacuuming, reading, drinking coffee and spending time with her pets and husband.

Cole grew up in a household full of books as her mother was a voracious reader that encouraged her to read a lot during her childhood. She fell in love with storytelling while still a child as her mother encouraged her dream of becoming an author when she grew up. By the time she could hold a crayon, she began writing stories and her mother saved most of these and gave them to her as an adult. Of course back then she wrote about chasing butterflies and cute puppies though she has now graduated to badass hot men and the pretty girls they chase. The first romance novel she ever read was LaVyrle Spencer’s “Hummingbird” that about a bad boy who was taken care of by a single woman when he was injured. She found the bickering fascinating and fun and got hooked onto the genre. She would soon graduate to novels such as Maeve Binchy’s “The Glass Lake,” Mia Asher’s “Arsen,” CJ Roberts’ “Captive in the Dark” and Tracey Garvis Graves’ “On the Island.” While she has made her name in romance, she also writes new adult romances and has also written several dark romances. Carian Cole made her fiction writing debut with “Storm,” the first of the “Ashes & Embers” series that she published in 2014. She now has more than ten titles spread across several series.

In “Storm” the debut novel of the “Ashes & Embers” series by Carian Cole, we are introduced to Evelyn. She is a woman heading to the mountains for a business meeting when her car spins out of control and lands in a ditch. Fortunately for Evelyn, there was a man driving a truck right behind her who witnessed the accident and runs to help her. He gets her out of the car and offers her shelter in his home until the horrible blizzard passes. His cabin is not far off but she will certainly miss her meeting but the good thing is that she will have some food and be warm until the storm passes. However, she could never have imagined what fate had planned as the two do not make it to the cabin. The stranger who incidentally is named Storm gets into a wreck himself and they are now trapped in the truck. They have to wait for the snow trucks to come rescue them after the blizzard is over. But what Evelyn did not know was that she had been trapped with Strom Valentine, America’s most popular bad boy rock guitarist. He is not in a hurry to tell her who he is. He is a man that often gets whatever he wants and he wants Evelyn. Some people chase storms for the thrill but Evelyn is at a loss when she is chased by the storm.

Carian Cole’s “Vandal” is the story of Vandal, a man filled with guilt after an accident in which he killed his daughter and the driver of the car he had rammed into. He had been very young when he was abandoned by his father and had subsequently had a terrible childhood. He had gotten into the wrong company who taught him how to use drugs and engage in irresponsible sex and drinking. He had then become a loner turning his back on friends and family, and falling into despair. But then Evie comes to visit him and gifts him a blind little cat after cleaning and organizing his house. It is an adorable kitten that is sure to help sooth his depression and be a friend when he is going through life’s challenges. The big tattooed man takes the blind little cat in his hands, feeds and protects him. It is a beautiful sight that would melt the heart of any woman and it does. But Vandal is a man on a very dark path and is hell bent on self destruction until he meets Tabitha. She is a woman left in dark despair and devastation following the death of her husband. Incidentally, he had been the man that he had killed with his car but he does not know that. He is instantly fascinated by her and jealous of the love she tells him she had with her husband. Soon after, he learns that he is the man he had killed and is even more determined to make Tabitha live and feel again.

“Lukas” by Carian Cole is the third novel of the “Ashes & Embers” series that tells the story of Ivy. She is a woman that thought she had it made in life with a beautiful house, two great kids, and a beautiful marriage to her high school sweetheart. But everything comes crashing down when she finds her husband cavorting with another woman. To comfort her, her best friend offers her a gift certificate. She immediately heads to the tattoo parlor to claim her gift only to meet Lukas Valentine, a renowned violin player, hopeless romantic and tattoo artist who sweeps her off her feet. He is a man with a heart of gold and an old soul who immediately gets attracted to the down to earth and shy personality of Ivy who comes to his tattoo parlor. He thinks the dating scene is stale and wants to settle down in a happily ever after with Ivy. Despite the difference in age, they have undeniable love and chemistry. Lukas offers everything she ever wanted but she is not so sure she can trust a much younger man with her heart. Moreover, they will have to overcome a ton of challenges life throws in the path.

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