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Carin Gerhardsen is a Swedish author of fiction.

Carin Gerhardsen was born in December 6, 1962 in Sweden in Katrineholm. She started out as a mathematician but also had a career that was going very well. She was successful working as a consultant in IT. Then she started to write crime fiction and has continued to do so.

She is happily living in Stockholm. Carin resides there with her family, which consists of her husband as well as the two children that they have together. She is always writing something new.

This author works with the same team of publishers that were able to bring the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson to the reading world. She herself writes novels that take place in Stockholm in its southern parts, likes her Hammarby crime fiction series. A few of the written scenes that are in the story have been part of her own experience or based on real things that happened in the author’s childhood.

She was not always a writer and in fact started out as a mathematician. This would help to inform her intricate plots and always complexly written characters.

Carin Gerhardsen is the creator and the author of the Hammarby series. This fictional series of novels first became available to readers for the first time in 2012. This is when the debut novel in the series came out. It is titled The Gingerbread House. It was followed by Playing House, also known by the alternate title Cinderella Girl. The sequel came out in 2013. The third book to make the series a trilogy was The Last Lullaby in 2014.

The Gingerbread House is the debut novel in the fictional Hammarby series by Carin Gerhardsen. If you are looking for an interesting mystery story to read with several more available to follow it that is going to give you an international flavor similar to Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, check out this book!

In this debut fictional story, people get to meet the main character of Conny Sjoberg for the first time. He is a criminal investigator that suddenly has a new case when several murders take place in one area. In just a short amount of time, there were several bestial murders that took place in the central area of Stockholm.

It all started when a woman named Ingrid Olsson came home. She was returning from a hospital in Stockholm when all of a sudden she walked into her kitchen and discovered a man dead there. The intruder is someone that she has never seen before in her life, adding to the mystery of it all. Did he drop dead from some type of medical event or is this simply a strange murder that was placed or took place here?

The police force in Hammarby are starting to suspect along with Conny that there might just be a connecting link when it comes to the murders. The investigator has a very bad feeling about the cases, and thinks to himself that there’s a killer that has the most personal motives of perhaps any that he has ever seen. Worse than that, the killer appears to be very determined in their desires and probably can’t be put off.

With a murder on the loose that won’t be deterred from his goals and time running out, Conny takes the case and the call. He has a great team on his side to back him up. But when the phone rings that fateful night, he decides to answer it.

Leaving his wife and their children at the home, he goes out to see what the big deal is and inadvertently gets assigned to what could be the most important case of his career– and one of the most dangerous too. The team identifies the body there as a man, in his middle age, with a family. He had everything to live for, but he appears to have been beaten to death by a blunt force object.

Someone bludgeoned this man, but right now, the investigator doesn’t have a motive. They don’t even have a suspect. The investigation is going nowhere fast and the team starts to get frustrated as they struggle. They start to feel like they are never going to get the breakthrough that they need. But when the case is linked accidentally to another seemingly random killing, they might finally be getting somewhere.

The team finds out that they are up against not only a terrifying serial killer, but one that appears to be bent on taking out their horrible vendetta. Can they do what it takes to get closer to finding this killer, or will the team be disappointed as their efforts lead them to zero results?

The stakes have never been higher when D.I. Conny Sjoberg is on the case to catch a brutal serial killer. They’re primed to strike again, but can he and his talented team stop them before they strike again?

A murder mystery novel that takes a closer look at inspecting, crime, bullying, and the dark side of the human heart, this is a novel that you’re not going to want to miss. Check out this top level crime fiction story for yourself and read to the end to find out what happens!

Playing House (also known as Cinderella Girl) is the second novel in the Hammarby series.

Hanna is a girl that is 3 years old. When she wakes up, she discovers that she actually has somehow been abandoned by her family. They are gone, nowhere to be seen. The house is locked and she’s trapped inside.

At the same time, a girl in her teen years has been discovered murdered on the cruise ship named Cinderella. The ship sails from Finland to Sweden. When Conny goes to the home of the girl to give the bad news, it becomes clear that the younger sister of the girl’s in danger.

If they can stop a killer, this will all end. The Detective Inspector looks into it, but the little girl is out there. Can he and his team rescue her? Find out in a Swedish thriller that you won’t be able to put down!

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