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Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Books In Order

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Publication Order of Carlie Simmons Books

Until Morning Comes (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Too Deep (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Way Back (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gathering Darkness (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Final Mission (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic is a series of survivalist novels by American author JT Sawyer, real name Tony Nester. The Carlie Simmons novels combine the elements of adventure, post-apocalyptic, and crime thriller in following the life and times of Carlie Simmons, and her team of agents fighting for survival in an unforgiving world. JT Sawyer first published novel in the series was the 2014 published book “Until Morning Comes” that introduced the lead protagonist secret service agent, Carlie Simmons. After the publication of the novel, it fast became a fan favorite and spawned several new novels in the series, four of which were written in 2015 alone. With JT Sawyer one of the leading survivalist experts in the world, the novels are inspired by his experiences training personnel for a range of organizations that include the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA, special operations forces of the American military and the US Marshalls. Set in post-apocalyptic world, that Sawyer often writes about on his blog and various survivalist novels, the novels are an electrifying take on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Mixing in aspects of the modern detective thriller in having the lead protagonist as a secret service agent on the run while protecting a member of the first family, the series is an eye-opening take on the workings of the secret service. Ultimately, the novels are a tale of ruthless determination, hope, and survival in the face of possible annihilation.

Carlie Simmons, a secret service agent with survivalist skills is charged with protecting the daughter of the president. She is the only female agent in the mostly male secret service. She has been waiting to get a long overdue promotion, as she is one of the best agents in her detail. When we are first introduced to Carlie, she is your normal but competent woman who has one of the toughest job in the world – protecting Eliza, the haughty First Daughter. What makes it worse is that she has not been able to get along with the teenage girl who sees her as being too overbearing. Her greatest desire is to show that she is fit to lead the team by being the best at everything required of her. She is having a very bad day as she has just been implicated in a potentially career ending investigation that she had nothing to do with. However, that is the least of her problems, as news filtering in tell of a zombie invasion that is about to hit the city. As much as she just wants to do her job, she always finds it hard to do so as the investigative officer at the DOD will not leave her alone. Over the course of the series, Carlie together with her sidekick Shane and her eclectic team fight a well-oiled zombie machine that will not be crushed. Even as she has her small band of warriors, she needs to not only keep the president’s daughter safe but also find an antidote to the zombie menace, which grows and mutates throughout the series.

The Carlie Simmons Post Apocalyptic series of novels is among some of the best post-apocalyptic novels that JT Sawyer ever wrote. Throughout the series, JT Sawyer takes the reader on a thrilling ride as they follow Carlie Simmons and her elite team of special agents as they seek a cure for one of the most potent of mutant viruses. Each novel comes with its fair share of camaraderie and a smidgeon of hope, combined with evil humans, gore, and zombies galore. The author takes the reader on a journey that sees the characters grow from their experiences to become some of the fiercest warriors hardened by their experiences. Even Eliza, the president’s daughter that starts out as a spoiled and selfish college girl transforms into one of the most skilled of fighters. Jarred who starts out as an obnoxious and self-centered smart ass and thief actually becomes one likable character over the series. Sawyer introduces us to ruthless evil people that think nothing of human life in their quest for more power along with vicious, fast, superhuman, and powerful zombies that kill for the sake of killing. The author’s knowledge of survivalist conditions shine through as the zombie narrative and its effects on humans get progressively worse in each sequel. But an even more important theme is the fight for survival amidst the struggle for leadership which is inevitable in such situations. The novels end in an explosive finale as Carlie and her team head to Japan where the zombies are more feral, smarter, and more dangerous, making for even more exhilarating battle scenes.

“Until Morning Comes”, the first novel in the Carlie Simmons series is an exciting start to a zombie series. Carlie Simmons is a secret service agent whose day has just taken a turn for the worse after she is informed that she is under investigation in a case that may just spell the end of her intelligence career. However, Carlie finds herself the duty officer charged with leading a team that is protecting Eliza, the president’s daughter, when a zombie apocalypse suddenly makes an entrance. With Eliza at school at the University of Arizona campus, it is a race against time to retrieve her before the zombies. As they reach the building she is supposedly in, they find that the area is crawling with zombies. These are not your usual mindless zombies as they are strategic in their thinking, going from building to building tracking down, finding, and killing any humans they find. If Carlie and her small team of survivors are to get out alive, she needs to dig deep and put into action all her survival training against the zombies. But she is now faced with a moral dilemma, even as she is charged with protecting the first daughter, should she leave the other people in the city to face the flesh-eating mutants when she could help?

“In Too Deep” is the hair-raising sequel to the first novel in the series “Until Morning Comes”. Carlie Simmons and her elite secret service agents managed to extract the president’s daughter, evade the zombie hordes, and get out of Tucson, Arizona. The small band of survivors is now heading to New Mexico, which is yet untouched by the zombie pandemic. But knowing that it is only a matter of time before the pandemic goes global, the team acknowledges the need to leave their secure base, and find the origin of the virus if they are to stop its spread and save lives. Traveling across continental United States and across international waters while evading the zombies, they are in a race against time to get to the root of the pandemic. Their investigations soon reveal that the virus originated from a secret Cold War lab, which had been experimenting with a range of deadly anti human pathogens for years. Nonetheless, the biggest danger to ending the pandemic is not the multiplying number of mutants, but rather the tension in her team that threatens to unravel all that they have achieved so far.

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