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Publication Order of Once Upon a Time in Texas Books

Big Bad Cowboy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's All About That Cowboy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Come Home (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Must Love Cowboys (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Carly Bloom is a bestselling romance author best known for the “Once Upon a Time in Texas” series of novels.
Before she became an author, she was a family humor blogger and columnist, which she abandoned when her children were old enough as she thought it would be embarrassing for her family. To protect them from embarrassment and still provide for them, she started writing steamy contemporary romances.
Bloom published “Big Bad Cowboy,” her debut novel in 2018 and the novel went on to garner critical acclaim and become a bestseller. She has become known for writing heroes that refuse to enter the 21st century and have to be dragged there kicking and screaming while she is at it.
Carly currently makes her home in a cattle ranch in Texas, where she lives with her husband and children.

Bloom’s inspiration for her debut novel “Big Bad Cowboy” came from wanting to play with the theme of “You’ve Got Mail” but now in small town settings.
Coming up with plot arcs to make her couple grow their different relationships was quite a challenge since she did not have any creative writing training.
She then decided to dress them up in Halloween costumes during Halloween with one being a Big Bad Wolf and the other as Little Red Riding Hood.
Of course there is instant sexual attraction and it is not long before there is a tense but furious texting relationship.

Carly Bloom’s “Big Bad Cowboy” is a beautiful novel that tells the story of a cowboy fling that comes with a fairy tale twist. After several heartbreaks, Travis Blake quit being a cowboy and left Verde, Texas to go to the big city.

But then he is called up and told he has to return home as his cousin needs him. Once he deals with the problem, he intends to sell the family land and head back to Austin.

But he recently met Maggie who thinks he is an irritating man that she hates with a passion. She believes that he is very attractive but also blames him for destroying her business.

Things get very interesting when they have to work together and Maggie learns that there is more to Travis than she first thought. He helps out his community, is sweet with his nephew and makes her knees go weak.

She knows he intends to leave and does not want to enter into a relationship with him but cannot help herself. The best thing she can do is to convince him to stay.

“Cowboy Come Home” by Carly Bloom is set in Big Verde Texas, where a hot and handsome cowboy has to deal with one of the most difficult challenges of his life.

Claire Kowalski is all too aware that not all cowboys are fated to be Prince Charming. She had once upon a time given her heart to Ford Jarvis who had stamped on it when he disappeared.

He is now back in town and she has vowed never to fall into his trap once again. But the sexy and rugged looking cowboy has a way of pushing her buttons and she cannot avoid seeing him as she often needs his help with things.

Jarvis never planned on coming back home to Big Verde but had to when he learned that his family’s ranch was in trouble. He thinks his time in the small town will be short as he intends to get the farm up and running before he high tails it.

But he finds that the new foreman he is to train is Claire who is just as beautiful and stubborn as he had left her. Will he fight for future with the only woman he ever loved or will he repeat his mistakes?

“Must Love Cowboys” by Carly Bloom is a sexy and charming romance about a nerdish beauty in search of a fake boyfriend. The man she finds is Beau Montgomery who was having the time of his life until Rancho Canada Verde is left to him.

As a dyslexic he would have preferred to be in the saddle rather than a spreadsheet. He thinks he could ask the local librarian for some help but the kinkin his plan is that he has had a crush on her since he was a junior in high school. While he is a smooth talker he gets tongue tied whenever he is in her presence.

On her part, Alice Alice Martin has never been one for personal relationships as she prefers to advance her career above everything. But when Beau asks her for help she cannot help but agree. She agrees to help him with his reading skills as long as he agrees to be her date for a weddingthsat is coming up and teaches her how to flirt.

It is not long before the gossip mill in the town is going full speed and Alice and Beau are forced to fake a romance to keep their deal secret. But what they called fake soon starts turning very real.

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    Want more more more, maybe Worths story, Anna, Bubba
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