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Carly Marie
Carly Marie has had characters, stories, and plot bunnies bouncing around in her mind for as long as she can remember. She is a USA Today Bestselling Author, an avid reader, and a lover of all things romance.

Carly spends her days writing kinky and sweet stories about men that love one another and her nights as a chauffeur, wife, and mom. She spends way too much time reading books, or in hockey rinks or driving between them, and way too little time cleaning her house.

The numerous plot bunnies running around through her mind on a daily basis ensures that she’ll continue writing and sharing her stories for years to come.

“At Home” is the first novel in the “Finding Home” series and was released in 2018. Derek Edwards, as the vocalist for country music’s hottest band, knows that coming out as gay could potentially spell the end of his career. With his life in the spotlight and far too much on the line, Derek is not going to allow himself to even think about finding a boyfriend, much less the daddy that he desperately desires.

Sheriff Colt Westfield has got better things to do than following around the latest singing sensations or Hollywood heartthrobs. So after one drink turns into a mindblowing one night stand, he’s got zero clue who he was even with. That is, until he gets dragged to this concert and sees his sexy one night stand strutting around on the stage.

With a management team, a record label, and the fans all watching, are they going to be able to find what each of them need?

This novel contains mild BDSM aspects along with age play, spanking, and ABDL.

“Untamed” is the first novel in the “Untamed” series and was released in 2019. Kyle Mitchell has forged a path of his own in life. He is happy with his job as the head of horse breeding operations at Untamed, working with Rand, his best friend. Knowing that his family has never accepted his sexuality, Kyle is stunned to learn that he is expected to be at his brother’s wedding with his boyfriend, a man that does not actually exist.

Rand Everette, after inheriting Untamed from his parents, is living his dream. His quiet life gets turned upside down after Kyle, his best friend, asks him to be his fake boyfriend for his brother’s wedding. Faking chemistry is certainly not going to be that difficult. They already know just about everything about one another and they live together. So how hard could it be?

What’ll Rand think after he finds out that Kyle told his brother that he not only has got a boyfriend but his Daddy Dom too? Are they going to be able to figure a way to pull it off or is it all going to blow up? With the Mitchell family involved really anything is possible, however maybe what begins as just a fake relationship is exactly what Rand and Kyle need to figure their way to one another.

This novel involves two adult men in love, along with ABDL/age play relationship.

“Zander” is the first novel in the “Johnson Family Rules” series and was released in 2021. It is tough to get what you do not ask for.

Noah’s world turned on its head after he found out that his new boss was the gorgeous Daddy Dom that he saw at DASH. He knows that he really should go and talk to him, however how can he possibly do that since he winds up hurting himself any time Deputy Daddy is nearby?

Zander, as the chief deputy, knows that he needs to keep things professional with this newest deputy. This gets tougher every time Noah gets injured. All that he wants to do is swoop in and make things better. Maybe if he could find the mysterious guy with the intricate tattoo from DASH, he will be able to quit obsessing over the newest deputy.

One accident has got Zander’s professional and personal lives colliding once he learns that the man with the tattoo is Noah. Now that he knows Noah’s secret, this overprotective Daddy is not going to go away until he is certain that Noah is okay.

Just a little bit of communication goes a long way, however after a misunderstanding and a bunch of embarrassment, are these two ever going to get the chance to talk to each other? If they cannot, then one of them is going to need to get a new job. If they can, however, Daddy and boy may just learn that they’re precisely what the other’s been looking so hard for.

When the Johnson family is around, then there is no telling what may happen. They’re a family that loves fiercely and wants everybody to have their happily ever after. Noah and Zander are bound to be inundated with nosy people, an unconditional support, and embarrassing moments as they find their way as boy and Daddy.

“Traded” is the first novel in the “Nashville Grizzlies” series and was released in 2022. It is dangerous moving the new trade in when you have got secrets to hide.

Trevor Cane has built a name for himself in the NHL. At just 5’4”, he is one of the shortest players ever to play professional hockey. He’s also got a secret. It’s a secret that he has kept from everybody, however a surprise phone call from a friend leaves him risking everything.

Brax Cernak met Trevor for the first time a decade ago after his dad moved this new NHLer into their home. Even though Trevor hardly noticed Brax certainly noticed him. Now Brax is in the NHL, he still harbors this crush and a trade to Nashville and one “helpful” call to Trevor sees that they’re living together.

Brax learns Trevor’s secret, and he makes it his mission to become the Daddy to his little bear that he’s always needed. Is the tension between them and the risks to their careers going to prevent Trevor from seeing Brax as everything that he has ever wanted?

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