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Publication Order of Carly Moore Books

A Cry in the Dark (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Scream in the Silence (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Foot in the Grave (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried in Secrets (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lies She Told (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shades of Truth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keeper of Secrets (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Carly Moore Series
Carly Moore series is a book series by predominantly self-published American novelist Denise Grover Swank (May 5, 1964—). Denise’s birthplace is Kansas City, and she is currently a resident of Blue Springs, Missouri. A widow, her father’s name is Robert L. Grover, while her mother’s name is Carolyn Donavant Grover. Denise is an adoptive mother of three, and has three biological children; including Julia Swank, Ross Dixon, and Trace Dixon.

Denise studied at Blue Springs Senior High, and is an Interior Design graduate of Oklahoma State University. She had been trying to write novels since she was a fourth grader and throughout her high schooling years in vain. Blogging rekindled her novel writing quest, and the 2009 NaNoWriMo participant’s diverse niches include romance and mystery.

Carl Moore Series
Denise, whose 15+ book series have hundreds of thousands of collective ratings, is famed for her Rose Gardner Mystery series whose offshoot Carly Moore is her highest-rated series.

Initially dated November 12, 2019; set in the Smoky Mountains, A Cry in the Dark is Denise’s first book in her Carly Moore series whose protagonist is a former grade teacher called Carly Moore—thus the series’ title. Carly is fleeing from her troubles back in Arkansas, where she has been targeted for assassination—through a marriage of convenience—after discovering his influential father’s participation in organized crime. A fallout with his murderous father—and being on the so-called Hardshaw Group’s hit list—spooked the distrustful Carly who had been fleeing to Wilmington, North Carolina; unfortunately, the bankrupt woman is now stuck in a mountainous and backwater Tennessean town called Drum after her Georgia-registered borrowed vehicle breaks down, prompting her chance meeting with a suspicious garage owner called Wyatt.

Consequently, Carly’s identity change facilitates her sojourn in the otherwise secretive, suspecting and unfriendly town. Hours after arriving and while lodging, Carly becomes the sole homicide witness of the nightly violent killing of a teenage boy called Seth whom she helps find closure. Incidentally, the dying Seth’s last wish (she becomes a messenger to the boy’s grandfather) prompts Carly to consult Wyatt, her confidant and partner, in their homicide investigation that precedes serial killings.

Originally dated March 5, 2020; Her Scream in the Silence is the serialized Carly Moore’s second book, wherein Carly has forged friendship during her month-long exile. Carly joins the Drum-based so-called Max’s Tavern as a waitress, a position previously held by—and she interacts with—a secretive young woman named Lula who vanishes shortly after resurfacing at the workplace. The sole person concerned about the ex-waitress’s disappearance (her lover Wyatt and employer Max are unconcerned), the individualistic Carly has a hunch about the involvement of a regional mob boss. Wyatt’s tendency to hold back separates him from Carly; a three-person investigative team—comprising of Carly, her hesitant informer-and-friend Hank who is a reformed peddler, and a recalled deputy sheriff called Marco Roland who has a personal motivation—inquire about the ill-fated Lula whose friend Greta’s ensuing disappearance emboldens her resolve while still avoiding her pursuers’ attention.

Originally dated June 30, 2020; One Foot in the Grave is the Carly Moore series’ third book. After her months-long stay in Drum—the well-connected woman’s employer Max trusts her—, Carly is aware of the few job prospects; subsequently, the regional resort developer Bart Drummond’s newest venture is godsend because of its expected economic impact.

Unfortunately, the resort’s foundation turns into a crime scene when the constructors chance on the remains of a young woman called Heather—she was Wyatt’s former lover—whom everyone thought had relocated from Drum nine years previously. Thus, Wyatt (he is Wyatt Drummond!) is fingered for the murder, prompting him to reach out to his former lover Carly; he trades her assistance in his exoneration quest for incriminating evidence concerning her father, and both Bart and his untrusted wife Emily Drummond.

Originally dated November 20, 2020; Buried in Secrets is the fourth instalment in the Carly Moore. Here, Carly—alongside her fellow investigator Marco—is rescuing her loyal lunchtime client whom she believes murdered someone because of a forced criminality to please the shady developer Bart Drummond. The seemingly forced criminal is Pam while the victim is called Jim Palmer. While seeking to incriminate and cause the feared Bart’s downfall, the endangered investigative duo become lovers. There is a stage-managed town-wide power outage, wherein Bart’s influential wife Emily apparently dispatches a proxy to buy Carly’s loyalty during a generator-reliant BBQ party.

Initially dated June 8, 2021; The Lies She Told is the fifth instalment in Carly Moore. Carly is cautious not to jeopardize her associates while avenging a friend, called Jerry, who perished in a hit-and-run incident that, days later, the local police are yet to make a headway. A strange and chaotic woman notifies Carly that they have a score to settle. Shortly thereafter, Carly learns about the downfall of his father’s mafia. Thus, Carly’s quest is to finish off her weakened father so that she can resume her normal life.

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