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Publication Order of Liberty Lane Books

Death at Dawn (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of a Dancer (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Corpse in Shining Armour (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Devil Drives (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keeping Bad Company (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of The Wicked (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Friends in High Places (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fool's Gold (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Site (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death At Dawn aka A Foreign Affair. Death of a Dancer aka A Dangerous Affair. A Corpse in Shining Armour aka A Family Affair.

Caro Peacock is a published author of fiction. It is a pen name used for writing by Gillian Linscott.

She was born January 1, 1944, in the United Kingdom in Richmond, Yorkshire. She spent her childhood growing up in a farm house with her family. Most of the time it was full of either brothers, sisters, or cousins, as well as just as many cats and dogs in the house. There was no central heating and the one bathroom that they had would stop working when the spring had too much silt in it.

Caro would love to get a book and curl up in some quiet place to read. Later, she had a zest for traveling that ended up disrupting her education slightly. At some point in her life, the author became extremely interested in Victorian history. She thinks of the period as being often misunderstood. She was also interested in the way that independently minded women played a part in the Victorian age.

Caro has been fascinated by this time period for a while and had a great uncle that told her about his time living in that era and having attended the funeral of Queen Victoria. The era saw many things come to pass, such as people being scared about Napoleon invading, sides taken regarding the French revolution, and concluding with the introduction of motor cars into society as well as powered flight beginning to take off and other things that became part of modern life.

The writer has other hobbies as well. She loves climbing, riding horses, going on trampolines, and spending time on a yearly basis to go to the Alps to study wild flowers there. She is a professional writer, after a career spent in journalism and working as a tour guide. She also gardens on a professional basis. The author resides in the county of Herefordshire, England, in a beautiful small village in a cottage that is three hundred and fifty years old. She has two pets, both Burmese cats.

Caro Peacock likes to write historical crime and fiction. She came up with the character of Liberty Lane, a young woman and a detective during the Victorian era. The character would become the protagonist and namesake of her own series. The author wanted to explore this specific historical time and come in at the start of it. So it was that she came up with the independently minded Liberty, whose adventures get started at the same time that a young Victoria takes her throne.

Caro Peacock is the creator and the author of the fictional Liberty Lane series of novels. This series first began in 2007 with the publication of the debut novel, Death at Dawn. It also goes by the alternate title of A Foreign Affair. The sequel, Death of a Dancer, would be published in 2008. It also goes by the alternate title of A Dangerous Affair. The third novel came out in 2009 and is titled A Corpse in Shining Armour and goes by the alternate title A Family Affair. The fourth novel came out in 2011 and is titled When the Devil Drives. It was followed by the fifth novel, Keeping Bad Company. This was followed by The Path of the Wicked, Friends in High Places, Fool’s Gold, and The Killing Site.

Death at Dawn is the first book in the Liberty Lane series by Caro Peacock. If you have been looking for some interesting historical fiction to read, check out this series for yourself!

Main character Liberty Lane is a unique and independent woman that does what she wants to do. From bad deeds to duels, it’s all possible and on the table when it comes to Liberty’s work. The month is June, and the year is 1837. Liberty was living with her unpleasant aunt, who was taking care of her. Perhaps she should have stayed there, but she’s got other goals.

Liberty wants to get back in touch with her father. She makes her way to Dover with the hope that she can surprise him once he gets off the boat. But then she gets an anonymously written note that tells her that her father was killed in a duel that took place in Calais. It tells her to talk to no one and stay where she presently is.

Her father had been so many things. Thomas Jacques Lane had worn a lot of hats, from republican to scholar, romantic, radical, and even gambler. His life had been far from conventional, and Liberty has no idea what he was up to before he died. Liberty’s devastated, but she knows that her father never believed in duels and wouldn’t have chosen to be a part of one.

Clearly the note’s author wanted her to believe what is an obvious lie. She’s not going to stay where she is and doesn’t care what the author wants. She’s got just herself and sets out to Calais to find out what the truth is. If her father really is dead, she’s going to find his killer. Meanwhile, the nation’s getting ready for Queen Victoria’s coronation.

As Liberty finds out about a plot which involves treason and could spark another civil war, she’s got a lot to contend with. Can she deal with the plot and find out what happened to her father? Read this book to find out!

Death of a Dancer is the second novel in the Liberty Lane series of novels. Liberty Lane is a heroine of her own making that always does what she wants to do.

The setting is the Victorian age, in London. The city is the home of the Augustus theater, which is always known for its entertaining shows. Then a public fight breaks out on the stage among two dancers. By the end of it, one is dead and the other dancer has been arrested on the charge of murder.

The case seems fairly straight forward, but Liberty has suspicions. She starts up her own investigation. With a person’s life on the line, she’s doing all that she can to find the truth. Even if it means going to the criminal underworld to find answers. Can Liberty discover what happened and save an innocent dancer’s life? Read this book to the end to find out!

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